Terrible anime with an annoying one dimensional protagonist and a generic 'evil for the sake of being evil ' antagonist...

Terrible anime with an annoying one dimensional protagonist and a generic 'evil for the sake of being evil ' antagonist. No wonder it will never get a season 3.
Also,props to the user who keeps making these stupid threads again and again.

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>Eveytime i saw Crowds theard, and it's only about how hajime is bla bla bla

in all honesty
what else is there to talk about?

About best boy of course.

I want to berry my face in Hajime's chest.

I liked it.

Hajime might be a one dimensional mary sue, but she's also adorable, I liked her a lot.

What a bizarre take on the Gatchaman series. Everyone can agree it was unexpected. That being said, I did like Hajime.

I hope we can have an animated Gatchaman series that recaptures the spirit of the originals in the future. I won't hold my breath though.

Japan just can't seem to "get it right" when it comes to reboots and remakes. It took two (three) seasons for the producers of Sailor Moon Crystal to make something of actual quality and I still do not have high hopes for the movies. Arslan Senki was horrible that I didn't even bother with the second season. I enjoyed Altair despite the quality of the animation and the fast pace of story telling far more than I did Arslan. I do not have high hopes for LOGH.

I liked Hajime because she was a massive autist, Tsubasa however can be shot and left in a ditch. She was a massive cunt and dipshit

Then why didn't you post him

Is it really terrible? Ratings are quite high, art looks good story premise seems ok.

Insight flopped in Japan.

A Gatchaman Crowds OVA was just announced. It will premiere in July this year.
It takes place somewhere between the first and the second season. After Earth was saved from the evil alien threat, Berg Katze,things began going back to normal. Hajime decides to take everyone on a picnic to celebrate. Sugane, however, has to get ready for an important date with one of his female classmates.
Meanwhile, Rui and X are preparing a Galax festival - everyone gets to be a hero by by helping each other.
Here is the announcement along with an interview with the cast and crew, including the director Kenji Nakamura, Maaya Uchida, Mamoru Myiano, Daisuke Namikawa and Aya Hirano.

it's relative.

I don't give a shit with your troll but the thing is the Video.

Gatchaman Crowds is one of my favorite anime.

I assume it's because of the cute trap.

I like Rui, but O.D. is actually my favorite.

And no, this is not actually Berg Katze. It's one of my friends' OC's and I noticed he looks a lot like Katze, except he's a navy admiral. Is this a good or a bad thing?

It is also communist propaganda with the entire everyone is connected.

Yeah well Insight was fucking terrible but Gatchaman Crowds was meh to decent

Main reasons why people hated Insight was because of Hajime becoming a side character and instead having her spotlight stolen by Tsubasa the new girl,Berg Katze no longer being the main antagonist and because of the unresolved plotholes.

Nothing really.