Chinchirorin > Pachinko > RPS > E-Card > Human Derby > Minefield Mahjong > One Poker > Friendship Game > Tissue Box

Chinchirorin > Pachinko > RPS > E-Card > Human Derby > Minefield Mahjong > One Poker > Friendship Game > Tissue Box

Kurosawa > Kaiji parts 1-3 > Ten > Akagi > Zero > Buraiden Gai > Confession > Seizon > Shin Kurosawa > Gin to Kin > Kaiji parts 4-5

Phoenix > Line of Light > White Heat > Despair > Golden Light > String of Light

This is fact.

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gin to kin should be higher, ignoring that it was unfinished.

Yeah I only ranked it down because of the abrupt ending.

Human derby that high?

Minefield Mahjong and One Poker would be way better than Human Derby if they were half their length but their enjoyment really drags down to the slow pacing.

Chest > Wish > Line of Light > White light moment > Phoenix > String of Light > Despair > White Heat > Golden Light
Hyper Zawa > Epic Zawa > Middle Zawa > Little Zawa

I really hope they don't half-ass it with the music for the upcoming Tonegawa anime even if it is a comedy spinoff.

I agree with you there. 17 steps felt like it could have been one or two acts shorter.

I doubt it will be done by Hideki Taniuchi so I don't have high hopes.

Did Washizu-sama make it possible for Teiai to become what it is?

So what should I expect from this series? I only found like three translated chapters of it.

Pacing is really Fukumoto's greatest flaw. Even the Friendship Game, while not amazing, could have been a good arc if it was 3 volumes max.

That's one of the reasons why Zero was so fun to read even if it's a shonen manga but Fukumoto then slipped back to his usual self and really dragged out the last arc for Zero part 2, which was still fun but really needed to be about 3 volumes shorter.

I know it's not gonna be done by him but I just want to see them put effort into it. Most comedy/gag anime put fairly forgettable music which would be unfortunate if they did so for the Tonegawa anime as well, since much of the humour comes from making more of the mundane aspects of middle-management seem super suspenseful.

Expect a good parody of office life at the Teiai corporation that'll make you feel sympathetic for Tonegawa.

But he's such an asshole though. What happened to him after he got replaced?

That`s why Buraiden Gai is one of my favs tho, it`s only 5 books and it just keeps going on the whole time.

Never explained what happened to him. The spinoff Tonegawa is an entirely different character from the anime/manga Tonegawa. It might piss off the purists, but it's just a spinoff manga being played for laughs.

I'v never heard of any of these.

Probably just a case of sameface but it would be fun if both series took place in the same universe.

Nobuyuki Fukumoto is a GOD among mangaka and you need to get off this thread and go read Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa right the fuck now.
You can worry about learning mahjong later.

His pacing works perfectly if you read the arcs in one go. It's only when you have to actually follow them as they're being released that the slow pacing becomes tedious.

Part of what made pic related so impactful was the point that it had a good 200 chapters of buildup.

>never having heard of either Kaiji or Akagi at least

I wouldn't recommend reading Kurosawa first. It's very different from his other works.

Kaiji is the perfect entry-work to Fukomoto's oeuvre.

This thread is now dedicated to my husbando.

I can't speak for Akagi but I read Kaiji parts 2-5 all in one go. Parts 2 and 3, while long, have significantly more substantial development happening each volume compared to parts 4 and 5.

This pretty much, although his pacing really is a double edged sword. When it works, it has me on the edge of my seat but when it doesn't it just ends up feeling tedious and like he could've wrapped it up much earlier and still had the desired effect.

Well I got into Kurosawa first but I guess Kaiji's fine too. He'll still be lost in part 3 if he knows nothing of mahjong.

Why do you like cubes so much? It's an obvious training/farming arc, Otsuki was overacting, 45 were way too meek, only Kaiji himself was fun but this is 7/10 at most. I think you are just underage memers who like to shout SIT DOWN.

I really hope we'll get a sequel to Akagi. The ending felt way too open.

Has anyone read the Washizu spin-off manga?

We did, it's called Ten.

Don't be stupid. You know what I meant.

When did Sup Forums become so nice?

>Ten tells us Akagi used to be the king of the underworld
>Akagi doesn't show us any of that
I for one choose to believe we'll get more.
Or a Soga spin-off for shits and giggles

FKMT threads are rare and only perused by connoisseurs of what Sup Forums refers to as "kino".

The build up is god tier.

The translated parts. It was fun. Washizu just does whatever the fuck he wants.

Good, I need to read that too.

Anybody here also read the latest raws for One Poker? I have no idea where Fukumoto is going with the story right now but I hope he wraps it up soon and GIVE US ZERO PART 3 ALREADY.

I never liked how when it came down to it, the main strategy in Chinchirorin was just grabbing the bowl when he cheated.
I always see people rate it as the best so it just feels weird.

True, but you have to remember that the boss didn't use the rigged dice until his 3rd throw and Kaiji purposely kept all of the 49ers in the dark about his entire gambling strategy in the hopes of fooling the boss. There was also the element of Kaiji pretending to let the boss off the hook by continuing to play by acknowledging the rigged-dice rule, which was essential for Kaiji to justify using his own set of rigged dice.

So in One Poker, theres no limit to the number of times a card can be used right? So does the machine reshuffle the used cards then? Can't they just mark them?

Oohtsuki was the first victim of Kaiji's bullying. He's become a very mean person over the course of the series.

Its not that the cards can be reused. Rather, they started the game by shuffling 2 or 3 decks together so that explains why the same card of the same suit can pop up multiple times throughout the entirety game.

so if theres 2 aces maximum from the decks themselves, and they have 6 extra from the hidden deck, won't that raise suspicions?

All of a sudden we have 18 aces and let's say it reaches the round where all 12 aces have been used and you get another ace, that just confirms that there's cheating involved.

However I guess that Kazuya's proposed rule at the beginning: "you can't complain about what cards you get". nullifies that.

What's happened? Did Kaiji get betrayed again?

12* maximum



Major spoilers ahead: Kaiji and his companions are on the run after winning money from Kazuya, who's currently unconscious. I highly doubt Kazuya will be the kind of person to just go back on his word and steal the money back so I'd suspect Kazuya to order off the hunt once he wakes up, which is why the current chapters feel sort of pointless. The whole arc should have ended by now.

I'm disappointed Kaiji S2 anime left out small scenes like these and stuff involving Sakazaki but put in a fucking recap episode.

So I just looked it over again. They took three decks, shuffled them together, and then kaiji cut the deck and they used all cards in the bottom half. I think the assumption is that there are up to 12 aces - as well as up to 12 of any other card in a standard deck - in the cards they are playing with. The extra aces account for up to 6 of those possible 12, and I think that only 3 or 4 other aces have been played so far from the actual deck. You're right in thinking that if they were to reach that point where 12 aces in total have been played that it'd look suspicious if they used more of the hidden aces. However, the arc has got to be nearing the end soon. Even without reading spoilers, the way that hand 24 is escalating, I dont think that they will reach the point where they use 12 aces. I'm sort of basing this assumption too on the fact that we're on volume 13 and most Kaiji series tend to only be 13 or so volumes long though

So how will Hyodou feel when he finds out how much money his son lost to Kaiji of all people?

How did we go from this to that?

It's 5 stages of grief thing corrected with "I fucking love myself" at every single stage.

I want to read kaiji part 3 but I can't understand mahjong for the fucking life of me

Human Derby was fucking awesome come on
Sure it wasn't very mind game related but still

Kaiji doesn't play actual mahjong though, it's a game using mahjong tiles and rules but with only two players and no draws.
The way mahjong works is you try to form a hand out of the tiles you have, like in poker. A qualifying hand consists of four sets (either sequences like 1,2,3 or triplets of the same tile) and one pair, or it can be all pairs.
The tiles are 1-9 of three suits (man=characters, sou=bamboo, pin=circles) three dragons (hatsu, chun, haku) and the four winds (East, South, West, North). There's four of each tile.
Each turn you draw one new tile and discard one tile. If you complete your hand by drawing a new tile it's called tsumo, and ron if you win by calling on a tile discarded by an opponent.
There's some other stuff too but you don't really need most of that for Kaiji part 3 since it's a game where the two players just discard at each other until one rons.

Here you don't need to understand the contents of the hand at all, they say it's one tile from the win and you just believe it. It's not mahjong. In mahjong manga you see the character with x starting hand and you think, is he going open for y or will try to gather y or z with riichi, and then twists and turns of progressing the hand because he'll surely get that dora midgame he can't drop and need to incorporate into the hand or someone is having three very scary calls (with the rest of 5 tiles being all mismatching shit but nobody knows this including our guy) or some other horrible stuff happening and there's none of that in pt3.

In any case learning mahjong works is key to enjoying a number of FKMT's manga and it's worth the couple hours it'll take you to get into the feel of it.

Google gamedesign mahjong and play nigga. Mahjong is a good game and Akagi/Ten is FKMT's best

It upsets me that these threads never garner much attention when the series FKMT has made are so good. People are missing out.
If they're worried about a lack of fan service they're totally in error, just look at this babe!

Often there's not much new to say. Not to mention people keep making them every day, giving us even less to say each thread.

Don't you passive aggressive bully Mikoko, fat lips look ok to good irl and both the hairdo and the expressions can be easily changed.

We could get threads more often if more Washizu and Hiro spin-off scanlated chapters were a thing :(

It's okay to have threads just to discuss Akagi, the greatest character in manga

If you can generate discussions that haven't already been done to death, go for it.

And you'll explain the yakus every single thread as well.

>implying I do
It would help if we didn't have the same thread every day. Maybe once a week, or every two weeks.

Hi Sup Forums,
Did you know a good app/website/videogame to play mah-jong when you are alone ? By mah-jong I don't mean the puzzle game, but the strategy and chance game. Riichi mah-jong is fine :)

Did you try scrolling up

they're already that far in with kaiji winning one poker?

God this place looks fucking haunted, I was expecting Chan to enter and never come back out.

Just play on tenhou and re-watch every single game three times from the points of view of another players. You'll see what to do in 5 games. Get that anglification add-on for Chrome.

>not knowing nip/chink
>not learning nip/chink
>not burning maajan terminology into your mind

There's nothing wrong with being cancer in ippan, Gin-san. Gamedesign game has no replay function and stagnates a newbie.

What is he doing there?

Betraying Kaiji, of course.

I think Kurosawa is a bit overrated, granted it's still good and it made me feel, but nothing can compare to Ten in that department.

This is true, op's taste is wrong

True. Somehow the story about post-Bubble mahjong had more troubled old men than the story about troubled old men.

for iphone theres an app called mahjong demon, works good imo. tenhou is good. there is also a flash version thats ok

Post your taste.
Ten > Akagi = Kurosawa > Kaiji > Hero > Pen-chan > Gin to Kin > Zero pt2 > Gai = Shin Kurosawa = Confession > Zero pt1 = Seizon

What did everyone think about Akagi's ending

[spoiler>tfw Washizu didn't get to meet Akagi again[/spoiler]

Seemed open for a continuation, unless Fukumoto wanted to leave it sort of hanging like that.

Washizu living like a recluse made us think he is powerless but he probably isn't and his company is probably up ans running still, maybe not as a blackmail shady organisation but as stock analytics or whatever. I think Washizu wants Akagi for some actually serious business.

Ten > Akagi > Kurosawa = Kaiji > Buraiden Gai > Zero part 2 > Zero part 1 > Shin Kurosawa > Life