This was consider an attractive design in the 80s

>this was consider an attractive design in the 80s

my condolences to oldfags

>this was consider an attractive design in the 60s

my condolences to oldfags

>not appreciating each decade on its own merits

70's are best

looks awesome, shut the fuck up.

Damn she hot

That is attractive though. Is this bait?

umm that looks great though?

>Hating Sonada style
kys underage

>not loving BGC
I'm not mad, I just feel pity for you, OP.


I miss the 80s.

You gay son?


What's a more realistic representation of '10 though? Cgi?

It was belle epoch of anime.

>all these retards falling for the bait
OP literally cherry-picked the best frame in the whole episode.

Sauce ?

boku no pico

Lollipop Emergency

Priss is perfect, you shit taste newfag.

Priss is so lovely

Anybody have the image of the deformed girl with fish eyes? It's a pretty old meme from around 2011.

This was

>Not liking fluffy hair.
The death of poofy anime hair was the death of creativity.

This was consider attractive designs in the 19th century.

>this was considered an attractive design in 2017

my condolences to old newfags

>this was consider an attractive design in the 80s

It's from Kanon.
We've reached a point where "am I kawaii uguu" has been forgotten...

>old newfag

wtf is that? Are you a newfag using buzzwords to try to fit in?

What are you talking about?
Even mods were deleting threads about aniki couple of days ago. Really shows you the current state of this shithole.

Aka proto neo Sup Forums

>Not KyoAnus

That's not it. The one I'm talking about is a full body image. She has fish eyes and either deformed arms and legs. Maybe a deformed stomach.

The love for robot maids is timeless though.

This. I don't get why so many shows have girls with flat hair these days.

What do you mean? She is still attractive.

I know what you mean OP. I mean look at that weird thing just above her mouth. What even is that!?

Dare i say ... a nose?

it's called a nose.
Anime girls used to have it before the financial crisis made hiring chinese slave laborers to draw noses too expensive

I don't know what a "nose" is, but it looks weird and it should be removed at once.

>>this was consider an attractive design in the 1940s

Michael Jackson used to say the same thing and look what happened to him.

aku no hana isn't really a decade defining style

This was considered an attractive design in the 00s.

cute duck

This was consider a cutie back in Jerusalam.


Cease and desist.

>3dpd's are still considered attractive to this day by some
The end times can't come soon enough.

Ideal 3d girl > ideal 2d girl.

How can Saladin even compete?

By banging Richard every night.

Cease this slander, you dirty saracen.

Licorice Predicament




90's hairstyle is completely wrong

it is still attractive AF


How underage are you?


I see OP is faggot as always

Yeah but we did get sticky though

Why is she wearing a diaper


It's racist.

What does this look like?

pedo trash

wish they bring back 60s' noses, they all look like kuririn now

Say whatever you want about the mid 90s but they had the best reactions

>We'll never see the floofy hair Major from the Gits manga animated

At least we can say manga Motoko best Motoko.

Poofy hair is shit. OP is unironically correct.




>confident look
>great body
>brown hair
>long ponytail
How gay do you have to be to not appreciate that.

Only because you can't connect with 2d.


Majority of newfags prefer balding fatties



Hes just making fun of the "olfag" meme stop being retarded newfag

Sorry, I forgot to mention highschoolers in their early-mid teens as well :^)


The world building in LOGH was trash.

Ur trash

so, pedophiles?

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Factually incorrect.

Neck yourselves

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Is Jerusalem a time period now?

With delicious brown lolis

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>>this was consider an attractive design in the 80s
It's a great design.

>brown muslim enslaving Christians in Jerusalam


>Air Bats
Yes son!

though I am just a man

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