Darling in the FranXX

Episode 9 in 5h 13m

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Goro will die

No he won't.


Goro will live and Ichigo will love him.

hold me bros



>his last words

That quality

>can't watch it with Sup Forums because I am out drinking today
At least there are still 15 episodes to go, r-right ?

No, not Goro! Take Milkboy instead

Will we get more fun and cuteness again this episode, or will it just be more awful love triangle nonsense that's boring and goes nowhere?

nah, he needs to pump and dump milk-chan first

yfw no milkboy

This. She needs his superior seed to raise her baby since fat people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

A-1 episode so expect the latter, I'm hoping its just something they are using to drag the first cour along and then we get the real plot after.

Normalfag blog


>A-1 episode
So no fun allowed.



>He writes to Hiro in theses exact words
>sincerely, Goro

Remember the preview is always a lure. Today will have intense mecha battles.


On a scale of one to Ichigo, how badly do you expect Goro to be cucked this episode?


oh, yes, i can already see the gorofags tears now.

Got me

>Dear diary
>Today I stared reeally hard at Ichigo
>She was talking to Hiro a lot
>I wish she talked to me that much

So girls, did you wait a franxx rn? dsgstng.com

>but more importantly,"WAY TO GO, HIRO!"

This show is all about NTR
02 ntr ichigo
Hiro ntr goro
Milkshit man ntr futoshi
I hope they stop this NTR shit and make good mecha show



user pls NTR is a thinking man's fetish.


He's going to man up today and get some pussy.

It's not NTR if no one ever confesses or is in an actual relationship. Especially since they are socially stunted and don't even know what love is and just barely hit puberty.

When will he apologize?

>new episode
>possible drawfriend posting more lewd heartstimulating pictures of young oni and young hiro later on
life's good

It's probably too much to hope any positive progress gets made. But damn I wish it would.

Can A-1 just give up on Ichigo and Hiro?

I can't believe she made him drink her breast milk.

So now we have based Viper and our new drawfriend. Life's truly good

And best couple remains NTR-free! I love you, Zorome and Miku!

She still didnt do anything yet and she become Sup Forums slut cant wait till she do it for real

Hope they stay pure cause we still in the nine episode and there still 15 episodes more

We can only hope.

Implying Futoshi won't NTR Zorome.

Fatshit is going to kill himself out of grief when his fluffy wife leaves him for Milkman's superior milkstick.

What did he mean by this?

Goro will finally get the girl

Then dies right after it

It means that Goro will sink IchiHiro shitship once and for all. Thank god.

Feelings cant be changed in one episode
I doupt ichigo eell start love him now

Truly, undeniably, the hero that this show has needed for the past six fucking episodes.

Not so fast

He writes to Hiro in theses exact words, ''WAY TO GO, HIRO!"

Onifag here, and I fully agree.

Literally who


No, he won't.
Are you retarded?

What episode will I get to properly confess to Hiro, Sup Forumsons?

The one where you walk in on Hiro and 02 making cute oni babies together.


Episode 26

fuck cuckfag

You've literally had two chances and blown them both. Fuck out of here, you lost.

If by some oddity 002 and Hiro aren't first, then it'll be these two.


why is 02 such a whore

>Flashback to shota Hiro meeting shy loli 002
>she was the true childhood friend all along

Those milkers are too big

>actual vanilla ZoroMiku porn
I was worried 02 would take it all. Nothing against her, I just wanted to see best couple have some good lewds as well.


Milkman is gay, also his "i don't care attitude" after rape ride with 02.

I doubt it. If NTR does happen to Futoshi in the show they'll probably just assign him a new partern or transfer him. You really can't lose in this setting unless you're a snowflake like Hiro.


The waist/hips are already sex handles though.

They'll want to try out whatever they've seen

02 and Hiro need to give them a demonstration of how a real kissu works to prevent further cases of gayness.

How is it, that with the massive force of personality that 02 is, with the focus on the love triangle Ichigo has, that the biggest meme of this show is Milkman?

Best boy


Can she save the episode from boring drama again?

It's not gay if it's Zorome.

Calm down, 02.


I still love how that face perfectly conveys "I've made a huge mistake."

Miku's no DFC

>personality that 02 is
02 is way too ignorant of too many things to be older than she looks. She didn't even know what rain was before Hiro told her about it. In short, 02 knows nothing but Muh ''Kiss is special'' and things that Dr. FranXX taught her. you delusional waifufag

So the big twist of Darling in the Franxxx is that it's going to pull a Tom Cruise Oblivion right? Real humanity is living underground and using the Klaxosaurs to defend themselves, Hiro and the gang are tube soldier babies helping APE to eliminate humanity.

Nice pasta.

So when are we gonna see some 02's character development?
I want to see 02 having to lay her deep problems out and maybe even crying a bit so Hiro can help her. Hiro's grown so much as a character, even Ichigo, but 02 really hasn't changed much besides being a bit more friendly to the others just to appease Hiro.

Are you ever going to stop spamming this?


Self insertion.

I really want the "I'm a genius." / "Oh no!" version of this.

Swap 02 and Miku, and insert a huge powergap between Ichigo and Ikuno, and you have a perfect list!

To be fair she's spent an unknown amount of time practically alone, draining partners dry just to keep fighting Klaxo's, plus her childhood from what we can tell was fucked up. It's gonna take a while for her to normalize a bit.