New episode when?

New episode when?
also manga translation has been updated.

koi wa ameagari no you ni thread

Soon, OP.

56 chapters later and the Manager has finally fallen for Tachibana.

akira is so great. It's kinda sad that the only doujin of her is NTR and she has massive tits.

flat-chested but tall/willowy is god tier


Dropped. Got too boring. Neither Akira or buchou or any of the other characters are particularly interesting. I feel its only catch is the taboo it presents. Not even switching genders will help this show.

Chapter 56 was great, but the ending felt like a downer.

Kondou couldn't keep his eyes off Akira during his shift.


He's too late.
The peak of her passion and love for him is long gone... He should have deflowered and gone steady with her when she first admitted that she loved him.

That (predicted) soccer douchebag is actually a pretty nice guy.

Pleasant surprise


Yeah all signs point to her re-joining track again.

At that point the original reason for her hyper-attachment will be gone sooooo he's SOL tapping that sweet joshi kosei puss

I wonder how far ahead will the anime go?

there's some nice moments in the latest (translated) chapters

Akira is so beautiful. I don't know how Masami manages to keep his hands off of her.
It kind of looks like she's giving him bedroom eyes in the first panel.

This series annoys me because it the characters are likable and their interactions are actually believable but in the end w all know that the ending with Buchou and Akira being together is not gonna happen. We will at most get a kiss scene before she moves on and he turns away completely.

Akira is a fucking slut. She should give up and leave manager alone. It would be best for him to get together with his exwife and start from scratch instead of getting seduced by literal jailbait.

I'm laughing so hard at how hard this is flopping

It is mediocre trash and you have awful taste if you haven't dropped it

>It is mediocre trash and you have awful taste if you haven't dropped it
explain yourself, without memes and buzzwords preferably.

In short, the writing is dreadful. Characters have zero depth whatsoever.

2 more weeks and the nips will have the final chapter. Looks like we will be taking a tour at heartbreak avenue.

Damn, is it doing so poorly that they canceled it?

is that real


Nah, it's doing the FMA thing of the making an anime right as the manga is ending so they can sync up both endings.

No, the Manga is extremely popular in Japan... For some reason.

The anime covers the whole manga? Nothing fucking happened yet.

are you just fucking with my emotions or telling the truth

Why do you think the manga is ending? Manager-san is 45, he already has a child. It's only fair for akira to be used goods before she engages in a relationship with him aswell.


I am warmly waiting.


Why is chaika so happy?

That isn't short, that's fucking abysmal. The writing is nothing to go crazy about but unless you've got ADD or PTSD from a past relationship I can't see how it would be dreadful in any way. Looking at how you said the characters have no depth I'm gonna say more on the line of ADD.

Both the character interactions and characters themselves are bland as hell. The only redeeming quality of this anime is the visual direction.

You've got a burnt out old dude with really low self confidence and a teenager who's trying to fill the massive new gap in their lives with romance and both with broken dreams, I see how some might see it as bland but honestly this is the romance genre in a nutshell. To me their interactions have been interesting and oddly beautiful, especially in episode 7. The age gap also really brings a fresh new perspective to romance anime/manga imo.

You write the same shit in every thread. I find these characters extremely deep, honestly. You are not into this kind of storytelling, and it's okay, everyone of us has some different taste, but well please ignore these threads, simply.

He is deeply sorry for the fact he fell for her. It's not what he wanted. Sadly, it happened. And he thinks her crush for him was only a crush induced from her depression, and he should help her to come back to run. He has this internal conflict, because he knows what he should do for her best, but he isn't able to give her that final push for letting her go, since he is enjoying her presence so much. But he will find his own way. The volume 10 (the final one) is completely dedicated to them, and it's really beautiful.

Best girl. I wish she would cut my hair, and then I would offer to take her out on a movie or something to repay her and then she'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and have kids and live happily ever after.

Why do you even post this kind of garbage? Disgusting.

Their main problem isn't even the age gap. I mean, it's for social reasons, but it's not like there aren't couples with this kind of age gap. For example, Sophie Marceau married his first husband when she was 19 y/o and he was 45 y/o and their marriage lasted for 16 years. Sure, this is a case in the entertainment world, but it happens also with ordinary people. The fact is that Akira's love isn't true love. She has been using Masami as a shelter for her depression the whole time. We must wait the last chapter for saying that her love has been only really this, but chapter 81 confirmed it heavily, imho.

Plus, also Masami isn't sure he could be with a woman without ending up with hurting her, because of his main interesting for writing. It already happened. After all, I guess he prefers to be lonely.

main interest*

Because it's the only action akira will ever get.

>56 chapters and the manager only just falls for her
>shes not as interested anymore
>anime will be 13 episodes at most
i dont even really want to watch anymore with this knowledge

This is how it should be though, they should n ever get together because it's immoral.


Not that user, but your reason is idiot. There's plenty of relationships with such a huge age gap, and if it's genuine love, it's not immoral. Akira is young, but not a kid. She is almost 18. The point is that she doesn't love him for real, and he never thought to be the proper answer to her problems, even if it's actually thanks to him who she will come back to run. So, the truth is that he has been really helpful for her.

What kind of person enjoys anime about a teenage girls feelings?

>your reason is idiot.

Teenage girls?

Tsk, she will find other new loves in her life, and someday the true love, not some kind of escapism. It's a bit cruel towards Kondo, though, but he looked glad this way, with their separation, in chapter 81. It's only a bit painful like he still belittle himself as human being, when he tells her she will forget him very fast.

This seems really good but I will only watch/read it once it's confirmed they don't end up together, I'm not okay with huge age gaps.

The reason why you gave for thinking they shouldn't be together. It's immoral if there's some kind of exploitation, but if it's genuine love, why should be it immoral? She is almost 18 y/o. The problem is that she confused love with escapism. This doesn't mean people at her age are not able to fall in love seriously with someone, also older than them.

>your reason is idiot.

Anybody I guess, I used to read girl's teen novels in HS as a guilty pleasure sort of thing.

Well don't read/watch any romance with this kind of premise, it's dumb stupid if you do it.

Okay you are trolling. Bye.

>your reason is idiot.
There is just nothing else to say.

They're illegal on Sup Forums.

Except for the fact you are trolling.

I'm not trolling. I'm quoting your post.

If it's about my English, sorry it's not my mother tongue. I meant to say I think the point, reason, motivation, or whatever you gave for saying they shouldn't be together is stupid. I know plenty of couples with a huge age gap, and if it's real love, which is the problem? If Akira was really in love with Kondo, she could marry him when she graduated, a couple years later. But the point is that she doesn't love him.

Romance shows are aimed at women anyways and they're super into age gap romance. Most manga written by women have teen girls wanting to fuck older guys.

He deserves it for being a KEK who did not pursue his desire. He KEKED himself out of happiness.

The only way he can regain his spirit as a man is to be fully authentic to his heart and pursue what he desires.

but even then he still deserves to lose her for being inauthentic to his desire for so long.

I wonder what did Yuuto say to his mom when she asked him about the birthday.
>Yeah, dad gave me a gift and that schoolgirl who always hangs out with him made me a cake

>Implying I don't know that romance comics/books for women are plenty of age gaps love stories.

I only said to him it's stupid for him being interested in this kind of romance if he dislikes the premise in the first place.
It's like if he started to read the book "L'amant", that is also autobiographical, about a 15 years old French girl who has a sexual relationship with an over 30 years old Chinese man. She thinks it was only sex, and she didn't care about him at all. At the end they are separated, and she is desperate because she understands she was madly in love with him. And he has been her biggest love in her life. There's also a movie based on this book.

To Yuto she isn't a schoolgirl, baka. She is the woman who works in his father family restaurant.

I learn to appreciate this manga/anime, cause when I get older(middle age) I too want a cute teen girl wanting my love.

Well, in the family restaurant where his father works (he doesn't own the Garden, he is only the manager).

I thought we're all little girls here user.

But she doesn't want his love, user. This is the true point.

He made the right choice, user. Why are you speaking like that? He knows she doesn't want him seriously, she wants to run. And he is fine with his main love after all: writing.

Their relationship is so fucking creepy and disturbing. It's almost scary the amount of apologists there is for this series.

You are embarassing yourself.

t. creep

Don't reply to my post if you're an apologist for disturbing behaviour.

I wonder what's so fun in trolling like this.

The creep here is you. Are not you able to read properly a fiction, without the supposed "self insert" crap? So, if you read/watch a series about killers, you self insert into the killer? You are sick. Plus, I like mature men. Any problem with it? Fuck you.

he's just timid, cowardly, inauthentic.

Stop giving @169512069 you's.

He should stop being retarded.

Did I mention anything about self-insert? I don't even know why you brought that up. All I'm saying is there are apologists for sexual grooming and pedophilia tendencies and that's not okay. If you're that worked up by this sentiment, it's clear that you have pedophilia tendencies yourself.

Is stating an empirical fact considered trolling now? If that's wrong, I never want to be right.

>sexual grooming and pedophilia tendencies

There's not any of this crap in this series, you weirdo. And if there's some character that I find attractive in this series, is Mr. Kondo. You are a complete idiot. And a pervert too.


Given how many insults you've thrown my way, it's obvious that this has hit a sore spot. All I'm hoping for is there isn't someone out there at risk from your extremely dangerous beliefs.
>replying to different post is samefag
You do know what samefag is right? I doubt it given how much of an idiot you are. Probably a pedophile too.

>Probably a pedophile too.

You are probably a pedophile and a sexual maniac, in my case it's basically impossible. In your case it's absolutely possible, and I start to feel harrassed by you.

>a pedophile complaining about being harassed
Oh now I've seen it all. Accusing me of being a pedophile when I'm not the one advocating a relationship with a minor taking into consideration the power imbalance between the two parties? You must be a special kind of retard but I guess that's the case with most pedophiles.

Do you know why I am reading this manga? Because it's a beautiful story about healing. Everyone with a brain can see it. And if we are speaking about self-insert, I admit I self insert as Akira, because I'm attracted to Mr. Kondo. I find him charming, and it's absolutely natural in my case. I don't know about your sexual tendencies, but mine are totally okay.

In my Country people can marry when they are 18 years old, legally. They can also when they are 17 years old, under some circumstances. There's not any pedo shit in this manga. Pedo shit involves children, not 17/18 years old people. If I was Akira, and I was in love with Kondo, I would like to be with him, and marry him after graduation. Anyway she isn't really in love, in my opinion. Your pedo crap is completely out of place. Go away.

I'm sorry but do you have any semblance of reading comprehension? I have never mentioned it anywhere and have no idea why you keep bringing it up like its relevant.
>mine are totally okay
Regardless, just because a pedophile thinks it's okay to fuck with children doesn't make it okay. That's why we have legislature and the law preventing minors from being exploited. You're literally advocating for pedophilia here and all I'm doing is calling a spade, a spade.

I repeat that you are the pedophile here. See 18 years old, and you are speaking about pedo shit? When I said I like children? I said I like MATURE MEN. You only want I say my gender, but I won't say it. My posts were already signaled like off-topic all the times I said which is my gender in Koi Ame threads and posts, and I bet you are the one who did it. For this reason I think you are a weirdo and yeah, you are harrassing me. Pervert.

So what you're saying is it's okay if someone can groom up a child till she/he is 18 and marry then? That's literally pedophilia and you're utterly disgusting for being an apologist for that behaviour. It's so disgusting that you're thinking of her marrying before she has even GRADUATED. In all honesty, if this is your genuine belief, you should really kill yourself before you harm anyone else.

>marrying an adult is literally pedophilia

Okay you're genuinely delusional here and I have no idea of what you're rambling about. Regardless if you're a female or male, exploiting and grooming a minor regardless of their gender is one of the most disgusting thing someone can do and if you're actually not trolling and think it's okay, you should really kill yourself.

>what is sexual grooming
You're all abusers and actually sick in the head, Jesus christ.

She is 17 years old, not a child. I said she could marry him after graduation. You are writing whatever you want but your only aim is harrassing me. Pervert.

Where the fuck do you think you are?

I know where I am but people usually admit that they have a mental disease instead of being an utter apologist as seen here. It's revolting and vomit inducing.

If you go back to your safe space you won't have to see this.

In this manga, nobody is exploiting any minor, you retard. I said if Akira was really in love with Kondo, she could marry him when she is 18 y/o, and she is almost 18 y/o in the manga. This is absolutely legal in my Country, your pedo crap is out of place.