Go toubun no Hanayome

Caught up with this. I thought Itsuki was a cunt but she is actually pretty nice when the mc isn't being a dick. Btw when is the next chapter coming out?

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Gook scans today or tomorrow

Bokuben is better

Can't have a Saturday go by without someone making a thread way too early

The worst chef ever.
Serving no food to others.

I'd blame more the people dead bumping it every time it gets on page 8.

>please stop talking about things when i don't like

We don't need a Gotoubun general.

Making early threads wouldn't be a problem if Sup Forums wasn't a fertile ground for retards, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and we already know what early threads do (see also: what happened last week)

>We don't need a Gotoubun general.

May as well post the text spoiler since you already made the thread

第29話 結びの伝説 3日目




 だが俺は あまり好きじゃないな あの運動能力は四葉が後天的に身につけたものだ
 その努力を否定したくない 全員平等もいいが そこに至るまでを否定しちゃいけない 平等じゃなく 公平にいこうぜ

I really don't understand why people read spoilers.

I avoid spoilers so I can have Max enjoyment when I read the chapter. But you people are literally begging for them.

Is this a case of people giving in to short term rewards in the expense of long term ones?

>mc isn't being a dick
Point a single time Fuutaro has acted like a dick. He is a nice boy.

tl;dr spoilers make you enjoy a story more


Miku is starting to lose her grip on reality, gotoubun, and herself.

Something something Miku got butthurt.

I skimmed through this. Was a control built in to the study method?

How can she eat all that without puking

That's just a appetizer.

How can you read all that without puking?

How many useless threads are you fucks going to have?

That doesn't actually explain shit. It just says they took a bunch of people and they liked the spoiled storis more than their unspoiled versions.

Holy fuck, which version is this? Oneshot? Why is the script so bad?

Chapter 1 by LHT.

Remember to ignire all Bokuben is better posts even if he's right.

I take it you aren't familiar with LHT
Consider yourself lucky


Yotsuba is freaking scary

Stop reading LHT, faggot.

Holy fuck stop posting those garbage translations.

1000 hours in paint
Now give me

No (you) for LHT.


Do you guys think Nino has fucked that blonde kid next to fuutaro. He looks like young delinquent fuutaro.

I don't know how that annoys you either. Some people prefer to have enjoyment in double but smaller doses, and some people like to read spoilers to get hyped together. You might feel entitled to look down at these people but don't expect them to give a damn about it.

Personally I am okay with spoilers because plots in stories don't give me as much as pleasure as the actual expressions in the medium itself.

Oh this girl I just met offered me food and kindly asked me to tutor her. Better call her fat.

Fuutarou's great but let's not be delusional here. He's insensitive and blunt to a fault.

By not having a tiny stomach like you

Not his fault she's fat desu

that interaction was crucial to solidify that Fuutarou has a personality unlike other MCs, as rude and blunt as it may be

That's true, but I don't really understand why people say they don't like that Itsuki is somewhat critical of him. He definitely deserves it, and still despite that, Itsuki has been shown to be capable of putting her initial dislike of him aside to side in his favor over the Nino towel incident.
Great to see another person with excellent taste

That night Fuutarou and Ichika were rebuked by Itsuki, Miku and the teachers.

Next day they all went to skiing. They played a game of tag with Yotsuba being the chaser since she was good at everything about sport. Fuutarou tried to follow Miku as he wanted to use the chance to explain what happened last night, but Miku was like muh and hid alone.

During the chase Fuutarou slipped, the bandage on his forehead fell and he didn't want to be seen by Nino. Miku was back to help Fuutarou. They hid in some sort of ice house and Fuutarou wondered how they managed to get away from Yotsuba. Miku said it was because Yotsuba put a handicap on herself. Fuutarou didn't like that and explained that equality was alright but fairness was more important so that effort should be recognized, just as how Yotsuba worked hard to acquire her motor skill. Miku realized something. When Fuutarou went away, Miku made a call to Ichika.

>equality was alright but fairness was more important

Muh boy Fuutarou is the man.

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>Miku said it was because Yotsuba put a handicap on herself


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Japs love this meme for some reason


All hail communism, now share the Fuutarou to the Nakano Commune.

>Fuutarou is a commie
Wtf I hate Negi now

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You guys don't know how to read, do you?
>equality was alright but fairness was more important
As expected og nazis that get triggered at the sight of commie buzzwords.

LHT just released the chapters up to 28 and they're garbage like expected.

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Time to sing the Soviet national anthem right now fäm

Soyuz nerushimiy,
Respublik svobodnyk
Spotila Naveki
Velikaya Nakano.

He says the exact opposite you braindead faggots, he prefers a meritocracy as he should.

>Miku realized something. When Fuutarou went away, Miku made a call to Ichika.
Next chapter: the NTR call

You know what, you’re right. I actually misread that.

Too late. Fuutarou Fuutarovich Fuutarov memes incoming

The call that saved the Nakano household.

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More like Uesugiy Fuutarovsk

Is there anything else she's holding back?

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Her penis

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Bokuben? More like Bokubetter amirite

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How the fuck did they even end up with 1363px scans

Oh no

Brace yourselves everyone! Miku is going to do something!

No fucking idea, even the public raws were 1600px and not watermarked this week.

>Miku was like muh and hid alone

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>Didn't download the updated pic.

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I really, really like this picture. Can I save it? Haha.

Personally the old one is better because Ichika looks creepy


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shit meant for

>shit girl in their own series trying to start shit on their own thread

They didn't even have the childbirth part in their translation.

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>grant wishes


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Gotoubun > Bokuben, also
Magazine > Jump

Who is with me?

Me, but just fucking start ignoring him already.

>hating best girl senpai

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I can totally picture ichika as a pirn actress.

She already acts like one.

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>I remember reading the last two Sup Forums ones and it had quite a few bad dialogues which are much improved in the LhT ones. So, at this point I'll just wait for the LHt ones because I still haven't seen a case where Sup Forums is better than that.

LHT just released the translations for 25-28 and it proved to be superior to Sup Forumss version. What say you guys?

Where does your fetish stand?

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I say get back to Vietnam.


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LHT has always been superior. Sup Forums will get asshurt if you even suggest their translation isn't perfect.

4 and 2

Every girl besides 5 has some kind of sexual connotation attached to that image, unless you count the lust she has for the meat.

Bokuben is better and Jump is far better. Name 3 good manga that are running in Magazine right now

Definitely police girl

JUMP is literal garbage and has been since the mid 2000

LHT is awful. No one says Sup Forums's is perfect and I'm pretty sure people have freely pointed out mistakes and suggested changes here, no asshurt. I guess you prefer LHT's shitty image quality and "Yotsuha", though.

LHT's version is vastly superior. You can already see it in the first bubble of chapter 27. They left it blank but Sup Forums translated shit on it. Fuck.

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I honestly don't understand, does LHT's editor get sexually aroused from using denoisers?
Is this a troll group?
Am I being trolled?
What the fuck

Why chef? Everyone else is in a fetish outfit, wouldn't maid Itsuki be the way to complete the set?

She's catering to the food porn crowd.

>Chapter mostly focused on Miku with development
>Fuutarou again helping her with her struggles

Based negi

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