How do you think Yugi and/or Atem handle each of the Generation's arc villain?

How do you think Yugi and/or Atem handle each of the Generation's arc villain?

Smokes Yubel and Goodwin. Haven't seen Zexal. Gets the shit beat out of him by Zarc

Don Thousand too OP.

Not like his 1000000000000 atk card couldn't get counter and would probably beat him before he even summons them.

In the end, can't he summon the three Egyptian Gods easily? I struggle to think about any endgame boss that can do anything against their bullshit powers.
Also super topdecking.

Atem can do that very easily. Yugi still manage to destroy all three god cards when he face against them, however.

With a children's card game?

Atem wins everything with the heart of the cards.

Dark counterpart when?

Atem cheats as per usual

Yugi only won because Atem couldn't bullshit out a card that isn't in Yugi's collection.


he said dark counterpart not shitty blackwing version

This guy here won a duel in his opponent's first turn. Is there a duelist any more based than he is?

I suppose the BS god rules would allow Ra to destroy anything regardless of its effects
Including Don Thousan'ds 10000th Number, ZARC and the Timelords

But I imagine Yugi/Atem arent going to suffer from plot induced stupidity like almost everyone against ZARC either, so they wont need the gods for a while

Can probably handle Darkness, gets stomped by all the others.

Well then again every timelord is broken as shit and its stupidly easy to summon them. If you don't attack the 100000 atk monster you lose the fucking duel and zarc who makes everyone who duels him lose 30 IQ points until the duel is over. Then again atem has plot

Babby Yugi could probably solo 90% of the anime with Marshmallon and Silent Magician.

Yubel wouldn't be more of a problem for him than for Judai.

He literally would not be able to keep up with Z-One due to lack of flying motorcycle. If he does get a bike, it comes down to whether or not Z-One can assemble his Timelord lock, as even Ra would have trouble beating over that.

Don Thousand could get real fucky with both of them manipulating the top card of Yugi/Atem's deck. Comes down to whether the Puzzle or Don Thousand's bullshit has more bullshit magic.

Would be interesting against Zarc. Probably only stands a chance if he can somehow get Ra on the field on his first turn.

As for VRAINS so far, he'd probably be able to eat up every duelist in the show so far with little to no issue, as most either use cards on his power level or even weaker (especially taking the gods and his DSoD upgrades into consideration) or are built to function against Link monsters, which would make entire decks utterly useless vanilla swarming decks.

>Don Thousand

The Egyptian Gods are OP as hell in the anime especially Slifer which can make impossible summoning the monsters needed to get Synchro or XYZ on the field.
And if you allow the villains to summon their ace monsters anyway, then Atem is allowed to summon Horakhty

The biggest issue here is that neither Yugi nor Atem are able to summon a god on their first turn, even with a perfect hand. Stalling the first turn might give him tribute material but means that the villain probably has already gotten too much advantage.

Isn't that Fujiwara's card?

If you want to go full heart of the cards, he can Poly for Arkana Knight Joker, De-Fusion, and then tribute the three materials. It's a 6 card hand, but still a turn one god card. He runs anime Card of Sanctity to refill his hand anyways.

Beat them at a children's card game?

Not realated to OP question

This arc was a little boring because of the proto-duels being lame, but pharoh and bakura playing D&D was great

Read the manga


True, 3 Joker Knights, Poly, and Pot of Greed into a God and De-Fusion could work. Best turn 1 god to usually drop would probably be Slifer, since it stops any small monsters from being played at all, though that still dies badly to Zarc and Z-One.

Because there is literally a D&D chapter where the main cast goes against evil Bakura who is the GM.