What shows ate as good as, if not better dubbed? I can only think of Black Lagoon

What shows ate as good as, if not better dubbed? I can only think of Black Lagoon.

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Black lagoon is a bad example. its a terrible dub

as for dubs which were better then the sub
Cowboy BeBop
Full Metal Alchemist
No Game No Life

as for dubs which were as good as the sub
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Stein's; Gate
Prison School

As for Dubs which were almost as good as the Sub
Darker than Black
Sage of Tanya the Evil

All other dubs were painful to listen to.

Cabby beepboop
Samurai Champloo
Space Dandy
One Piece
Gurren Lagann
Black Clover (his screams are more bearable)
Blazblue games
VIZ Sailor Moon
Yu Yu Hakusho
Off the top of my head
Not this

>One Piece

you have no permission to post on Sup Forums anymore.

It's a good dub
and a good series

Fuck off. Revi was way more tolerable in English. She seemed screechy in Japanesey

Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Trigun are the first three that come to mind, but that's probably just nostalgia talking. Big O had a pretty good dub, but I never watched the sub so I don't know.

G Gundam
YuYu Hakusho

Blue Sub No.6. Good dub, terrible cgi.

Yu Yu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Fullmetal Alchemist
These are the only anime I'll watch dubbed ever. Only reason FMA's on here is because Romi Park's screaming is super annoying.
What are you smoking? Gurren Lagann's dub is shit. None of the dub actors can match up to the hot-bloodedness of the original Japanese.

I feel part of why these dubs worked so well is because of how relatable the shows were to a western audience I guess? Good voice direction is part of it but some shows just "work" better than others dubbed simply because of the setting, dialogue, and writing.
Honestly though we would have better dubs if the voice actors actually gave a shit about their roles in anime. As a Sup Forums shitter you see a lot of these same voice actors perform gods work on cartoons while bombing and performing half-assed for anime roles

Death Note. Light’s insane laugh is even better imo. I also like that they turned L into a chill dude instead of a creep, regardless of whether it matched the original. Pic related was great too.

>dubs which were better then the sub
>No Game No Life

Under-rated post of the year. top tier taste.

>Asking for well-liked dubs
>on Sup Forums
That being said, I thought both Space Dandy and Kill La Kill were both dubbed really well.

Welcome to the NHK

Hellsing Ultimate

Trust, I know how shit 99% of dubs are. I know a dude who PREFERS dubs. His opinion is disregarded.

>it's a dub thread

I actually liked Naruto dubbed better than subbed
>Believe it

This issue mostly comes down to how the voice acting sounds to people. They don't care about artistic intent at all. "I like this American version better for whatever reason, so I'll go with that." Doesn't matter what anyone on the original production team had in mind. Doesn't matter that the entire original script and its voice acting gets jettisoned in favor of an American remake. It's just voice acting, so who cares? It's not a real part of an anime (or game). It has no value.



Dumb elephantposter

I enjoy the Huezil dubs of YYH, OPM and DBS for their OC jokes. Japs have a shit sense of humor.

As for the US dub, Death Note and DBZ are great.

wouldnt be Sup Forums without a daily dub recommendation thread
gotta love the epic animes

Black Lagoon is a special case of its own as its more Western so to speak. It just feels natural. In other show it's the other way around it. Dub appears forced, and out of place After all, English has to be the lingua franca of Roanapur. The Lagoon crew couldn't communicate with each other in any other way. Rock obviously is multilingual, but Revy, Dutch and Benny are not. It's hard to imagine Japanese language as being dominant in the Thailand crime scene.

Bible Black.

La Blue Girl

TTGL by russians


Simply the best


Jojo part 1/2, I cannot take seriously a setting that is england and america respectively with everyone speaking japanese with zero english.

Unironically Rebellion had a top tier dub.

The anime adaptation as a whole was bad, but the dub in particular really suffered from word salad.

All these. I just rewatched Medabots a year or so ago and I was surprised, a lot of the dub jokes were genuinely funny.


>They don't care about artistic intent at all.
Sweetie, I hate to break it to you but a lot of anime is mass produced and tossed out into the world for the sole purpose of making money. There's not a lot of depth that goes into the script in half of these things and because of that a lot of western voice actors literally give zero fucks when recording their lines because they don't really care about the show or about the characters they're voicing.

I'll admit while I really love the Viz dub for Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho and Samurai Champloo dubs I wouldn't say they're infinitely better, i'd say about tied.

Cristina Vee is fucking amazing as Homura.

All shit