High School DxD

Volume 23 has now been fully translated.


Thanks. Going to finish reading now. Seeing Grayfia and Rias looking so sexy together makes me mad that Grayfia won't join the harem.

Why can't you just self-insert as Sirzechs?

Because Issei is le cooler and le based

I hope we get a prequel story with Sirzechs
We could get a good erotic scene with Grayfia, and Ishibumi can have his power level wankfest by having the two strongest devils blow shit up

Does he even have a harem issei have best harem

How many more years until the new anime?

Nope, the maou can't have a harem because he'd get too powerful

33 days

That sounds too good to be true.

DxD Hero, the new season starts airing on April 10
Have you been living under a rock?

That last half of V23 was crap.

so i'll watch it uncensored next year

It airs uncensored

Has there been another PV for Hero since the first?




Would Issei ever tap this?


It would be against bro-code

Threadly reminder best girl comes this season

He wouldn't now. He respects Sirzechs to much.

Can't wait to see her. Pitty we need v11 to be animated to get the best of her.



It's Grayfia's own decision to make Ise a Maou.

Wouldn't all the other girls be against this?
They all see Grayfia as a huge threat

not like they could do anything to stop her if she was serious

Issei doesn't want to see his girls cry


She is simply disciplining them
Issei will understand

>so i'll watch it uncensored next year
>any DxD season not airing uncesored from the get go

Welcome newfriend, enjoy your stay.


Hopefully the threads will be more lively again when season 4 rolls around. And hopefully not a disaster like Born was.

Hopefully she'll look good in the current artstyle

They're the plague that drove harems into the ground. There's a reason that the genre died after autists demanded more sex

does anyone else want a wholesome relationship with one of the characters?

The only girls that look a bit off are Rias and Xenovia and its mainly because the new style is too soft and cute so Xenovia looses some of the edge/warrior vibe , and Rias looses her mature onesan vibe.

So she will probably look good in the new style.

im more worried for girls like Sona, and Tsubaki, but at the same time i cant wait to see Momo because with the new soft curvy style she will probably drive my DxD into OVERBOOSTO!


Momo will look stunning. I hope they keep her silver hair cause that's one thing the anime did right over the LN.

>get bored
>try giving fanfic a try again
>oh shit this one is popular it's got like 5k follows
>demon among devils
>it's shit
Why do I do this to myself

Who cares about fanfics, why are there so few doujin?


Does he have any scenes with Rossweisse?



That's a very rare occasion these days

Do we like her?

She's fine after that volume, Ishibumi made her likable like Ravel