Did you know that you have around 30 trillions moe red bood cells in your body...

Did you know that you have around 30 trillions moe red bood cells in your body? And that you produce 2 millions loli red blood cells every second?

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We even have more platelets.
Voiced by Kanna


Best girl coming through.

This is going to be made by DAVID Productions. The same guys who adapted JoJo

the human body is sure interesting


A classic.

The series with all the spin-offs were so great. My favourite was the sci-fi series, it included some neat classic sci-fi concepts.

The White Blood Cells being homicidal maniacs towards anyone that is an enemy is always hilarious.

good boys

>Be White Blood Cell
>Polite and courteous to everyone
>Meet a bacteria

Had an imunology course at UNI. Had to learn and memmorize all those types of cells and what they do, how they evolve, etc. A sublime suffering.

In the hindsight, telling your students watching this anime could significantly boost their performance and understanding of the subject might be a decent idea (interesting things get memorized more easily).

It's coming out in July

Can't wait for the Red Cross blood donation crossovers.

Is the manga scanlated?

Isnt that cancer?

I'm personally very excited for the anime adaption of osmosis Jones.

Hey you!
Wanna make a contract?

>the hats look like real red blood cells
Oh man that’s cute.

Looks like fun

I read the manga, can't wait

shitty self insert anime

I chuckled

Man, cells are the best.


Fug, this makes me want to take better care of my body. Picked up.

Is this the osmosis jones anime I didn't know I wanted?

>white blood cell gets covered in blood after killing a bacteria
>bacteria have blood

We need to dig deeper!

>not bullying your cute red blood cell girls with cholesterol

I was always fascinated how evolution created all those different cells.

Cytoplasm, maybe. Red cytoplasm, because anime colors.

macrophage a best

What is this? Is this anime Osmosis Jones? If so picked the fuck up.


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I'll be getting an immunology degree. Now I know how I'll imagine everything happening in the human body. Thanks user.

Where can I read this?

Cancer arc was annoying, but I'm looking forward to the rest
>Killer T Cell: Daisuke Ono

Red blood cell #736958637047 is best girl

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How will they react if they realize that the human is dead and they only have a few minutes left?

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But where's Osmosis Jones

Best design

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good girl

>blood-chan heroically carries through a tiny bit of oxygen
>the little girl they inhabit survives with severe brain damage

She's going to be voiced by Kikuko Inoue

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>Macrophage's Attack Power
>Quite high.

Gets me everytime.

Damn I need to read this

I never knew that there were so many different cells involved in the immune system. I knew of white blood cells and T-cells but that's it. How the fuck did the body evolve to be this complex?

This reminds me of a story I wrote for 3rd grade science class about White Blood Cells fighting a war

I remember having the books for those so many years ago. I quite enjoyed reading them and exploring the graphic illustrations.

I prefer it's imouto - the monocyte.

The macrophages should have been depicted as gluttonous fatties seeing as the terms 'macro' 'large' and 'phage' 'to eat' are literally what its name is derived from.

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Looks like all the fat goes to one area.

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>It's a beach episode

Is this a motherfucking JoJo reference?

Japan made a collab cartoonime with European nations called
>Once upon a time... Life
It was a good series.

It's getting animated by David too.

Why haven't anyone uploaded this to mangadex? Aren't there volumes in MK?

The german intro was pure hype



Are rips from official releases allowed on there?

Probably because it's old and licensed. I'm surprised it got a thread.

Shit man, there are a bajillion different types and even scientists don't know for sure how many there are and what they do.
The immune system is like the final frontier of our body. Just a few years ago people figured a way to make immune cells kill cancer (Car-T therapy).

The immune system naturally is able to kill cancer cells in the vast majority of cases. It's just that under certain scenarios certain cancer cells are unable to be correctly identified as such by the immune system.

What does a sperm cell look like?

The immune system was always the most interesting part of evolution. The idea that evolution slowly developes such a high complex system to support more complex life forms is quite awesome.

faceless old men

I love old science stuff aimed for children. Recently discovered the Disney & von Braun stuff.


so good.

My school's library used to have an illustrated science book series for kids which had this typically 80s/early 90s anime style kid learning things. I loved those books and reread them multiple times back in elementary school.

I'd like to find them again, but for the life of me I can't remember anything more specific that would help me narrow down my search.
I remember one scene in particular where the kid would learn that you're supposed to water the earth in the pot to make plants grow, and not the leaves. I think he was watering a sunflower.

I want to see neuron-san doing nothing because his channelrhodopsin helmet isn't getting light. But that would be weird in a human body.

>There are inevitable going to be doujins on this

Mein Gott!

faceless old men POSE Aniki

>will the cells have reproduction organs?

That's something future doujin will decide.

>Ovule is a Amazon Thicc in Orgy vulcan sex

my english is shit

I'm a med student literally learning immunology right now and it's a fucking pain in the pass

This anime might legitimately help me memorize what everything does