Dagashi Kashi

Man, I can't get enough of Hajime's arse.

then rub one out to it.

She needs to get out of those tight clothes at least for a short while so I can correctly assess her ass.

Why did they remove Hotaru from the show?

Too make room for Hajime. IIRC she comes back very soon after the "internet chapter" in the manga so she'll come soon to pick up her win.

I'm the only one who prefers this season over the first one?
It looks worse and cheaper but I find it a lot more entertaining. Also I feel like faping every time I listen the ending.

I think I agree
There's been a little more charcter development and the shorter run time is nice.

I think it's just as good as season 1 and all worries in anticipation of it were completely blown out of proportion. I don't think it looks too bad/cheap.

I prefer this season over the first one because I prefer the character designs and the more faithful adaptations of the chapters.

She's really great isn't she?
I've only just caught up with the latest 3 episodes. The other girls literally can't compete at this point.


because she was no longer needed as hajime is superior in every regards

Funny how insufferable Hajimefags are.

Same here user.

God damn, I love pencil skirts.

Why are all Hajimes so awesome?

Why is your son eating ice cream so sloppily?

your ice cream dripped a little

Hajime-su saving the show

Ahh my dick
There has to be more art of her ass like this

assjob hmanga when

I'd take her hajime if you know what I mean

I miss Hotaru but Hajime has delivered some lols