Did isekai replace the magic school battleharem, or is it really just the next evolutionary form of the battleharem...

Did isekai replace the magic school battleharem, or is it really just the next evolutionary form of the battleharem? After all Adventurer Guild Ranks are as arbitrary a form of powerlevel measurement as Magical Tournaments.

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Did school harems die off yet? There's still one every season. It's just another one of those things that will stick with us like a disease until everyone gets tired of it, just like the school harem.

Mari is best girl

Look at that lovely lowlands trollop.

Mari a cute.

Who needs them, there won't be anything as fun as AMA again.

Walk in. See this. What do?

It was quite a ride in the end. I despair for the lack of doujins. Fuck Rakudai for hogging all the budget.

Perhaps people will be inspired to start making urban fantasies again once Index S3 and Boogiepop air. Isekai has grown stale.

I mean magic school battle harems are still a thing.

Was magic school battleharem actually ever a thing? I know there were a ton of them being made at one point but did anyone of them reach insane popularity levels like some isekai shows have?

Rape, turn 360 degrees and walk out without pulling out

The first half of this decade was nothing but battle harems.

Infinite stratos man.

Index, IS?

>this girl is cute, let's look it up
>nowhere near being the main heroine
Of course. Into the trash it goes.

The only think what magic battle harem was good for was the Tiddies and the asses.

This series is where that doesn't really matter.
Too many people dropping like flies to really care about romance too much.
Hell, I don't think there's a single volume where someone doesn't bite the dust.

Why don't most powerlevels have a person who is the hardcap and just work from there in its limits?

>Where it doesn't really matter
We must have read a different series because god damn was the harem antics strong.

Grab her and whisper in her ear "you're beautiful"

Strong yeah but I'd be lying if I said my favorite moments weren't mostly the serious action bits.

Asterisk was the one that got the budget that season.

For some reasom I fucking loved both this and Rakudai, Asterisk can go fuck itself.

Index is not a magic school battle harem

Just seen the chinese dump.
>wife comes in and says to quit harem end
>author follows her like a whipped beta faggot
Author should divorce the wife holy shit.

Nightingale is plenty happy just watching the love of her get together with another person though


t. wife

It had some great serious moments. Though maybe it's just me, but I felt as if the series did have a bit of a jarring tone.

I miss actual, unapologetic battle harems. I wish we could go back.

>Karasuba never joins the harem
Worst series.

His wife should be plenty happy to just watch her husband write a harem end ffs.

Sorry dude, wrong door.

Minato couldn't handle her.

Index may have high schools, magic and several battle harems but those things are never combined.

It's not even like the romance is written well. MC apparently liked this girl the whole time when he hadn't shown any outward treatment before, a Chinese MC cares about political correctness and 21st century ethics now, and all the other witches are shit outta luck or paired with random faggots.

Aren't we getting more High School DxD next season?

October 2018 so next next anime season.
They better knock it out of the park though. BorN destroyed the goodwill 1 & 2 built up.

The high school magic battle harems were the LN craze prior to isekai. Most of the anime made was between 2013-2015 where you'd get like one a season. Peaked in 2015 with the season with Rakudai, Antimagic, and Asterisk (Summer I think? Don't remember) then isekais started taking over because Konosuba into Re:zero. They still exist, like off the top of my head Rokudenashi got an anime last year.

I think a few were popular, like DAL and IS. Aniplex shilled Asterisk pretty hard but I don't know if they got anything out of it.

Asterisk came out at a bad time. It's written better than Rakudai too but Digibro just convinced newfags that it was the opposite.
is not a harem.

Battle harems were running on fumes lately, they were bound to stop happening

She win right ?
They didnt said who he choose so it is mary i think

You have Negima to thank.

Strike the Blood just got a new season. DxD is airing this year.

Wait did it ended?

Not yet. It's just a dump in the comment section by a chinese reader who has access to the raws and spoiled some things.

It isn't but they're all the same, I basically consider them all in the >high school battle harem with magic genre.

08.04.2018 means April 8th

How is Rakudai not a harem?

Fuck I forgot about that. That fucking anime moves at mach 10 and the protagonist goes from a fairly amusing layabout to a super serious but still perverted guy in like 13 minutes.

That is a really well-made illustration, goddamn, the girl at the left with her rinnegan reminds me of hotaru.

MC ended up with only one girl.

By that logic harems barely exist.

They barely do, historically.

Harem in anime terms = more than 2 girls are attracted to the MC. It doesn't matter with whom he ends up with.

Level with me Sup Forums, what single player RPG comes closest to replicating the isekai feel?


That's not what the harem genre is.

Sup Forums is garbage though

Lost Odyssey, I guess?

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

Me waiting for Skelly Knight vol.8

Me waiting for shieldbro anime or related news

Me waiting for new faraway paladin volumes with reaction pic if it had one

You'll get more volumes one day, Paladin shill-kun. One day.

I'm really tempted to read Faraway paladin but it has so little content now might as well wait for another 1 or 2 volume. Such is the fate of good isekai.

Why does every isekai anime nowadays have to be a power fantasy?

I want more like Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

It's got four whole volumes out

>wanting emoshit and drama
Watch CW then you faggot

Just listening to born to be (instrumental) opening for mahou sensou what did y'all think bout it? Also I should rewatch soon (tm)


Because watching idiots fuck up while sad emotional music plays in the background is only fun for so long.

>Potionloli going husband hunting
>gets creeped out at the thought of someone seriously going for her since if they did then they would be filthy lolicons
The hell
Does she just want to corrupt some innocent shota then

Are you ready for Isekai Smartphone Redux?


>Some urban legends are best left untested! Yuuto Suoh gets more than he bargained for when he joins his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya in testing out an urban legend. When he uses his phone to take a picture of himself with the local shrine's divine mirror, he is whisked off into another world – one heavily steeped in the lore of the old Norse myths. Using his knowledge gained from school and from his solar-powered smartphone, he has the chance to bring the Wolf Clan, the same people who cared for him, to prominence, all while earning the adoration of a group of magic-wielding warrior maidens known as the Einherjar.

>solar-powered smartphone

It's a FUNA loli, she gets a loli harem whetever she wants to or not.

As long as its done good I'm in.

>Dragon's Egg manga
now THIS is pod racing

I hope the dudes talking about the latter parts were just pessimistic

You mean that that protag is retarded?
No, he's legit retarded. Not bad enough to ragequit the novel, though.

Skyrim with mods probably.

Two Worlds, the first game.

Just use ancient spearhead instead of a skeleton.
Vol 5 is coming out next month author but is in a slump.

>author on a slump

Isn't that one older than Smartphone?

It's "Dude gets reborn as Agumon and is about as smart: the isekai".

Eien no Aselia

He's slumped over because of the boner-inducing homolust between MC and half elf boy.

Looks good, never paid it any attention.

i just saw the spoilers WTF he married only anna no harem

does he at least bang his sister and zero when he sleeps?

"haremettes" all go to random dudes

Yeah, this is basically Digimon:the isekai.

Other than Nightingale who else is there?

The world of moral reversal best isekai

This is why you never let a woman intervene with your story because she doesn't like harems.

>reading new LN spoilers
>Shiro still weak and frail because lacking magicraft
>Sophia being jealous of Mera princess carrying Shiro
>tsun and yan tendencies cropping up
>tries to kill Oka out of instinct, because fuck elves

Kinda seems like the author is trying to smooth out the powercreep that appeared in the WN, where everything became pointless after the apotheosis. Now it seems like Shiro was better off before she ascended.
Also, Sophia seems to be cuter.

i hope he at least have many concubines

He's basically forced to since Witches can't get pregnant
No Witch harem allowed though, best Nightingale can do is stay invisible and quietly watch from the corner of the room

...huh. All these isekai with monsters evolving and shit got me thinking.

Is there a story where base humans level up and evolve into elves or dwarves and a lot of other races?

>Aniplex shilled Asterisk pretty hard but I don't know if they got anything out of it.

That property was so necessarily shilled to a point that even the video game was released in the U.S. by Namco Bandai

there's like more than 30 anime series every season now, so from now on you can be sure to have at least 1 new battle harem and 1 new isekai every 3 months for the years to come, just like you'll always have and idol anime, a boys band anime and a mahougicalou