Parallel Paradise 37

Korean Scans!

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wasabisyrup link?



What is she doing?

the sex scenes were pretty good this time


She lost her fucking mind, I think she thought that he was still a woman and decided to go to the bath with them.

She wants to have a secret thryst with Lumi's female friend. She's embarrassed even though they both are female.

Best thing female only world but no yuri


There better be armpit jobs next chapter.




Roomi is in heat 24/7.




I forgot to check this post as spoiler if there's a mod present plz check it as spoiler.


Roomi needs to calm the fuck down



looks like she noticed their sex?

No, she probably saw his dick on this page

Nah, he was facing the other way.

Them fucking hips, I hope she gets fucked silly

mc's freedom is over it seems,
"when you fuck one, you gotta fuck all of them"

She'll win against the dick.

I doubt it, no one, even the cute girl who didn't get the dicked would have lost if she did.

still waiting on her to get dicked

Finally caught up to the TLs on mangadex. Fuck, they could not have ended on a worse cliff hanger than 33.

I just noticed she has crazy eyes.

Korea = subhuman

Human is already the lowest you can get.

aren't japs more evil?

The extra chapters from the volumes remains untranslated.

haato shaped pupils...

kani kani

>Her armpits got sweaty
She is embarrassed. Chapter 33 mentioned this, I think

has he touched any of the new girls?


Not up to any chapter that's been translated at least. This is the first time it's felt like I'm getting teased

I can't wait for the double vanilla milkshake armpit canons though.

How much longer before scans catch up?

3 chapters

Ok, happening in this chapter is pretty obvious.
So just for final scene with Tia.

>She is essentially covert chuunibyou.
>What she is doing at end is singing and making cool poses, thinking that she is alone.
>On last page she notices that Youta is here and gets embarrassed (see armpit sweat)
>But still manages to notice that Youta's haircut is different.

Well, now either Youta manages to somehow save his cover-up, or Tia gets her first time. What option it will be we will see next week.

13 if we count proper translation from our guys.
3 if we count shitslation from reddit guys.

ah I thought 3 sounded a bit optimistic, reddit tier scanlations huh.....

>Implying they won't drop it midway like most groups do
You will keep having your shitty translation and you will like it.

Ill keep reading the guys that are consistent instead of the fags that need their dick sucked to get one chapter out every 2 months.

Chapters 22 - 26 are absolutely unreadable in that version. More Rewrite than actual translation.
For chapters 27 - 33 reddits managed find little more competent translator. But she still misses points here and there and overal it's still pretty scrawny translation.
Our guys are currently on chapter 24. Next release is promised pretty soon, and if anything they use same scan resolution like original group. Translation itself is more than decent.

That was old group that is essentially dead now. New group has more less similar speed as Reddit shit. They are just little behind as they started later.

>she sees your dick

allright ill give them a shot, whos the new group thats TLing?

Since someone can bypass that shit, can someone like this too? Much appreciated.

Making Babies!
They had a small outage now, because translator had problems with his net connection, but is stated that they have finished translations up to 27 and now will releasing them in quick succession once editting gets finished. Ask guy that uploads chapters, he is willing to give informations about their status.

A reminder that we have TV commercial:
Anyone recognize who is now Roomi's official voice? It sounds familiar!

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Damn, that really sound like her. Can you imagine her in that role?

Also next week we will finally get this!

So we are full ahegao now? Great!

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The one on the left is okay-ish, the other 2 are just ugly.

It's so weird her hair being dark when it looks to be blonde or white in the manga.

Are you talking about Lilia? Yep, she is blonde, somebody just little messed with coloring on that tankoubon volume. Is little funny see that damage control with latest commercials not mention this .

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