Twins debut soon

I'm ready to die now.

Well, next two episodes will make people facepalm (among the only anime watchers). But, next week, Yuzutop in bed.
Today, well, after the 2 first minutes, meh.

Are they the good kind of twins that love eachother?

Yes. One more than the other though.


I pray the anime takes some liberties characterizations wise

I usually hate it when anime adaptations take liberties, but this is the one time where I really, absolutely, hope they do.

Another drama coming straight after previous one.

>last episodes will feature twins arc starting today
>yuzuharu shipper won't appear
>MILF sister won't appear
>creepy yakuza hottie won't appear
>"I'm taniguchi-senpai's girlfriend" won't be in the anime

guess I'll die

Dead threads

Yup. Shittest arc to end with and no harumatsu. ima cry.

I curious as to how Sara's voice will sound though. It bettar match my headvoice not like flippin Matsuri

Anime is ending and so are threads.
I will miss Citrus threads

>flippin Matsuri

I'm still mad about that, I hope the english dub gives her a voice similar to how I visioned it to be

Here have mine!

These last few episodes will be painful. Took me a while to recover after that volume.

They're both ugly, who the fuck cares.
They're just taking time away from Yuzu.

I think the twins ark could've been made better, but Sabu decided to try some weed for the first time when doing volume 4

Matsuri's dub voice has a more bratty little sister voice than sounding loli. It's a different take and really comes down to your preferences

Do you guys think we'll have an original ending, 5 minutes left to close the anime? Like for NTR. When the anime ended with a good original ending, the manga was still into drama with Hotaru and Yuma.

>Sara's voice
Ooh, that is actually something to look forward to. There's no drama CD or manga PV that featured the twins before either so this will really be the first time we are hearing the twins. Yup, I really hope it will be more in line with their image than Matsuri, though to be fair, Matsuri's voice grew on me. Thanks user.

Sara is voiced by the VA who voiced Haru from Akuma no Riddle. While Nina is voiced by the VA who voiced Kirari in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls.

They'll probably end it with Mei and Yuzu starting to date like in the manga
A bit of an open end but it leaves room to pick up if season 2 ever happens

>Sara not being voiced by Yuka Iguchi


Episode should have started in Japan now.

I'll be back later for sound webums.

Twins arc comes up, so everyone who read the manga knows the arc is weak and doesn't even bother posting anymore. As expected.

I forgot how much i hate this arc.

>mfw twin arc
Took me a good minute to register what was going on.

I want to punch Nina in the face

I'm waiting for HS. Nothing to say when I haven't watched it.

The highlight of the episode.

The threads lasted until the new episode, then all of a sudden the thread dies halfway into the week and numerous attempts to revive it before today failed.

The thread will probably revive again after chapter 37. Or maybe after the volume 9 special.

Chapter 36 broke people who don't really want to cheer and nicely troll on the anime and the manga anymore. Plus, episode 10 and 11 will be the shittest. Hard fans are just waiting for the last episode and mi-April for the chapter 37. They don't give a shit for the moment.
We had the best of the anime, now it's jumping the sharks.
Manga hiatus in March is not a good way to keep the flow in /a.

Volume 9 special doesn't come out until the day before the anime ends. And no new chapter to April. I expect Citrus to die on Sup Forums once the anime ends and for the posters to go back to /u/.

Is it me or are Citrus thread really dead lately?

It's a combination of twins are being disliked so the arc of it in the anime isn't being looked forward to, chapter 36 being depressing, and no new main chapter until mid-April.

The interest has passed. Pretty obvious now majority of the posters are manga readers hyping for the anime. And since we're at the worst part of the manga, no one really wants to talk about it. Shitposters have moved on, only making a token post here and there. I suspect we'll get at most 2-3 threads for today and next week's episode, but don't expect mid week threads to be a thing anymore. Last episode could have more interest though.

True, plus now we're so close to spring season starting that people are more focused on what's coming up and not what's currently airing. Triangle will be the spring's yuri fix.

There is nothing to discuss. Every new thread is the same than the one before.

Indeed. Had the lack of Harumi, no more epic scenes like the bike ride ...

Problem is the "rapey" tone of the first episodes disappeared so shitposters lost interest. Lewder shots (Yuzu's epic ass, shower scenes) are an old story. It's like in the manga. After volume 3, it became a yuri lowkey love story without the problematic fanservice of the first volumes. Kissed and no more. People who follow the anime don't need to defend it anymore since reactions aren't explosive anymore.

mmmm the tears, so sweet

And Kase-san OVA and maybe Yagakimi anime announcement

Well, people will be disappointed. It will be a short format.

Pinkshit is worst girl.

>end of January
so they skipped a whole month?

If you have seen with your biologically identical twin, does it count as incest or masturbation?

Yep... no talking or cold shoulder.

>silent treatment for a whole month just because she didn't want to fuck one single time
man, that seems kind of excessive

Changes to this episode include: seeing what Harumin's up to while on the phone with Yuzu, Sara and Yuzu are shown to hang out longer most likely to further establish their friendship before Yuzu confesses her issue to Sara, and the anime also makes it clear that Mei was worried about Yuzu which is why she was looking all over the place outside. In the manga Mei was only seen outside, it didn't have her looking around like she was in the anime.

I almost forgot Sara was open in being a lesbian

She said she did't care if the person she liked was a girl or a guy.

I want Mei to impregnate me so badly!

Looks like next episode goes to the point where Mei kicks Yuzu out of her room after Mei licks her neck. Because it had Yuzu say that no one loves Mei more than her. So it seems they don't want the despair to linger. At the very least they're pacing the arc 4 well.

Seems the last episode will be almost entire chapter 16. So maybe, with some pacing, a little additional content, or the confession scene extended. Or maybe some very quick epilogue showing them coming to the hotel more coupley.


>There is nothing to discuss.
We can discuss how perfect Harumin is

It was explicitly February in the manga, so it seems they shortened the cold shoulder period. Anyway it's not because Yuzu didn't want to fuck, it's because Yuzu didn't want to fuck and doesn't tell her why. Combined with the slap rejection, that's twice that Yuzu, who supposedly likes Mei, has rejected her advances. Mei is super confused and doesn't even know how to act anymore. My issue is with Yuzu enabling this cold shoulder for an entire month. They share a room dammit, Mei cannot possibly avoid Yuzu 24/7. Just fucking talk to her Yuzu.

Why is Mei so shit?

This episode gives me a bit of hope for episodes 11 & 12. It added Harumin scenes, made Yuzu and Sara's friendship seem more established, and showed that Mei still cares about Yuzu even if she's mad at her.

Not really. It only changed when Matsuri visited. Earlier episode said the school trip was in February, so it's probably early February right now in the anime.

>My issue is with Yuzu enabling this cold shoulder for an entire month.
I mean, Mei is ignoring her even when she tries.

Get rejected twice and then report back, user.

Okay, I'm here to report back.

Yuzu confessed...

They really messed it up with this Sara falling for Mei, because Sara is literally the 2nd angel of the serie, to bad that she was introduced in a crappy arc.

Sort of. First she was too afraid to tell Mei the real reason she backed out on Christmas, so said that sex was too much for sisters. Then told Mei she loved her, but then established it was as sister and family, which pissed Mei off before Yuzu could get into that she also loved her romantically. Yuzu said things she shouldn't and ordered her words poorly, while Mei wouldn't let Yuzu finish what she was going to say.



So, uh, has anything actually progressed in the last 10 episodes?

>i'll show you some emotion and feelings
>okay but
>jk lol

in the most terrible way possible, because her "I cherish you as sister and family" made it sound like she was talking about non-romantic love

Things only progress once they start dating, which they get together at the end of episode 12, but that's the end of the anime. Read the manga to find out more.

Sounds like a women alright

tfw the anime staff realized the story with Yuzu and Mei was so shit that they added Harumin original scenes to make the episode better.

>Read the manga to find out more.
I only pick up the source material if I enjoyed the adaptation, so no.

> the story with Yuzu and Mei was so shit
completely on its own in a vacuum it would be alright. it's just that we already went through this before


>the twins
Now I remembered why I dropped this. Let's see if I can finish this.

Now I remembered why I picked this up*


Too bad. It gets better after volume 4.

But she was going to add more than that. Mei cut her, in the manga, and here, after Yuzu clearly say "I cherish you as sister and family" ... "and in addition to that ..." .

So Yuzu was tiptoeing indeed but she would have told the romantic aspect of her feelings. Mei cut her after the "in addition to ...". I wonder if that's what the author talked about, Mei cutting Yuzu because she sensed Yuzu would confess and she wanted to reject her harshly because of her love VS duty. Not my personal view, but the author magically proposed this interpretation with Mei's letter in chapter 37.

Good job at highlighting this t b h

Better yeah. 4 full volumes of fluff and low drama until volume 9.

What is this face trying to imply?


She would have, but it was still a terrible way to approach this. Should have had it the other way around if she really wanted the family part in there, first the romantic love, then the family part.
I'm not really blaming her, but it was still a fairly bad way to approach it.

that episode was trash

I'm guessing Mei will spend some time with white haired girl and make Yuzu jealous next ep

Season 2! when?

*chapter 36.

And she basically made the love vs duty conflict retroactively canon in the letter by specifically mentioning Yuzu chasing Mei down and confessing to her.

What the fuck, 3D imouto?

Fucking your own nbr sister shouldn't be this hard.

Why is Nina such a fucking giant?

Sort of. Sara confesses and then to make Yuzu jealous or try to get Yuzu to give up on her, Mei accepts the confession and agrees to go on a date with Sara the following day. But Mei's not into it and they break up off panel.

It's a legit thing that happens with twins sometimes. In the womb one sucks up all the nutrients and ends up growing above average, while the other twin ends up with stunted growth.

Okay, I feel like I owe all the haters an apology. I hate this trash myself now. What the actual fuck.

i want to undress the big girl

She might send you to the moon with a slap

First time I see it in anime.