Mahouka Volume 24 is out today


Get hype

Saw rumors in the translation discord chat that Tsukuba Yuuka dies

Fuck no. Please no. She's too cute.

The preview for the volume

"Taurus Silver, a third-year from the National Magic University Affiliated First High School, is Shiba Tatsuya-san."

The video message from one of the Seven Sages Raymond Clark broadcast not only in Japan, it created great ripples around the world.

Thus, it can be said that the real "Project Dione" is a magician banishment plan. Tatsuya announces the use of a Stellar-furnace that was researched and used in the presented project "ESCAPES Plan".

Because of Miyuki, for the future of magicians, Tatsuya has chosen this path.

At the same time, a confrontation occurs between Zhou Gongjin who should have died and Minoru. In addition, the Strategic-Class Magic of a Thirteen Apostle captures Tatsuya!? The greatest crisis is about to emerge for Tatsuya and Miyuk

Can't get hype without translation.

Miyuki taking a bath with Tatsuya is reason enough to get hype. I hope she's finally making moves.

Damn, Maya is salty. It's kinda nice to finally see her rattled about something.
And I love how everyone is completely unsurprised by her smashing a teacup, like it's happened a million times before.

someone on reddit has translated the first four chapters

>Zhou Gongjin
Fucking knew he was gonna come back

That's for volume 23 user. Although there is a link to the first 16 pages of 24 on there.

This is from the those pages

didn't Tatsuya kill him while he was cockteasing Miyuki?

Oooh. TY.

which one are you referring to as "he"?


>acting as if this isn't what she's been wanting for the past year
Miyuki's sexual repression knows no bounds.

Nah, he just left her in Tokyo when he went to Kyoto to deal with him

I think I need to reread the novel.

What are you talking about? They were chasing Zhou around the Kyoto area.

Why is she so perfect?

Miyuki > Mayumi > Erika > everyone else

Made for onii-sama only, sasuga.

>modified to make her NBR genetically so her and Onii-sama can procreate
>created solely for her Onii-sama
There is no better girl in anime

Because she, unlike everyone else in the series, is willing to cut the politics crap and admit that she's selfish.
She is probably the only honest Yotsuba in existence, although given that she's not "really" their child, I'm not surprised.

This is from a machine translated source but it lists things out like this

Tatsuya gets the support of Aoba (the Yotsuba's sponsor) for ESCAPES in exchange for him agreeing to become the world's deterrent. Tatsuya then holds a press conference with Ushiyama (the Taurus half of Taurus Silver) and reveals the truth before saying that Taurus Silver is no more.

Clark then selects two members of Stars who do not like Lina and assigns them the task of assassinating Tatsuya with the help of Bezobrazzoff. Apparently they get close by Tatsuya is able to drive them off for now.

Also, Zhou has survived but has apparently been taken over by a parasite. Nothing else said on him






For anyone who can actually read moonscript

What happened to translations? They are stuck on volume 18.

I don't even know what happened the last time I read it.

Her love for Tatsuya makes my heart warm.

they gon fuk


Waiting for illustrations