Shinsekai Yori

In retrospective, outside the first couple of episodes, it wasn't particularly good, was it?

But the hospital episode was really good

Exact opposite view. The show only picked up after the first few eps and I despised them so much I couldn’t give it any higher than a 8/10

It was an interesting idea with a flawed execution. Still pretty good though and one of the best EDs of all time.

I think the opposite. Te best thing about it was when all hell broke loose on the Kami-sama's. I'm happy they won, tough.

9/10 for the first half
Went to shit after the first half
Pic related is the best girl

>I'm happy they won, tough.
Agree with the rest but not this part.
Rats didn't deserve the mutation, constant genocide and slave treatment.
Not going to post meme shit like 'Sqealer did nothing wrong' but his cause felt justified to a large degree even if his methods sometimes were less then good.

i liked it

>and one of the best EDs of all time
my fucking nigga

10/10 first half 9/10 second half.
Top 5 anime of all time.

The Yuri/Yaoi shit was unnecessary tho

I agree, it felt really out of place

I loved it but didn't enjoy watching certain parts. Mamorue and Maria getting lobotomized and bred like fucking cattle made me feel like shit for days after finishing it. Also, the way it portrayed a deep loss like what Satoru and Saki experienced not completely healing and fading even years on was also heartbreaking, though done very well.

I also just felt very sad and hopeless overall while watching it and I can't tell if it's due to my mental illness or the nature of the anime.

I just marathoned it today, pretty good

>It was an interesting idea with a flawed execution
I will second this.

It only gets better as the series goes on, though.

It talks about the Fiends, Boy K, the history of the world and what humans do with absolute power.

It also has one of the best, genuine horror scenes i've seen in an anime. Actually it has quite a few of those, but the tension in the hospital is done superbly.

At the end of the day, regardless of right or wrong, he was outwitted and beaten. What he should have done was take the babies and fuck off in secrecy for about 10 years, or destroy Kamisu 66 and regroup, but instead of that he went all in with his one trump card and lost it.

I think he was driven by a sense of wanting revenge and justice for his people. He didn't robotically take down an enemy, he wanted to win over the people who hurt him. That petty nature of his pretty much exemplifies that he is absolutely human.

I genuinely wanted Saki to die.
>Saki emotionally cheated on Maria the whole time they were "together"
>Saki kisses Maria with the same mouth she used to suck Soutaor's dick
>Saki abandons Maria in the wild to go with Sotaro who was perfectly safe
>Saki blames Maria for getting raped and forced to make human weapons after she was lobotomized
>Saki pity kills Squealer even after she learns what he did Maria

She was such a fucking shit person. Literally did nothing good for anyone the whole series.

The series has a great premise, but it's execution is garbage.

This. Writing felt weak, characters were cardboard at times. Other than that everything is pretty good.
Each piece in OST is awesome too. I wish they did more stuff like those history introductions with unique visual style and Kage no Denshouka theme like in first episodes.

It was good. Not the best, but it's not something shitty, either. As you can see, people are still discussing its themes.
But even if you ignore the plot and the various shitty characters, the setting felt real, it felt tangible. The backgrounds, and the OST were also excellent in cementing the mood of the anime.
And like said, these historical bits with the various Kage no Denshouka renditions were amazing. I was sad when they disappeared, since I really liked how well it was done.

I thought it was great the first time, but got pretty stale the second time I watched it. All the mystery was gone.

Nah, it was great.

I remember they hyped the shit out of Tokyo as the land where all the psychic power fucked everything up SO HARD that humans can't survive there anymore. But when they finally arrive there, it was just a generic desert with some underground caves.

It's the opposite actually.

Starts off really slow, early episodes are a pain to sit through.
But once it gets going, the ride doesn't stop.

This show is a huge waste of time, terrible characters

It made me think about the essence of humanity a bit. It was pretty good, but I wish they explained what happened in the past a bit more. There were also some weird animations here and there but overall I'd give it a 8.5

Faggotry ruined it

Same, friends and I still talk about this show sometimes and it always comes up just how much better would this show have been if a different studio or team would've done this. I still have to give the show props despite its flaws. The hospital scene was the best scene I've ever watched. The last maybe 5 or 6 episodes made me feel like utter shit for days. No other show has ever made me feel that strongly and I can still remember that cathartic feeling I had when Inekaeru started playing as Saki was saying goodbye to Squealer.