Morning Daa~lings

Morning Daa~lings

>it’s saturday finally

>inb4 broro dies

would Strelizia dump him for the Raptor?

Not once she's seen Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill

Futoshi is going to do something in this episode other than eat, bros.

If Hiro is piloting Strelizia, is this gay?

mechentai when?

It's perfectly straight to do manly dokkingu with your bros. Even more so if you yell "No homo!" first.

imagine being manhandled by strelizia

>Simon the pimp

This, if head ornaments don't touch it's not gay


Yeah, he's going to die.

Will Strelizia unlock more forms?

Sorry. That is Goro's duty. Futoshi is going to get Miku pregnant, twig boi.

Not so fast Satan


Gurren Lagann looks like a total chad there.

He's acquired the Death Note

He's too pure to give it bad use.

No, it's Gattai


Maybe. Koyama designed a Tauburn upgrade midseason

stupid dumb eurocucks