No PV, but keep your head and chin held up high. It's coming this year for sure, and any delays just ensures a higher quality product

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In addition, there are some speculations that it'll be airing in Fall. No biggie, its just half a year, we've endured several

Just look at that. The PV might be later, we still have AnimeJapan in a few weeks and still more to come.

You're the best, senpai.

Oh really? Then I shall keep on hoping

>No PV

Here we go again

>Index III announced months ago
>literally everyone and their mother's fucking manga/LN gets not only a new season announced but already has an accompanying trailer and key visual
>Spring Fes
>Strike the Blood gets a new season
>some dumb new manga which is just pretty much just Ready Player One but with Dengeki properties is announced
>still nothing for Raildex
>no PV
>no Key Visual
>no new logo
>only rumors that "lol it's gonna air in the fall gaiz"

About what I expected. They announced the season very early, but since they weren't even sure about staff and airdate back then, it's pretty clear that the actual production is happening with the usual timing (i.e. don't expect to hear anything before summer).


Don't put your expectations so high. It's gonna come this year, just occupy your time until then with other things. Only thing I'm disappointed of is no VO stuff, but what can you do.
Also fuck those quads. Kakine doesn't deserve them.

Let's fucking rape Junko.

>no PV

The Boogiepop announcement made up for the lack of Index stuff for me.

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White Queen a dumb

Who is this?

Reminder that mobiletan is my cute wife and is not allowed to post on Sup Forums

You know they’re cute.

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They’ve already been through a lot.

Who's the purest Nun?

Index obviously.

Why would anyone want to headpat Oriana?

How could you not?

That's a way bigger event right? The stream earlier felt rather small.

>no announcement

Even if MP can be stupid as fuck, she at least contributes more than fateshitter. It must suck having to shit up threads while your own series is barely surviving off a mobile game.


"Fateshitter" isn't even a thing. It's just raildexfags falseflagging.

So what you're saying is it's oneguy?

>chin held up high (9999)
Index #125 (gangan Manga) in 30 hours (full raws probably around twice)

Touma Kaimjou, I'm GROUP.

>1852# reminder about my non canon character
How is that a good contribution to the thread? Fuck mobilebitch and febri.

So you were the one behind that post. was your insider friend the one who told you about it?

Other than that shit, the shit she spews is at least entertaining and easy to spot bullshit where-as the other fag is just desperate for reactions to where it's just pathetic.

obviously, I (we) can't confirm it. He drunk or not.

fucking hell that Saten

I wasn't expecting it, well at least it'll be better than the Kino reboot

Fine by me then. I hope your friend leaked more things like VO characters or when the mobage is going to release in japan.

How did you guys celebrate your Saten Day?

>Reach high level in the mobage
>Every character below level 50 feels awful to play as specially in library mode

Beating up scrubs with Apharmd S.

You're gonna carry that weight user. Characters that are good deserve to be level 50 with you, and it'll be extremely helpful for Library.

God damn look at the size of her index finger.

It had to be adapt because Sluten loves them big and can't have a cock inside her 24/7

Don't project your desires onto Saten.

*it had to adapt

When will Touma punch her?

She is canon though. Do you not realize you’re the one giving false information?

Here we go again.

Just don’t make false claims and we won’t have to go there again.

Whenever somebody mentions Estelle I don’t immediately jump on them claiming she isn’t canon do I?

actually yes
you've claimed the accel manga was non-canon on multiple occasions

But she's not canon.

It’s not.

I'm pretty sure she does in fact have a cock inside her 24/7. But anyways surely her finger doesn't need to be quite that big. I mean for crying out loud you could probably safely land a plane on it.

The reason why is there’s no proof the Accel manga is canon. There is however proof that the anime is canon. The point is I don’t make false claims or even bring it up whenever Estelle is being discussed.

If Accel manga isn't then Railgun isn't.

Well Railgun is already confirmed where as the Accel manga isn’t. I don’t make the rules.

Source on conformation?

I’ve given it multiple times. Why don’t you try defending your case for once? Just for fun.

After all you started this entire thing.

Give it again then because I wasn't the one you've been arguing with.

why the fuck are you even replying to him, you know he'll spend 12 hours here if he needs to doing the same shit


Why are you always looking for the easiest way out when you say things like people’s favorite series aren’t canon?

Who cares, lighten up. It's not like there's any other discussion going on and it keeps the thread alive.



>Anything from characters to plotlines in the Railgun manga/anime is canon in the main Index series as it was approved by the author of the novels. ... This also counts in the Railgun manga, where anything added in the Railgun anime is treated as having happened in the manga, though only mentioned in passing.

Literally MADE to breed.

>shit up the thread for 300 posts about the same asinine shit argued about many times already vs letting the thread peacefully die
No wonder Raildex threads are always so awful when people have a mentality like this.


Including Harumi's students being cured.
There's also Shinobu Nunotaba, a scientist formerly working on the Radio Noise Project, and Nayuta Kihara, who isnalready canon.

That's not a source. Post the article.

Where was that from, the wiki?

The jokes on you because I enjoy talking about the series no matter what.

>VO has promote anime
>While main series doesn't has yet despite it's anime adaption was announced since November.


Also on top of this the picture that Mikoto took of Haruue and her friends in the anime is her screensaver.


>tv tropes

Let me see your proof?



Also this
You haven’t even posted one thing yet,


Proof for what? All I said was that if Accel manga isn't canon then you might as well say Railgun wasn't. That was my argument from the beginning.

I want to have a fist fight with Mariydi

>Comparing to nothing at all

You’re also ignoring the other things I posted.

So we got nowhere because the Railgun anime is canon and the Accel manga isn’t so far.

Kamachi is hack