Luvia >>>>>>>>>>> Rin

Luvia >>>>>>>>>>> Rin

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Why is there no doujins. Come the fuck on Japan. Illyia made the lolis popular, but also introduced these two's actual relationship.

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Luvia just isn't popular enough. She'll probably need a demi-servant entry in FGO before she starts getting actual doujins.

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Once again Japan shows it's shit taste

Rin is a panty wetter.

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I'd like to think that if you go by the heavens' feel route. Sword autist ends up with Wormvictim and Rin goes to the clock tower and meets Juvia there and eventually they end up having sex each day to vent their frustration

Luvia makes her do it in more ways than one!

>That full arched back OHOHO
Truly a master of the art.


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I feel as though with Ereshkigal being presented as Ishtar's rival would have been enough of an excuse to use Luvia instead of blonde Rin.

>You will never suck the pee out of Rin's soaked panties
Being 3d is suffering.

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Maybe if Case Files ever gets an anime, Luvia will get some doujins.


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Shut up Illyia, you have enough spotlight as it is. It's time for the real women.

Is Case Files any good? It'd be nice to read something current without servants in it for a change.

Luvia needs to bulli the gay out of Waver-sensei. It's a hard task to drive out thoughts of such a ripped manly alpha male as Berserker, but if anyone can then it's a female pro wrestler!

Ilya is a real woman!

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Rin > Rider > Caster > Miyu > Illya > Kuro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sakura > Shit (You) > luvia

Imagine having this shit taste