Will it receive an anime at some point?

Will it receive an anime at some point?
Perhaps a series of shorts?

why doesn't the faggot just stop being a pussy and punch her in the face?

I fucking hope so. Still pissed takagi got an adaptation before this

Because she doesn't exist. She's literally senpais tyler durden. Think about it.

This series is new as shit. Takagi is a few years old. Of course it would get an adaption first.

Oh shit


Bokuben is better than this shit

Because she's literally helping him to be less of a betafaggot now


We psychological horror now.

Absolutely it will. It will be shit unless Nagatoro is voiced by Hondo Kaede though.

Chapter 10.5 was fucking delicious.

Why do you think he made the manga so vanilla? He's baiting for an anime adaption that normies are willing to put up with.

Who do you think would be a good seiyuu for Nagatoro? I always imagine her being voiced by Kuwatani Natsuko.

I hope so. We need more anime about cute girls bullying boys.

Someone with an extremely creaky/scratchy voice

Oh fuck, if she's going to scare off any girl approaching senpai, she better get ready to put out.

Local bully not so tough after getting NTRed.


t-this is a doujin, right?


Next level bullying technique?

10.5. She sends nudes to senpai

I hope it flops spectacularly.
774 wasn't meant to do non-porn.
I'm still very mad he stopped doing porn for this shit.
I want it to flop so bad he finally does nagatoro porn to get this bitch out of his system.

Just clumsy.

If you killed yourself he might feel really about about it and stop.

What series is this?

>You are talking with a naked girl senpai!
>Are you turned on!?

How can you send photos when talking to that person?
Im a brainlet for this.

Please Don't Bully Me,Nagatoro

VIdeo call.

Face cam? You retarded?

>this has a chance of anime before Tomo-chan

And all is well.

Ayane sakura or we riot.

Good, Tomo is garbage

Is this chapter 11?

Volume 1 omake

Just like your bullies felt really bad and stopped if you had killed yourself, eh?


This is just terrible. How is he not understanding this? Unless this a dream sequence?

Because she's cute.

She sent a video call by accident. Her pinky finger touched the button.

Face reaction about this?

Just read the previous thread


So she messed up but managed to turn it around into a win? She's very cute.

A win for senpai yes.

They both ended up really embarrassed, so it was a mutual win, even more so for Senpai who got to see some nudes.

Would explain how a virgin like senpai managed to attract a 10 like Nagatoro

Senpai is actually the only "beta MC" archetype character I've read that actually comes across likeable and as having an actual personality. I can get why Nagatoro would like him.

You only find him likeable because you're unconsciously self-inserting as him, user

Yeah but he probably doesn't know what to do with it and feels guilty about it. Nagatoro can spin this easily.

>taller than Nagatoro
>fluffy hair (I had kumiko level fluffy hair and girls were always asking to touch my hair in middle school)
>actual skill at drawing
He's got stuff going for him

I'm shit at art, and a reasonably confident/outgoing person though

If he lost the glasses and upped his charisma he could potentially be bishie as fuck.

This. Nagatoro is literally claiming him before the other chicks discover him. Clever girl.

>tan lines

It's like the gods of their universe are gently drawing them together for shits and giggles.

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don't forget he have a 11 inches monster cock

That would be nice.

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Not liking tanlines should be a bannable offense.

>marking her territory
alpha bitch

She always had tan lines since the very first image set.t

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Another girl touched senpai's hand

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Other bitches took interest in him, and are messing around, and another one touched his hand.

Oh shit. Is Nagatoro gonna kill a bitch?

Translation when?

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Thanks guys.
What an absolute slut.

senpai is pure PURE

It's also the same girl that tried to set Nagatoro up with those other guys before.

Has someone scanned the manga already?

She's not going to do shit. She's going to go to her room and c̶r̶y̶ masturbate over it.

We're witnessing the natural phenomenon of a girl having a crush on a guy and her friends wanting to see what's the fuss about so they crush on him too.

Check the previous thread Not sure if it's the best resolution though.

you tell me

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Our saviour hath come!


Omake 1
Omake 2

Well it's good enough for translation atleast. Hold on.

what is her face trying to convey

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hope to God that this never gets an anime adaptation

Fact: anime adaptations irreparably damage discussion threads and flood them with normalfags

Fact: Nagatoro is a very pure girl and does not deserve to have her threads sullied by such filth.

>Omake 1: There's someone who'd give you chocolate...?

>Sen: A meaningless day...

>Sen: It's so meaningless that I've bought chocolate for myself...
>Sen: Now it feels even more worthless than before...

>Naga: What day is today~?


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you also complained about this in the takagi treads and the manga got stale before the anime even aired

kek senpai is so salty

>Naga: It's the most miserable day of the year for Senpai~(heart)

>Sen: S-shut up!!

>Naga: Hm...?

>Naga: .....

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>anime ruins discussion and floods the threads with normalfags
This is wrong
t. See any opm thread, all of the shitposting in it is from anons arguing about garou who isn't even in the anime yet

I never post in takagi threads. Why would I waste my time on an inferior girl?

Thanks bro

>Well shit, now i gotta figure out who gave him that chocolate so i can murder them

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just because they're shitposting about manga stuff doesn't mean it's not the anime's fault. See BnHA, decent discussion before the anime, mediocre adaptation airs, normalfags love it, pick the manga up, and relentlessly shitpost the series into being one of the most cancerous generals on this board.

Spoiler that shit, for fucks sake.
I'm going to throw up

Inferiority. The difference between her bullying skills and those of senpais future girlfriend is similar to the difference between shalltear and that one dude who tried to fight shalltear. Only, since this is not a direct confrontation, nagatoro doesn't even have adrenaline to step her from sinking into a swamp of despair. She's like a mosquito looking at a vampire feasting, thinking "if... if only..."

Literal faggot.

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Bnha sucks so it doesn't matter