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highschool of the dead

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Too bad the author died and has been on "hiatus" for a million years.

More like : dead manga.


Does anyone have the pink haired girl looking smug in this same bikini?

i want to lick those pits


The thing is, author went on a hiatus before he died. I think he kinda lost interest in it...

Both these girls are my favorite, both hungry for the cock, roach girl can fuck off.


Best Girl, Saeko A SHIT

I wanna take off those covers and molest those hair buns

Nah. Saeko best girl.

Mangaka should get a good Author and draw a spiritual spin-off.

I actually thought it was pretty good, decent mix of action and lewd. Shame that the author clearly lost interest or hit writers block and then fucking died. I'd be amazed if this ever gets another season

I'm gay but this anime is so lewd that the one with the katana managed to stir something within me.

The author was in a best girl war with his mangaka. Then they tried a test chapter, but sales where too disappointing for him I guess.

MC gets best and worst girl
Fatty gets loli and pink(?)
Who does the nurse belong to?

Well, I think it is hard to care about your manga when you are sick.

Dark skin cop.

Saya's mom > Saya

mc should have fucked her

The author is dead, the series is dead, why bother?

Wait he kicked the bucket? This guy was Inazuma right? Why didn't ya'll make a big stink about it.

Writer kicked the butt, not Inazuma

Oh, must have gotten confused because of same name. That's fine then.

So we can get more Doujins of it.

We did make a stink about never seeing Saeko's story continue.

While it's a shame that the author died, he was the Reifag and is the one who pushed that hypocritical whore as the main girl while Inazuma sided with Saeko. If Inazuma ever does get the rights to finish the manga, he'll go for a Seako end.

Saeko made me junk wiggle as a wee lad. Can't believe how old HOTD is.

He should just get a good Author to write him a story with a spiritual successor to Saeko.

>constantly flaunts that she's fucking his friend
>even after the zombie outbreak happens and said friend is dead she accuses him of being jealous
>the second she notices MC and Saeko getting close she spergs the fuck out
Literally who likes this hypocritical cunt? It's no wonder Saeko was the most popular girl.


Why is Saeko so well liked?

I liked Shizuka the most but it seems she wanted to fuck everybody.

Heart palpitations which lead to...BAD END.

Great character design.

Highschool of the dead was my first anime.

>just the right amount of crazy
>strong as fuck yet feminine
>knows that a good woman exists to comfort her man
>isn't a hypocritical cunt like rei

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Useful, great design, second most mature girl in the group but also not a cunt, runner up for the protag bowl. Pink is for the nerd and nurse tits would gladly be the parties concubine and bare both mens' children. So when you have a useful swordswoman who isn't a weak, immature, manipulative cunt compared to a immature manipulative cunt it only makes sense who should win.

Read Triage X

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No one talks about the anime anymore, I wonder what happened there

It wasn't very good

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>the zombies aren't sex zombies
what's the point

I came here to say:

Busujima Saeko best girl since 2010 till the end of time!

Thank you for reading.
Good bye and good day.

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>I think he kinda lost interest in it...
He lost interest in living, too. go figure.

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too lewd

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best girl

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Where's the doujin of Saya staying on the bus and turning into a dumb slut for that teacher and his students?

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Damn straight.

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>open shirt
>tie between breasts
>shirt half-tucked
>big ol' tiddies

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Damn straight,

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i know right

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This series needed nipples

Read Triage

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108cm J-cup

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I like the edit with two heads.

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Bus girl ftw

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Where were you when best girl came into your life?

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How the fuck can anyone ship these 2, rei doesn't care about the guy she's just using him because she has nobody else.


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Who gives the best paizuri?

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Nobody "ships" them. The fact is that she ignored MC and dated his friend despite knowing full well MC had feelings for her but didn't give a fuck. And now when Saeko shows interest in MC, she spergs out and cry about how MC isn't considerate of her feelings. The fucking hypocrisy of this cunt is off the charts.

The tsun

Really died? Damn.

How would that even work?

I need another anime based on Inazuma design

He just did the illustrations for some new Isekai LN

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No wonder.

It's scientifically impossible to make a zombie story work after initial outbreak/survival.

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Any more stitches?

Inazuma's new magical girl series that I can't remember the name of

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The resident evil movies could do it.

I miss those times.

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MC should have fucked all of them

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Inazuma is a fucking god


can others even hope to compete?

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only other sword maidens can compete, because it's the best archetype

Indeed. I really hope he finishes HOTD after he's done with Triage.

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