Darling in the FranXX manga


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Can we go back to TLR already?




I want more pussy in my manga plz.

Kentaro says no to NTR.


My dick.








First time I watch an anime in anticipation for the manga. It's so dull, but Yabuki shenanigans still make me smile





>no NTR
>no taking pills in the garden
>no kokoro impregnation
how will he fix this shit






No bully

Why is Ichigo so useless?



What did 02 mean by this?


Raws are up but I need to update a few other things later.

So the manga is streamlining the story, cutting out as much fluff as possible, but adding more fanservice. I can respect that.

so good

Those nipples look delicious.

The fact that this is official and drawn by Yabuki of all people makes my dick hard as fuck. I think I won't survive his version of the beach chapter.

Is DarliFra adaptation the only thing Yabuki is working on right now?

A bit of drama happened regarding chapter 7, anyone wants to continue it?

I hope so. Now that it's really different from the anime, someone should translate it.

What happened?

Check mangadex comments. Basically, english scanlator used spanish scans and they got pissed.
By the way, he also censored the titties. No idea about the quality of translation.

Is this the same group that ripped the scripts from the anime's subtitle and passed it off as translation?

No, Bubble Tea stopped at chapter 5, then someone else picked it up. Looks like it's the same person who did chapters 6 and 7 but for some reason he decided to fuck up 7 and piss off spanish team. Oh, and censor the titties.

>he also censored the titties


got the original?


>first group didn't actually translate shit
>2nd group translated from spic version
Is this manga cursed or something?

thank satan for your quads

Not only that, they missed some lines too.
But yeah, cursed it seems


>cutting the drama and adding some fanservice
thank fuck

Did they censor Ichigo's crotch on this page?

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Also they mistranslated Ichigo's line.

I really looks like they did though. Looks like an MS Paint-tier censorship job.

Yeah, it really does. Doesn't help his version has more noise.

He really does draw lovely breasts. And understands their shape.

He is a master of breasts.
I can't wait for the suit melting scene.

Yeah, it's great seeing some lovely, shapely breasts. So few people seem to appreciate the importance of shape when it comes to breasts. Size isn't everything.

How many episodes behind the anime is the manga at this stage? I thought it was keeping pace with the anime until recently.

wait they're actually naked on the manga? guess I'm picking this up

No user, it's a suit, it's white.

No, but that white patch has clearly being edited in. Possibly hiding some sort of cameltoe.

god dammit user, and here I was getting excited over nothing, why even censor it then?

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I can translate it if given the manga.
I can translate it fast if paid.

interesting that mitsuru doesn't pilot with zero two. i wonder if the stuff following that divergence is all different between the two

It wasn't. It really wasn't.


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>interesting that mitsuru doesn't pilot with zero two

>It wasn't. It really wasn't.
It's clear as day that something has been censored.

Hence why I stopped scanlating. I value my time and work more than free.

Is that another way of saying she got fucked?

Okay, but if it was censored, then it happened before the chapter was even released on Jump+ site.

at this point in the anime, mitsuru rides with zero two to save the other 3 pairs from the dinos. in the manga, hiro + zero two save them

>then it happened before the chapter was even released on Jump+ site.
Most likely. It's just strange that (a) it was done at all, and (b) it was done so poorly.

this series gives me the same fluffy feelings as eureka7 did. comfy

Yabuki is allergic to NTR

i like it better this way, i'm just wondering how much more different everything else will be. or if it's just a small change.

They really do look like they're naked and not just swith skintight suits in some pages, not sure if it's because of the black and white or if I'm just insane

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Miku's boobs are perfect.

It allows us to skip 2 episodes of drama and go straight to the "Hiro's going to die" mini-arc, so I'm glad they're streamlining this. It's cutting all the fluff.

nice tits

Seems that the one who did 6 and 7 are two different persons though. Wouldnt be surprised if it was the spictl group that made it just to spite that english translator.

Also what happened to bubbleteascans?

Oh, yeah, it seems I was wrong. The spanish team was actually so mad over chapter 6 they released such a shitty chapter 7.

Yabuki got NTR'd himself in real life. Of course he wouldn't be a fan of it.

Fixed everything in the mega folder.

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I hope he wins the fight then because ntr fetishists deserve rope for ever god damn mildly popular series that only got a few doujins, and of course they are NTR

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Scanlators are simply cancer.

Some are, but would you really prefer nothing?

Honestly, I don't really care.
But why the ESP to ENG dude used the images of the others instead of a proper raw as a base still puzzles me, especially since it's free on the website.
Well, whatever. He's going to continue using a proper raw now, so even if the Spanish team does deliberate censorship it shouldn't affect anything.

the only reason to "read" this

Any vagina reflections so far?

Chapter 1.

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is it just me or her breasts are getting bigger?

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A bit, maybe?

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So what are the chances the anime gets uncensored and we get to see at least some nipples in a blu ray release or something? Be honest


Zero Two?