One Piece

Oven has had a hard day.

What is Germa's outcome and fate this arc?

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>Sanji manoeuvring to hit the floor first so Luffy doesn't wake up

Which calamity do you guys think Sanji will defeat in Wano?

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King most likely,i fully expect King to be considerably stronger than Katakuri.Sanji defeating him will put him above admiral level and will cement his spot as the second stongets in the crew.Zoro will likely fight the Shogun.

You're trying too hard.


>not being able to foresee his attack even after having mastery in CoO among monster trio
>not being able to dodge even after having super speed
>made fun of by the same enemy
>this enemy is a random big mom pirate

Sulong is an asspull.

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I mean, Sanji was fine after that hit. He didn’t even cringe of pain.

>Being a fightfag
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This is my prediction:
Luffy vs Kaido
Zoro vs the shogun
Jinbei vs Queen(the strongest comander)
Sanji and someone else vs King
Carrot, inuarashi and nekonamushi vs Jack

None, I guess. Zoro might fight the shogun, but Jack is still reserved for minks. Then we're left with King and Queen, and on the good side we have Jinbe, who never got a longer one-on-one himself, and besides him Marco, Kidd (who was the supernova Oda invisioned to be important from the get-go), Law, potential new allies, other Supernova (Drake will likely betray Kaido)... It's lots of stuff and post timeskip Oda generally had MO of sharing what pre-War would be a SHs'time to shine with supporting characters (while keeping Luffy's role as big as ever). He'll probably fight one of the lesser commanders, maybe he'll get a Mr. Prince moment too (fingers crossed).

>Queen(the strongest comander)
>One Piece
>Written by Eiichiro Oda
>Queen being the strongest commander
Oh, user.

I forgot about marco, then naybe he fights King who could be the strongest but with the help of marco. i just dont see Sanji fighting someone top tier by himself

Wano when!
It's going to be next year

Nami > Luffy > Zoro >= Jinbe > Sanji > Brook > Franky > Robin > Chopper > Usopp

>Big mom is one of the strongest humans of the verse
>Smoothie is one of her the top fighters
its not impossible, but i say that Queen could be the stringest because Sanji is a fag that wint fight women and if king os the strongest then Sanji is not beating him, so either he gets marco's help or king is weaker than Queen

The woman will almost definitely be defeated by other women. Carrot and Nami and Robin or whatever. That's probably going to happen.
Sanji and Jinbe have already teamed up against an enemy so they can most definitely do it again. And I'm actually confident that both of them combined can take down a Calamity.

Black Leg Sanji??
At this time of day
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You stupid nigger in Oda's fucking notebook it was written Kaido>King>Queen>Jack.How much of a deluded beta cuck do oyu have to be to assume any other way?Do you usually tuck your cock in your panties and pee while sitting down?
Beasts pirates are fucking based on the card game you dumb shit.King is always stronger than Queen,King and Queen will both be strobnger than Katakuri judging by Jack so hwo the fuck do you expect Jinbei to defeat either one of them?

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It seems like this faggot always ignores it whenever he's told that Sanji couldn't dodge because he was protecting Luffy.

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Even together they the women couldnt even touch a commander level fighter,hell they couldnt do shit to someone like Daifuku you brainlet.Sanji and Jinbei couldnt touch a calamity either Sanji got two shotted by Doffy and Jinbe is not much stronger.
It will be a team effort involving the WB pirates and the supernova crews along with the Straw Hats.

So is cracker. What's your point? Why is everyone so fucking obsessed with jobbing these days?

How would Luffy and Gintoki interact?

>what is present perfect
ESL or just a retard?

What the fuck is a skiddo

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They are all only as strong as Oda wants them to be, user. There are no powerlevels.

Forgot the pic

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One Piece very rarely features team wins that aren't one person doing most of the work with other playing support (like Cracker fight).

It's obviously an ESL guy. Even idiots know how to talk most of the time.

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This isn't FT or FBS though.


>all these kawaii Charlottes
Does Big Mom have the best genes?

More from their dads, clearly.

BM was a qt in her twenties

there are no top tier women on luffy's side, if one of the calamitys is awomen then its fighting Jinbei. he is the only one that treats women without bias

No Brook and Carrot in the latest chapter.
I'm going to guess that they're using the Shark Submarine to pick up Luffy. Sanji can use Blue Walk and protect them underwater.

Do... Do they not need to care about Smoothie at their rear sending giant slashes? I feel bad for Smoothie, she shouldn't be ignored like that.

Good eye. I was wondering where they were too.

who the fuck is king and queen

Reminder that sulong Carrot is monster quartet material

Is this your first day here?

People presume that kaido's calamitys will be themed after poker cards because of Jack, so the next ones would be King and Queen

What would spics do when they find out that the Monkey God isn't Luffy but Nami?

Wrong pic

i only come here on chapter days to avoid the cancerous shippers

No it's because Oda literally has a note with Kaido, King, Queen, Jack written on it.

Queen > Smoothie

Do they have enough Cola to do enough Coup De Bursts to get out of Big Mom's territory?


what is this, 2011?


but it was 1.5 max cola power coup de vent, i remember it too

I've never seen that

Upper right, translated by sandman

They would have to come to the surface to pick Luffy though, and this would be enough to alert the BMP that there is a submarine on the waters

Change their fanfiction to Demon monkey king

Fuck forgot the pic

Have you been speedreading?


>alert the BMP that there is a submarine on the waters
not like they could do much about it. most top-tiers are DF users. oven has his sea boiling move but it has a range and the vinsmokes might hold him back.

oven is such a simpleton

He's still a better brother than daifuku

>even after having mastery in CoO among monster trio
Are you really pretending that Jobji has a better CoO than Luffy?

reminder ourguy shows up in the anime tomorrow

Before this fight it could have been possible. Old man explained people have a tendency on specializing over one of the types of haki, and he never seemed to show any kind of CoA use. Well his clothes are almost always black so it's hard to tell.

When will the rest of the crew learn Haki?

user... no episode this week

How can Sanji evem compete?!

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Equips in wano:

Team Kaido, confirmed:

Jack, the King and the Queen
Others subordinates like Sheepshead and Ginrummy
Diez Drake
Scratchmen Apoo
500 SMILE users army

Team Kaido, possible:

Basil Hawkins


Team Luffy, confirmed:

Trafalgar Law/Heart pirates

Team Luffy, possible:

Eustass Kid and Killer
Basil Hawkins
Marco and others remaining from whitebeard crew

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Kaido is gonna get BTFO hard.


Their purpose is to make the pirate king’s army THE STRONGEST moon army in the world.

Forgetting that the Shogun and his legion army will be there too and the Strawhats robbed Ryuuma’s grave.

>pic attached
that's so fucking cute, thanks oda.

Usopp probably does. Even before he had CoO he had better observation skills than Satori allowing Luffy, Sanji, and him to defeat him 3v1.

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nothing that zori alone cant handle

>brother dafuck would have been a better name

>plot convenience - the arc

Their hats are from Wano.

luffy fought everyone of bosses one on one
will luffy go one on one with kaido

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z-zoro hasnt had a single challenge his strength after timeskip

>being put to sleep with gas from a distance is a challenge

>implying Fujitora didn't lay him down flat during that brief encounter in Dressrosa

lucky shot because zoro didnt know about the gravity power