Like it or not this is the new EVA...

Like it or not this is the new EVA, and Anno would be proud to see his legacy celebrated by his loyal friends at Trigger. I'm glad Nishigori and co. took it a step further and decided let 002 take it up hiro's ass. Blue haired girls will never recover and the consequences will never be the same. I"m so glad I just ate 20 whole seeds of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, now I'm going to the office and getting ready for my promotion.


nice trips

but my dubs are much better, check them


>Dance to the intro of Haruhi
But the dance is in the ED

why are americans doing all this to the world?

oh for fuck's sake user

>Sup Forums
>Sup Forums
Holy shit, fuck off


I know you wanted someone to appreciate gay sex with hats on, OP. I do. I appreciate it. Thank you for leaving that in there.

>Sup Forums
Please fucking fuck off. We never bothered you in the past, quit cross boarding.

interesting choice of tabs

>being this new

Are these retards actually falling for the old as fuck tabs meme? What's with all these newfags? It isn't summer yet.

>franxxfags confirmed crossboarders
like pottery

all the weebs in the comments complaining about normies taking over their anime hilarious

>Sup Forums
>Sup Forums

Pretty weak and obvious trolling.
Remember to report and ignore discord threads.

Enjoy your botnet.

What do people use instead of utorrent? Direct downloads from like, exclusive chatrooms?

why do you even use a pc if you're so fucking stupid?

Naw my laptop died a couple years ago and I've had to use my friend's Chromebook because I'm a poorfag, so torrents haven't been a thing