What kind of an anime is Prisma Illya?

What kind of an anime is Prisma Illya?

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High quality production for sophisticated gentlemen with exquisite taste

is that what pedophiles are now called?

no, that's what heteros are called.

so being sexually artracted to children of the opposite sex makes you "hetero" and not a pedo? thanks bro now i know

Took you long enough. Not too bright, are you?

Literally the greatest thing to come out of anime in decades.

Go ahead, name a greater anime. I'll wait.

Not as bright as you

manly man manga bout choking bitches, men fighting men, and protecting their imoutos.

I'm glad you understand.

if you can't see what makes illya and kuro appealing you're just gay, son.

Appealing? YES, maybe a little too appealing coz the show over sexualizes them and leads me to the point where I ask WTF am i still watching

For nagatoro type people who want to watch Illya being bullied by a Kuro. Mmm

The saving grace of the whole Fate franchise.

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

Type moon's favourite spin off after FGO

I wish there was more Kuro china dress art.

Whats 2+chan? Some new gook channel?

Excellent soft-hentai
Shitty mahou shoujo

Have you seen their curves? They're clearly of prime breeding age. Nothing abnormal about heteros being attracted to them.

Accurate and more concise.

I'm still butthurt about this. Doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon too.

Just watched the movie. Does the author has a major hateboner for Sakura and Shinji? Because damn.

Kuro is the best loli

He's a beaver.

would things been different if the movie was adapted by ufotable?

Spin-off from a porn game.

>Kuro trying to lick the frosting off her mouth
this does unholy things to my penis

That's a really good shop. Got me.

Who told you it was frosting?

>exquisite taste
Also yes

I don't know but it needs a good eroge.

Something about Kuro looks off here.

shes not dripping in cum or trying to molest another cup?

>Does the author has a major hateboner for Sakura
If he does, it certainly turned out counterproductive, because Prism Ilya gave her a gigantic boost in popularity.

I want to give Kuro all my mana.

I will take Miyu then.


I want that bumper sticker now
loli butts drives me nuts



How the fuck is this show so popular that it got 4 seasons and a movie and is on track for a 5th season?

I wonder.
Maybe it has something to do with the images above

Cup miracles.

Fate + lolis.

What the hell are they doing?

Saving the world.

Cunny is the most powerful force in human nature

Unironically this. You won't enjoy the entirety of Prillya if you're only in it for the lolis or if you're a Zero secondary who only likes grimdark edgy shit. You need to appreciate everything equally, from SoL to comedy to Fate to drama.

That's a very tasteful edit.

oh didn't even notice it was the edited version. Deleted it just to be safe, don't feel like another 3 day ban from an offended mod.

This is how they win.

Illya is PUFFY.

Do you have proof of this claim?

Illya and Kuro are a syllogism for interracial interaction

Why are they panting like that?

It was way hotter than what they expected.

What was?



Illya is white.
And so is Kuro.
Therefore user is retarded.

There you go

I think I may have heard of "that", Could you perhaps give a more detailed explanation of what "that" is?

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An FBI sting operation.

The best kind.

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>implying that if you are a white person with a tan, or if you have some issues with your melamine, that you become a different race.
It's just like albino niggers are not white.

Prisma Illya is easily one of the best mahou shoujo in the last decade.
Also, one kiss per season does not make this soft-hentai. This meme needs to die.

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from the last decade, illya is second only to goddess Madoka herself

>Doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon too.
Shirou is benched and the last chapter ended with Illya saving the day using symmetrical docking
I think we're on the right track

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soft porn

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By having more than one per season?

Prisma Illya is unironically my favorite animated Fate work

Unironic pedobait

I want to fuck them.

Oh okay, that's good. I was getting worried there.

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This show is just lolibait.

I only like Kuro and find the others average.

you are average

I can smell your gayness through the internet

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My boi Shinji gets more pimp with every iteration he appears in

There's a cup joke here but I'm too lazy to write it

Imagine if this anime was released on American media.

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They need to fuse. We need KuroIllya

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because lolis

It has some good action moments desu

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Soon people will come to realise he was just a victim and everything is the wormslut's fault.

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> heterosexual sex icon
> miyu not wearing bracelet
What is this bullshit?

>> heterosexual sex icon
What's the problem? They all want to fuck Shirou.

It's literally Shirou porn.

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How old are these girls again?

Their ages are on the clock.

4ier fucking when, lads

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>wants to fuck Shirou
No, she doesn't. She had the power to make this happen and her real wish was to be his biological sister. She fantasied in sadness that she would have liked Sakura as her sister in law if wasn't for the tragedy. She's not into her brother.

She's into /u/shit with Ilya.

After the birthday episode, before that, composite.