Remember when Dragon Ball had interesting villains?

Remember when Dragon Ball had interesting villains?

remember when dragon ball had interesting fights? Also I miss slut bulma.

General Blue is definitely a great Dragon Ball villain but he was killed with just a tongue though, so how good was he really?

me too, user, me too. there are some legitimately sexy scenes in Dragon Ball because of her.

Is this a censored translation? I remember them calling him a flaming homo or something when I read the manga.

How would the Japanese even say "Flaming Homo"? You can translate words in various ways. There's no perfect translation.

Remember when Bulma wasn't menopausal?


they call him that in the anime (krillin iirc), maybe that's what you're thinking of.

I wonder how Vegeta would react when I knew how slutty Bulma was in her teens.

How was he interesting?

>gtautists are going to keep using the super card until someone appreciate their toei-branded garbage

>cool spikes
>cool mustache
>deep voice
>has dragon balls in his chest
What's not to like?

But we just had one.

>Cool spikes
>Big tits
>Feminine voice
>Has dragon balls in her chest
Toei fucked up not making best dragon

oh god I remember it, that was fucking awful


More to thr point, has Bulma told him that she gave Goku a bath and he saw her tits and pussy in the night they met, that Yamaha deflowered her, and that she was starting to get wet for Goku before Chichi snagged him?

Eh it was a nice introduction to Tao Pai Pai. Atleast it wasn't like he licked Blue, his tongue was like a bullet.

That's an abomination wtf. Adding tits to w/e doesn't suddenly make something good looking.

nice headcanon

The new toei branded garbage isn’t much better. It’s actually worse

>but he was killed with just a tongue though

Oh wow, totally forgot that. Somehow I pictured him being killed by Goku.