[HorribleSubs] Takunomi - 09 [1080p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Takunomi - 09 [1080p].mkv

I wonder who this could be

Has she gone yandere yet? I want to see an episode when the Jap SWAT storms her apartment.

Is this the Yuu-chan of the alcohol genre?

What show am I watching?

Dagashi x Ramen x Alcohol all stars crossover.

More sexy dynamite Kae next week.

Is it next week yet?

>salty and sour drink
Just drink brine you dumb japs.

What the fuck

Production IMS confirmed for bros.

They call her "dynamite" because anyone would explode inside her.







I'm glad Hotaru is back!

Takunomi should stop pandering to footfags.

Where am I supposed to save those?
dagashi folder? takunomi folder?


Amazing typesetting.

It looks like Hotaru, so certainly not Dagashi Kashi.

Loli alcoholics!

Old hags are lolis worst enemies.

well she 'gets a paycheck' this month after all.

Holy shit, this is neat.
I guess the authors are friends, seeing as their manga have similar premises.

Oh fuck yes.

Now that I think about it, I don't think women aged exactly 25 years old count as Christmas cakes because that's Christmas itself, so there's still a chance that the cake will sell at the last minute.

I'd call her the cluster bomber because I'd spread my big payload out all over her.

I don't see anything wrong with liking feet.

Oh wait I just unretarded myself and paid attention to the OP, she's 26.
Poor cakes.

They're disgusting and the only time they're capable of being attractive is when they're in socks or closed toe heels.

>Hotaru and Michiru were lolis at the same time
>there's a cake Hotaru walking around the Takunomi world

This is Yuu after she broke. The entire show is her delusion after drinking herself into a coma.

The struggle is real

More like Yuu after rehab. It would be nice if they have a scene with Ramen and she goes silent for a while.



>implying she's not already throughly bred by me


Are you me?

Would fuck

Thiccfags please go.

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Watching in a bit, bump

Weabro, I've missed you!

It's over, nobody cares about cute drinking 2 cakes and 2 not-cakes anymore.

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They celebrate on the 24th anyway, not the 25th.

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I'm a big fan of the loli flashbacks.

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>Beach episode

Ohhhhhhhhhh my Godddddddddddd

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... and anal.

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>anal after alcohol

That's a dangerous game you're playing.

>cakeaku doori

Drinking beer out of Kae's shitter.

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Michiru's gonna get sick.

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Replace the umaibo with the snake too.

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>Hotaru's had more screentime in Takunomi of all fucking things in the last 6 weeks than in her own show
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

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That is Hotaru, she's even voiced by Ayana Taketatsu here.

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People will come back next episode for Sexy Dynamite Kae

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>Hotarun is actually a 20 year old woman and she's preying on that shounen dagashi shop owner

What the hell

That's very cute.

How the fuck do you figure that out, Hotaru's name isn't mentioned. It could easily be any other chick with purple hair.

It's right there actually.

Death Note except Light is a genki alcoholic cake and L is an autistic high school girl.

Why is this a crossover?

They're both manga focused on overhyping some banal food item and the authors might be friends, no reason not to have a minor crossover.


Weabro, I didn't see you in the Dame thread the other day. I miss you!

Looks like a dumb rabbit, the orange coloured snack didnt help.

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Holy shit, they really went crazy with the snacks this episode.

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This episode was more Dagashi Kashi, Hotaru included, than Dagashi Kashi.

How underrated is this OP/ED? I expect they'll be well represented in clubs (ie MOGRA) for a while. I mean, it's Rasmus Faber so that's a given. But are these the best songs of the season that aren't Jackson 5 ripoffs?

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>stomach bulge
My sides.

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FLASHBACK is funky as fuck too, probably like it more.

Pretty good episode, I was waiting for these weird japanese drink to come out.

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I have this uncontrollable urge of wanting to drink alcohol.
Should I give in?

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Sure, what's the worst that could happen.

Absolutely haram.

How do I get a 26 year old alcoholic gf?

Just be yourself.

Just become someone completely different, in every possible way.

Weabro won't reply to anything... :(

Get yourself out there and go meet them.

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I need a real Sexy Dynamite Kae in my life.

"I'm still willing to marry you."

The fastest way is looking on a trailer park.