Nanatsu no Taizai

Meliodas tells Zeldris he'll absorb the five decress including his brother's, which he does. The process takes half a day. At Liones, we see Hawk ready for the war: a belt for his ability and a bag. Then Elizabeth notices a mess of Demons coming from Camelot then discusses with Merlin. Then we see King and Diane. The latter tries out her new cloth Merlin made for her (the same goes for everybody else) and the former has a nosebleed. A short talk before King's about to ask Diane in marriage once the war finishes. Only to be interrupted by Escanor who tells them he was here first, to which they object. Someone comes and Escanor thinks it's Merlin. It's just Gowther with his "Boy's Mimicry". Escanor is seen walking away and looking at his hand: it's bloody. Then the the allied forces are gathered and there's Guila in them. Sariel notes that Breath of Bless was used on them. Ludociel gives a speech then the forces move towards the Demon army which also includes a certain number of Albions. The confrontation starts. Next chapter is titled "Britannia ravaged by war."

Was Gowther gonna offer to let Escanor fuck him to ease tension off of Merlin or something?

F for King




Why is this allowed hhnnnggg

>Diane’s outfit

Those are not the hips of a boy.

Well he was modeled after a girl originally.

Who wouldn't want to propose to her

Mel was already retardedly powerful without commandments, with 5 of them i doubt even The One will be able to hurt him.

He literally has a girls body and males face. Gowther (the mage) did this so he wouldn't fall to his own commandment.

Ban needs to come back with a different set of clothes now.

I think we might actually get a real fight with Mel and The One Escanor.

Is that giant sun buckle really necessary?

Not much of a fight. If Mel can at least stall him for a minute he will effectively win.

Commandments only give them special abilities though unless it adds to their powerlevel. Mel wasn't even able to put a single scratch on the One. As long as Escanor doesn't violate any of the commandments, Mel gets raped again.

The other way around, female face and male body.

I thought it was female face and male body? Original Gowther modeled doll Gowther's face after his late girlfriend's face

Oh my bad

Commandments are quite literally a part of demon king's power. I'm fairly sure it does add to their power.

If thats true how weak were galan, the snake and greyroad before they got their commandment.

The style of dress Merlin wears is my weakness.

It was Merlin he was in love with, right?

I don't think it's ever said that way, though since Mel is going through the trouble of adding the commandment to himself, it might be so.

I'm so confused

Of course.

Gowther looks nothing like Merlin.


>Escanor gets a mane

They literally don't and Gowther's girlfriend is apparently dead and Merlin at the time would've been in her child form who looks nothing like her adult forms face

>Someone comes and Escanor thinks it's Merlin. It's just Gowther
Literally in the spoiler.

Because Gowther took Merlin's appearence, retard.

Honestly, what neo-Stigma even wants to accomplish in this war? They are against such an overpowered monsters not even Mel needs to lift a finger.

Why are you so upset? Gowther can only change his hair length and skin colour. Nakaba's been dropping hints here and there that Gowther's face was modeled after Merlin.

Huh, so Sunshine is starting to kill Escanor. Guess getting Arthur'd started shaking his will.

>Why are you so upset?
No? Also different hair color and eyes.

Diane’s looks like a combination of the two previous ones.

Also, Merlin’s feels similar to Rueduciel’s.

It should've made his body crumble from the moment it activated, not suddenly after 40 years of healthy life. And his will was probably in a much shittier state back when he was a child as well.

Estarossa doesn't appear to have returned... ...time is precious. I'm going to absorb the decrees now. Right now, we have five decrees including yours...
It'll take half a day until they're completely absorbed without rejection.
As for the rest, give them to me as you collect them.
Sss Zikai.
Are you sure it's okay, Zeldris? ...
do you think I'd fall behind the Four Archangels or the likes without my decree?
More importantly, Meliodas, don't forget the reason why I collaborated with you, okay?
I will keep my promise without fault... For when I've absorbed all the ten decrees become the Demon King. I believe... ...what you just said.
Isime yoma... Sigai eniwa khota... Zeldris... forgive me, a brother such as me. Galakachi wa natre.

>I believe... ...what you just said.
>Zeldris... forgive me, a brother such as me.

>after 40 years of healthy life.
Was it really?

>not suddenly after 40 years of healthy life
He's losing his sun, nigga.

Their pauldrons are identical or very similar.

He didn't have a sun to begin with as a child though.

What are you implying?

He had Rosa who is most likely his original sun to begin with.

It may be he only gets an increase after he absorbs all of the commandments. Galan had a powerlevel of what, 26,000? Monspiet and Derriere each have over 50,000. Fraudin who doesn't have a commandment has like 33,000. I seriously don't think that they add to power levels, but since they can help, they add to battle potential.

Now lets see, we finally reached the obligatory last arc plot: War.
Three sides in which two formed a alliance, so a demon vs others battle.
Wont be suprised if this arc goes on for hundred or so chapters.
Than the big twist in order to bring the goddess and the demon king into this, than another 20 to 30 chapter long arc in order to stop the big bads.

RIP Escanor, what a way to go. All his friends are either immortal or have ridiculous life spans and all have significant others while he's just a regular old fart who can't even get the attention of the woman he loves since she's to preoccupied with teenage dick. And now the power he's so proud of is the thing that's killing him.

So Merlin is a fashion designer on the side?

The Only One is The One in that 1 second that it's exactly 12:00 and the Sun is right above him. In that second, he can even kill gods. He just has to play defensive in the previous 29 seconds.

The One lasts one minute not one second.

She is just a lewdster.

He probably has no clothes for a thousand years now.

King has such tiny little pathetic wings. Is he a fairy king or even an adult at that?

Which is a stupid thing, he should turn twice as powerful every passing second until he is at god-lvl for one second and above god-lvl for a single moment.
But now that we know its just a part of the godesses power that great way of making escanor the most OP and un-OP char of the series is gone.

They will grow, that much was confirmed. And it will be epic since he got quite a powerboost once the wings appeared, and the size of the wings actually have a influence on the users powerlevel, that means he will become incredible OP once he fully developed his wings.

It was Merlin's grandma. Her father has similiar hair, so it had to be her father's mother.

His power increases and he is The One for one minute. It keeps increasing and in the middle of that one minute, for one second, he is The Only One.

So I guess we are in Part 3 now?

>obligatory last arc plot: War.
This is the last act of the second arc. We get a whole third arc after this. It will probably be a little longer than the closing act of te first arc. That went from 61 till 101.

He got the power from the Supreme Deity, do you really think he is stronger than her?

No, it's the end of part 2. Part 3 will deal with the return of the goddesses after the demons are gone.

Obviously. The grace is merely the spark that incites his power. The One is Escanor's power.

>Escanorlets at it again
Will they ever learn?


At this rate we won't be able to protect Zeldris' smile. How do we defeat Nakaba and make right by best boy Zeldris?

>He got the power from the Supreme Deity
no he gets it from the sun and no one is stronger than the fucking sun

No his power isn't from the sun you retard. It's a Grace which was handed out to the Archangels by the SD and somehow it ended up in Escanor after Mael supposedly died.

I don't get it, its clear that Arthur has no romantic feelings for Merlin and vice versa.

We also saw Merlin listen to Escanor's poem in the past after they dealt with the demons. So what the heck is their deal? Surely Merlin wouldn't be so stupid to continue let Escanor lusting after her, if she didn't love him she would have rejected him by now..

*vampires not demons.

yeah sorry i realised how stupid my response was too late

Nakaba will protect it himself, right? Right?

Height: 177cm
Weight: 57kg
Birthday: 3rd December
Age: Unknown
Magic: Infinity
Weak Point: Once she concentrates on something she forgets everything else
around her
Birthplace: Beliaruin
What she likes about herself: Being a passionate researcher
Dream/Hope: Knowing everything
Regrets: Being born
The most embarrassing thing in her life: The one time when she confessed her
What she wants the most right now: Lifting the curse of the commandment
Favorite animal: Hundun’s mother (?? this is the best guess I have, ??
means confusion or chaos but also Hundun, which is a chinese legendary faceless creature)
Favorite scent: Her research facility
Power Level: 4710 (at the end of volume 22)
Magic: 3540 Strength: 70 Spirit: 1100

>The most embarrassing thing in her life: The one time when she confessed her
Maybe she wants no embarrassments? She isn't necessarily clever when it comes to relationships.

To be fair I think Escanor does know that. But Merlin has been giving Arthur so much attention and has made it clear multiple times that Arthur is the most important thing in her life. After spending most of his life obsessing over her, seeing this obviously kills him inside. I do agree it's silly writing though. Nakaba is playing up the unrequited love thing to stupid levels.

>Hundun’s mother (?? this is the best guess I have, ??
>means confusion or chaos but also Hundun, which is a chinese legendary faceless creature)
Wait a sec, so the Mother of Chaos was mentioned as far back as this databook? And Orlondi said he comes straight from the mother of chaos.
That's the DK's mating partner, Mama Hawk, isn't it?

>escanor can withstand the sun power while he has his pride
>as his pride takes a hit because he's a beta cuck, the sun starts destroying his body
Escalol btfo

Who did she confess to I wonder?

Or it might be that the goddess clan being fugged is what kept the grace from destroying him.

why is this allowed?

How is it that Elizabeth is getting less and less sexier as the series goes on?


We're already on the third arc son.

Obviously Meliodas when she was little.

Since when?

Depending on who you ask it happened either before or after King and Diane's flashback, but the story's focus definetly shifted since then.

>Depending on who you ask
That's the problem. Nakaba makes it clear when we start a new arc. But the focus definitely shifted. It's probably because Nakaba added some stuff that he didn't plan originally. My guess is Chandler and Cusack's role in the war were Monspiet and Derriere's originally, but he changed something.

I reckon she innocently confesses to Elizabeth when she was little since she apparently idolized her and calls her "nee-nee", not serious but kind of like how little kids often say stuff about wanting to grow up to marry older family members

We only have one example of that so it's not exactly like Nakaba has made it a trend to tell us when a new arc begins. Personally I do think we're in the third arc already since now that the DK and the archangels are involved there's not much to deal with after this arc ends, even more so when you consider that Gowther, King and Diane have had their stories fleshed out in a way that'd make sense if they end right there and Ban, Escanor, Merlin, Elizabeth and Meliodas are in the process of doing so.

Well, Merlin being a lesbian makes sense.

But we are in a strange spot for that. If this war is less than 100 chapters, the third arc would be too short. Also we still have a few things left. Merlin, Escanor, Meliodas, possibly Elizabeth still need a gaiden and some explanation on what happened 3000 years ago. Last part of Diane's gaiden is still missing. That probably ties into the foreshadowed arc about Diane becoming the Queen of all giants and stop them from killing each other and unifying them. Plus there is Ban's Sacred Treasure, shady things about goddesses, more about demon Gowther. If archangles really become enemies, there is still material for a next arc.

>Escanor is seen walking away and looking at his hand: it's bloody
So is it
1) Sunshine is finally taking a toll on his body and he's dying (conveniently just after Ludo first mentioned it)
2) He's still injured after Mel punched his stomach in
3) He's frustrated about Merlin and gripping his hand so hard it's bleeding
Either way this is probably going to be critical in the upcoming battle. I assume this is probably Nakaba's way of getting Escanor and specifically The One out of the way by making Escanor too injured to use it.

Elizabeth looks like a dwarf in that panel, the perspective is all weird.

It was also in the first chapter. In any case, I don't think this is the final arc, and I doubt we'll be seeing the demon king and supreme goddess anytime soon.

I thought he got a nosebleed when he saw Gowther and just wiped it off with his hand. This is to set up GowtherXEscanor.

Fair enough, personally I think all those plot points can be dealt with in the war arc, but it wouldn't shock me if there's another arc after it that deals with them.

Looks pretty boring and the shoes are weird. 5/10
Shoulder pauldrons and a dress? Major faux pas. 4/10
Looks similar to her first two outfits. I'd prefer something a bit more warrior-like but it's pretty cute. 8/10
He looks a lot like Sariel now. Better than his initial outfit at least. 7/10
Actually looks pretty cool. 9/10

>tfw this was foreshadowing
Poor Escanor. I don't even like the character but I can't help feel bad for him.

>all those plot points can be dealt with in the war arc
It could be, it would just be really convulted. And the gaidens were spread out evenly so far. We got Ban's around the start/middle of the first arc, then King's at the end, Diane's towrads the start of the second, Gowter's what I belive is the middle of the second arc. I guess we get Merlin's soon, then Escanor's at the beginning of the third, then finally Meliodas and maybe Elizabeth.

where are my gowther doujins??

>do you think I'd fall behind the Four Archangels or the likes without my decree?
Fucking death flags. I don't want Zeldris to die. He has been one of the more likeable Commandments so far and seems like a good guy.