Anyone else think that Shinka is kinda hot?

Anyone else think that Shinka is kinda hot?

a little, only a little though

Anyone else think that Kyoani ruins any serous adaptation they get their hands on if they don't put Yamada at the helm?

Shinka has a hot temper.

Deko is kind of hot.

except for the fact she clearly fucks dogs? yep. she's fucking hot.

No. I think she's very hot.

Ishihara is KyoAni's best director.

Shinka does not fuck dogs!

I'm not going to debate you. I just have to say that I hate Dekko, and the show would be better if she was never in it. Except for maybe that chuuni battle she had with Shinka and her impression of the Evangelion Tympani drum theme was pretty alright.

Women fuck dogs user

Since when did Deko have thighs like that?

For some time.

Deko is the worst part about this anime.

yes she does.

Maybe in your sick fantasy, in reality Shinka is a respectable girl.

ever see her interact with that dog? she's clearly taking the knot.

All I want in life is for Shinka to beat me up and spit in my mouth.

What does spitting in the mouth signify?

body fluid exchange

What happens after you get her body fluid?

Pregnancy, I think.

>you will never be pregnant with shinka's child
Now that I think about, she would actually be a pretty good father figure.

Extremely hot, I'd say.

No so hot now!

I want to fuck this little bratty monkey.

A bound Deko, helpless to resists any and all lewd acts imaginable, is no less erotic.

Pump milk in mouth.


>shinka fuck dogs meme
>there are barely any doujin about this

all men are dog, it;s euphemism

What do you think Deko and Shinka's sex life is like?

I once cosplayed as Shinka and fucked my gay friends.


Holy shit, there's actually a new doujin.

good for you


What makes her so pretty?

her soul

>pretty face
>has a great body
>amazing personality
>always helping others
>can kick your ass
I don't know how anyone can not fall for her.

her sexual desire

Is there a mosaic recolored version?

You forgot her voice
I've watched some anime just for her VA

She's doing an amazing job in the new Dagashi Kashi.

What's with the retarded hair beret

Whatever happened to the new movie?
Nobody wants to sub it or what?

Anyone else think that Shinka is a kind of thot?

Noone will upload a camrip because that would be dishonoraburu or something.
Wait until the BD is released like always.

That's a helmet

Post of the day.

I want them both

The hair clip

What about it?

It looks retarded

No it doesn't, I think it looks cool.

shes okay, rikka is MUCH better though

She's hot but she's a cunt, and that's coming from someone who's masochist and usually like bitchy girls. Nibutani is just another level of cunt, just like Senjougahara and Kirino. Touka is much better than her in every way.

I once cosplayed as Shinka and sucked off my neighbors dog.

I want to call Touka my onee-san and have her cook for me. And marry her too.

>tfw you're too alpha

i want to rape Touka and kill Rika in front of her

Being a super cunt doesn't mean you're alpha, dumbass.


Shinka is so scary.