Explain to me why this is the greatest anime ever created

Explain to me why this is the greatest anime ever created.

It's not? DitF beats it by a mile.

It features well-developed and strongly-portrayed characters having entertaining interactions inside a universe made believable by the large and complex web of connections between an immense cast and the effects their actions have upon each other.

as Noted. Not the best.

Good but not best

Because other anime is even bigger shit

It's really damn good, but not the second coming of Christ that some people hype it up to be.
You can still enjoy other anime after seeing it.

>You can still enjoy other anime after seeing it.
It's true, but it took me three months

Where should a newfag start with this? Looks neat

Start with a release order, not a chronological one.

Thanks user, I'll check it out now

It is, but it's not like a lot of people know about it. Even most people who claim to like it have never touched it outside of what we post on Sup Forums

What are some other manga/anime that are like this?

Because there's no other journey as epic and grandiose as LOGH, at least when it comes to anime.

It's not even top 10. It's too dry most of it's characters are one note, it's not even 1/10th as intelligent as some of you fucks like to pretend it is, the dialogue is droll and the language uninspired.

>Even most people who claim to like it have never touched it outside of what we post on Sup Forums
Now you are just making things up.

Someone needs to update this guide, it's terribly dated. Now all of anime entries are subbed, there are not one but two manga adaptations, and half of the books are translated

Save from Julian fucking things up from time to time, it real is one of the best anime series out there. I don't know if it's the greatest though.

You fucking idiot he's baiting he's saying Franxx is better than LOGH and you believe him

>110 episodes
How do any of you watch all of that?

Don worry, most of us didn't watch 110 episodes, we watched 164 episodes, because Gaidens are impostant too

Is it really that much in the world of anime? I don't watch shonen shit anymore, but as far as I know, Naruto, DBZ and One Piece are much, much longer.

It's not

Like a good boy.

Not him, but what's the last thing someone baiting expects?
Someone to agree with him. That ruins his day.

By the end you'll complain about it ending already.

Also, you clearly weren't around for DBZ, apparently.
That's a little short of 300 episodes, and even fucking casuals were watching it back then.

it's really good, not the best IMO, but I can see why some people would rank it as such

it's definitely not flawless though:
>too much pathos at times (especially near the end)
>the Terra Cult (shitty stereotypical villains in an anime full of grey characters, their entire subplot amounts to "religion is bad, mkay")
>generally average animation with some occasional shittiness)

Every freaking review of LoGH in recent year, either the show or books
>It's great but not perfect. First of all, not enough of stong women...
I wonder, are female characters really that important to them or it's just a virtue signalling?

but it has like 3 strong female characters already
also 90% of the show's characters are in the military, which is (and will always be) a rare career choice for women because basic human biology