Kaguya 100

This is my fetish. Chapter's out.

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>100 chapter
I loved it.


this chapter hurt me deeply

its dumping time

>brief loli cameo


Depending on how this is gonna be resolved, it may even turn out better than the fireworks chapter

>tfw no pictures of hayasaka and kaguya together




he's an experienced player that rascal of a principal


I'm pretty sure he's aka's self insert

he knows too much


is it even legal for the principal to encourage such lewdness

i get the feeling aka read a certain doujin...

>You really give off an aura of two people who are always secretly helping each other without the other noticing.
What a thing to say.




either she was weakened at the knees, or that was one strong wind

this inner monologue coupled with her expression is fucking kino right here


last page is up here>s-save me hayasaka!

Miko is so fucking easy jesus

>Ishigami with that hairstyle
And i thought he couldn't get any better

I want to seduce her and hold her hands.

>tfw all ishigami has to do is compliment her but he's too proud to do so

I want to take many private lewd pictures with Kaguya

just to be sure
this is the manga we're talking about, right?


I didn't really pay much attention to it before, but this thread made me curious

I want to rape Kaguya and break her cellphone and hack into in her cloud account to permanently delete all her data

If you want to start reading it, my advice is to read at least 15-20 chapters before deciding whether or not to stop
I wasn't the biggest fan of the earliest chapters and I considered dropping it, but the series got better as it got along

I'll keep that in mind, thank you user c:

I want to do the same to you.

>keyboard warrior

Kino chapter, the narrator-heavy chapters tend to be really good.

I want to tell Miko that she's cute!

but she is not

The phone is busted but can't you still retrieve the data? I don't know these things.

user who's interested in the show here

this isn't yuri cancer, right?

I swear yuri/yaoi couples are painful to take seriously, at least imho

> show
What show are you interested in?

you are the cancer, this is yaoi zone. PrezxIshigami for life!

my bad, I meant manga

hey, if you want to watch 2 cute girls/guys make out, all the power to you

I prefer my romances to have a bit more substance behind them

I smell reddit.

This manga is comedy and romance done right. If you like yourself a good romance mixed with some hardcore comedy (similar to Daily Lives of High School Boys), you should check this out. Homosex isn't presented.

Aka is 100% hetero, not a hint of homo I his works. At least when the inevitable anime comes around we won't have to contend /u/fags.

>direct linking to MAL
>not just using reverse image search
Fucking newfag get out

There is no yuri or yaoi to be seen, at least for now.

For me of the best things about this manga is the insane level of continuity and foreshadowing you wouldn't expect in something like this. A character shown in the back of a single panel of chapter 6 shows up in the background at random points throughout the series before being properly introduced a whole 90 chapters later

Dependa on how badly damaged it is.

I loved DLOHSB, now I'm really interested

But I wouldn't consider DLOHSB as actual romance

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is closer to being a hardcore comedy romance, imo

as it should be

There's no gay couples(yet). But there's at least one minor character who's a lesbian. Is that a dealbreaker for you?

I want to rape Fujiwara and both her big breast sisters and then i will surgically remove their breasts without causing their death

if she's a minor character, that's fine

but if there an annoying remark from her every chapter I'll drop it

comedy is very hit or miss, so maybe I'll enjoy her

You want to fight me in real IRL life or what?

i want to fuck you

That goes without saying.

I can imagine the technologically incompetent Kaguya sulking and Mr "Never had enough money to get a new phone so never transferred data before" Shirogane being at a loss.
Then Ishigami just nabs the sdcard and moves it over, and sets up cloud upload at the same time.

i want to suck your cock, Aka

Loli Kaguya. A cute!

yeah that one in particular was a great one

tfw you realized the principal was the narrator all along

I want this to be a thing when anime comes out. Every narrator part should be voiced by him.

Principal is /our guy/

we like incest?

Stop giving the h artists material to work with aka.

we don't?

shut up ishigami

Great as always.

>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is closer to being a hardcore comedy romance, imo
That would require there to be some amount of romance.

Admittedly, Hori/Kashima has been making some kind of progress lately.

Keep in mind the Principal actually knows what Iino did for Ishigami and is probably more than aware of what Ishigami has done for her.

they are have romance except Nozaki and Paras

>Prez is gonna have to save her again
>she still hasn't paid him back for Fireworks
Goddamnit Kaguya, do something already.

> actually knows what Iino did for Ishigami and is probably more than aware of what Ishigami has done for her
I really need to re-read some of the chapters, because I've forgot about it completely. Did they do something for each other?

Nozaki and Sakura don't get much development but the general awareness (but not acknowledgement) of their compatibility is always there. It's definitely a comedy before it's a romance but I think there are enough romantic elements there.

Yeah, that's why it's funny. Having it be just a random choice of words would not be in Aka's style.
She stood up for him during his suspension and he helped her save face during the election arc and sent the letter of encouragement.

She made an appeal to the staff to give him another chance at attending school. And while the Principal wasn't directly involved in Ishigami's thing for Miko, but I always got the impression that the Principal knows a lot more about what goes on in his school than he lets on.


But that's not Mikoshiba.

She is the best tranny

he means the purest

I want to introduce them doujins, uncensored doujins

Not a thing in Japan.

Nah. If he stops reading midway it's his loss. He'll never know.

i have connection with deep OG Yakuza

>>she still hasn't paid him back for Fireworks
why do people keep saying this? does no one really remember this arc?

After mangas like Citrus, I'm just scared of reading romances

I need therapy

High School of the Dead was a better written romance than Citrus

a cake and a fan, Shirogane is not that poor

Why wouldn’t we?

Just read good romance and not love triangle shit.

it's not just any fan though, kaguya wrote the saying herself on the fan

forgot image

Gimme your best recommendations, I am starving for good romance stories

I really like Gosick, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but stuff like that would be great.

Anime when?