is this a nod to Onani Master?

Exactly what I thought. I'm getting war flashbacks.



>Tiny Japanese dicklet can not compare to big black dick.

what manga is this

What's his name again?

densha otoko, see the train on background

damn I mean chikan otoko ! wrong name


Nice edit sempai.

Broccoli bro deserved her.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo had a kid?

Ok what's the source on this ? I think I'm ready now

are you new

Saw that shit for years but still don't know what it is. Or I knew the name and forgot it

That is damn heart-wrenching.

This is damn satisfying.

Kurosawa x Sugawa is OTP, who cares about some pedestalized pussy?

Is this NTR?!

onani master kurosawa

Thanks user. This seems like a truly great read

The samurai fears the afro warrior

Leave before you get spoiled



He actually did it

google says love theory

It's called love theory and it's about a ghost helping this guy get a girlfriend

lol 'spraying cum' is a funny combination of words

Seems like intresting manga. Is it some heavy drama? On one side premise seems intresting on the other it sounds like something that can end really badly and sad.

>is it heavy on drama

why are you still here?

Remind me of this page.
Did anyone else read this?

I am a different guy. Randomly clicked to check image and got intrested.

he never got a break

Best boy did it again

I always liked that the next girl to have it done to her didn't seem to care that much

Fuck this.

This fucking huy

why Sup Forums raged over this anyway? Afro is a real bro.

today, the jizz of justice finally catches-up with you

they self-inserted into the MC too far and felt cucked

Desu I'm trying to not get self inserted too far but it's difficult.
How can you be loved if you don't even love yourself ?

Ok I knew what was going to happen and it still hurt. Jesus


This is a dangerous path ahead, boy

Just started reading it. Currently chapter 14. I feel so much tension please let it end well.

Just finished Onani master. It was pretty damn good.

What the FUCK. Just got to this moment. I was expecting this but when the moment came it hit me so hard. Why was she so nice for him.WHY

Any other manga where the MC gets fucked relentlessly for no reason?

Fujimi Lovers