Let's settle this Sup Forums

Let's settle this Sup Forums.

Who was best girl?

Aisha Clan-Clan of the Ctarl-Ctarl


Aisha. Like, fucking far and away, Aisha.

This. I barely even remember the others, but I know none of them are a brown catgirl muscle goddess.

Gene Starwind

I liked them all for different reasons but I'd have to default to Suzuka. The Ctarl Ctarl could rip the shit out of me. Melfina might just be the final development stage of the fleshlight. Suzuka, aside from being smoking hot, is all woman.

The one true answer.

bargain bin Yukinojo


Melfina. She was my childhood waifu.

Suzuka. Melfina is too submissive, meak and subservient, thus is the worst girl. Aisha is second best, cause strong. So, something like this: Suzuka>Aisha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shit>Melfina

Melfina, no contest.

That lava springs episode. Hnnnnnnnnng

Hilda>literally every other character

by a country mile

Finally the correct answer.


is this a female elf version of Marik?

Who else here played the flash game of this?

The flash game by Zone?

I did.
Goddamn! I think that was more than 10 years ago

He was definitely the cutest girl in the whole show.

Aisha is the only one who hasn't aged poorly.

Died way too soon.

Hilda should've been the protagonist




Suzuka would make best wife
Melfina would make best girlfriend
Aisha would make best mistress
Pretty sure all 3 could be convinced into a four-way.


Wasn't there another girl who was captain of the ship or something? I remember wanting to watch this thing but when I finally had the time to catch it on TV, I didn't see her anywhere in the episode and figured the story arc has moved on. My interest dropped and ended up not watching the show.

Most likely Hilda. In case the thread wasn't obvious, she dies four episodes into the series.


Brown Cat Tiddies


Not one person said Hilda yet? For shame but second best would be Aisha.

How did Outlaw Star go from popular to literally who?


Fuck you.

She's pretty much the only reason I watched the anime in the first place.

Ironically lots of anime that aired on American toonami did. R.O.D is another example I can think of.

Melfina was an early waifu, but considering how I quickly started loving big boobs Aisha is now more appealing.

No one is picking Suzuka?

From the perspective of someone who's never watched Outlaw Star-

Outlaw Star was mostly propped up by having a long run on Toonami. It was never very popular outside of that.

Didn't really care for Melfina much until she kicked the shit out of the psychic cactus.

She's pretty good waifu material. Something about bioengineered android girls as a concept is attractive. Plus her dedication to Gene and PROTECT status is a classic.

I think it's mostly because I grew up with the English dub via Toonami and didn't care for her Prozac voice.

I lost interest in it after the 4th episode...

Aisha is the only acceptable answer.

Same, but it didn't bother me. Also the tube she's in invoked a why-boner even though toonami gave her a swimsuit.


>nobody wants to get a prostate message from Hilda


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i believe
u gujs are all retarded

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Dragon girl.

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Vaporized girls don't count.

Did Aisha have the hots for Jimmy?

well it was made in like the 90's...

Glad someone remembers

>after the 4th episode.
can't blame you, the best part of the show was gone.

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surely you meant