How high is her IQ?

How high is her IQ?


>how high is this plot armored freak's iq?

high enough for someone that lives in a world constantly bending to her needs, which is not a lot

That's every woman am I right fellas

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

That's all terribly written, heavily plot armored gary stue/mary sue MCs.

Why would that ever be about gender, you humongous faglord?

High enough to understand Rick and Morty :^)

about tree fiddy

women something something manipulative something something using pussy card something

Which is not what happens in Kakegurui? I mean, the show and manga are so bad it hurts that a thread died for this one to happen, but nyan nyan's problem is that she's mentally retarded and the world bends around it because muh smurts and muh specil pohwurs

friend you are lost this is a shitposting thread

is probably shitposting bait, but
also, double checked

even so, this is why Sup Forums sucks
also remember, every shitty shitposting thread you make kills a decently good one

High enough to suck my dick.

>good thread

>neo Sup Forums

what did he mean by this

clearly what neo/a/ needs is more

Not as high as my erection for her.

More than Kaiji and Akagi

High enough to not pull gross faces like the rest of the girls in the series

Eleventy twelve.


One of the most pitiful attempt at self insert guy.

Except he's not? You don't understand the concept of a viewer surrogate?

>ywn be Mary's footstool

Higher than Kaiji.

someone that seriously uses 'neo-Sup Forums' is the last person on this goddamned earth to nag about board quality.

Probably between 145 to 160. Genius level in any case

Good ol' days

About 80

>Self inserting as exposition guy
>Not self inserting as Mary
user please

>muh plot armor
>muh universe
She's just a hypercompetent and talented gambler in a world of scrubs. She's already lost, and didn't even really win her most recent gamble.
I assume no one here knows what it's like to be so good at something you can just dominate the competition and toy with them so no wonder you can't relate.

Mary sues are popular for a reason. Kids have vivid imagination about their skills and abilities because their me isn't quite formed yet.

Being hypercompetent and talented isn't the same as asspulling your way through. Akagi is a better example, he's a genius but he doesn't have the world bend to his needs.

And Yumeko of 1950 or whatever the year it was would please american soldiers for bubble gum, but now she can afford being a spoiled brat.

>One has life the one doesnt
That life is flat

She's really intelligent but has some serious issues


Perversely how much?

> here knows what it's like to be so good at something you can just dominate the competition and toy with them
The author clearly doesn't either. Throwing your shit at everything because it turns you on is not "hypercompetent gambling". Both this show and NGNL suffer from the Sherlock "smart characters written by a complete dumbass" syndrome.