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Praise Il Duce

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>chovy saying doki doki
so cute

Gloriana and Anzio spinoff manga when?
I want to know more about these two schools filled with god-tier girls

What's happening in there?


Its bullying of Alisa by talking about her relationship with takashi



I want to give Shizuka lots of babies!

I want to make love to Smug-chan!


New chapter when?

rin pls

Why is this and Maestro Saori(all 3 anzio girls) a team combination did I miss something with Saori and Anzio?


Can I touch your twintails?

Must be from that drama CD

Civil war when?

That makes sense

ending screens for the domination battles in DTM are nice

Which one?
I have only see the ones from the Drama CD5 that are translated
It's there a mirror for the first drama CDs?

This one, Copypasting from an old thread

>Saori visits the various replicas of Italian architecture in Anzio
>Replicas include the Spanish Steps, the Trinita dei Monti, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum and a pillar from the ruins of Pompeii gifted to Anzio in consideration of Italian-Japanese friendship
>Viewer realizes that Duce and Pepperoni have no knowledge of Italian culture and the relevance of these buildings
>At each stage, Saori makes lewd seal noises about each location's date potential, with Duce et al growing increasingly attracted to the idea of dates in Anzio
>Finishes off with a banquet where Saori stuffs herself and dispenses love advice
>Saori is hailed as Romance Maestro by Anzio girls and invites them all back to Oarai

>Saori makes lewd seal noises about each location's date potential
>Saori makes lewd seal noises
>lewd seal noises
Lost it there

>about each location's date potential, with Duce et al growing increasingly attracted to the idea of dates in Anzio
oh, Anchovy reference this in game as a way for anzio to make money if you lose in domination battle

Thanks for the info, still sad that there isn't mirrors for the translations of all these previous dramas

So they finally will resort to prostitution

I'm curious about what happen in the Drama track with Yukari in Saunders and Hana in Gloriana

For Hana in St Gloriana:

>Hana visits St Gloriana, discussion immediately turns to tea
>Hana cites that Royal Chemist Society report, confuses the ambience improvements from walking a dog in the rain as part of the brewing process
>Darjeeling and Hana engage with the idea excitedly, Pekoe and Assam play the exhausted straight men
>[proverb quotation intensifies]
>Second half involves an interesting demonstration of British tank formations
>Darjeeling confesses their tanks have shit firepower and mobility
>Ends with comparison of Hana and Darjeeling (two of a kind)


>The Yukari-Saunders episode is actually pretty cute, it's mostly the two of them sperging out and making movie references while touring the Saunders base. 4 minutes in and we've seen Pearl Harbour and The Longest Day, with Naomi showing varying degrees of recognition and Alisa being completely clueless.

No just charging couples to let them go on dates at Anzio, they remain pure

My bad


Don't kid yourself

Even better, you can eat them!

>4 minutes in and we've seen Pearl Harbour
Not Tora! Tora! Tora!? What the fuck.


Thanks for the input
Really appreciated

I love how she's groping their butts.

Dux mea lux.

Thanks to those anons, shame for still not translation for those drama CDs.

Also more from the Saori one.

>Carpaccio is still obsessed with Taka-chan
>Saori hanging on in the back of a CV33 as they ride around the school
>Saori going on at length about holding hands with her boyfriend while listening to opera in the Pantheon
>Saori going on about her historian/tank nerd boyfriend obsessing over the pillars of Pompeii

Was an ok movie, if you ignore the romance bullshit.

Italians are dangerous and should be controlled.

I remember that Yuukari sees a Pershing, but Kay tell her that it's broken and too expensive to repairs.

Don't be mean to the sausage

Really? aren't they a rich school?

What about Mio's and Mako's?

I should watch GuP one day instead of just saving cute pictures of the girls.

>I love how she's groping their butts.

Do it already faggot, i stopped watching anime and GuP is the only thing that keep me here

You can watch the Mako's one here, looks like it is translated

None about Miho, for the others:

>Here's Saori in Anzio:

>Sergeant Oddball returns to Saunders (still haven't finished watching this one):

>Miho goes back to KMM:

I gonna spend all weekend recording the domination battle stories and main story. Game is fun too so I dont mind spending my time doing it.
The Alisa bullying is top tier too

>Alisa bullying

Please, my dick is awaiting it


Duce should be more smug


I can do Saunders story next then, so far only finished Anzios


Nina is so cute

>Really? aren't they a rich school?
Yes, but there are things that are higher priority. Just because you are rich doesn't mean you get to waste money on projects that don't benefit the school.

By that drama is she confirmed as the next commander?

Could they have ever guessed that Duce would be as popular as she is?

Is she really that popular? I always see just on autist dumping duce pics here.

Really amazing how popular she become.

She really is, but before the Anzio OVA, was just bullying and jokes, and the manga didn't help

They probably didn't see it coming but she is too lovable

On what is Chovy sitting there? Paper sheets?

lottery tickets

So do they, judging by their faces.

Dvce is love

Was manga Chovy really that bad?
Granted, she had quite a bad temper and ridiculed Miho, but then she also said she did what she did to make her team win and because that is her duty as a captain, not for her own good. Also note that manga Chovy imediately took the loss on herself and apologized to Carpacchio and the others, something no other captain did.

I want to marry this pasta dork

She was not that bad, but still not really any remarkable. Really make you wonder why they changed her for the OVA.

>I just saw they have a "Draw the Chovy" thread running on /ic/

There are some ... strange .. Chovies in there, though.

Dorkchovy is the cutest

Shouldn't that be al Duce?


What is her cup size?

Ignoring all those fanarts, she doesn't look that big

Where are people buying Dream Tank Match from? Play-asia?

I'm thinking of buying a copy as I'm likely going to end up with a PS4 sooner or later and do want to play this.

Post the sfw ones

>That poor squid

So much Duce in this thread!

Remember when the Duce was a joke?

There a clip of that?

>Nina is so sexy


not sure but i can go capture it for you



Show me any hint that she's a lesbo.


Goddammit user


Salve o popolo di eroi,
salve o Patria immortale,
son rinati i figli tuoi
con la fede e l‘ideale.
Il valor dei tuoi guerrieri
la vision dei pionieri
la vision dell‘Alighieri
oggi brilla in tutti i cuor.
Giovinezza, Giovinezza, primavera di bellezza
nella vita e nell‘asprezza, il tuo canto squilla e va.

It was the time when Hina-chan still had dark hair.


I like her more with brown hair

Thankfully you are not Takachan.

Visa, Mastercard or Amex?

Taka-chan has shit taste