One thing that bugs me about super fit heroes is- what do they eat? Exercise is one thing...

One thing that bugs me about super fit heroes is- what do they eat? Exercise is one thing, but where are they getting all the nutrients to maintain a healthy and active body, that needs constant repair?

If Guts ate demon flesh, then I could let is slide. "Magic". But he grew up as a child slave. He should be stunted due to lack of proper nutrition. And the times you see him eat it's at a regular old taverns.

I get DBZ. They make a special note of showing them eat, and a lot. Toriko even more so. But Ken Shiro? Tiny bags of rice and rats are enough to maintain a body like that?

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>child slave
I would hardly consider Guts a child slave, but even if you do for some reason, that doesn’t change that fact that he ate what all the other mercs ate, if it kept them fighting fit, then why not Guts?

Chad genes make you into a chad no matter what you consume or where and how you grow

Male semen
To gain omega virility desu

Not all stories need this kind of an attention to detail.
If Berserk or HnK were about the struggle of people in their world and ordinary daily lives, and not about big dudes fighting monsters or other big dudes, then the narrative would warrant an explanation for things like how exactly do they get by. But since they aren't about that, you're supposed to suspend your disbelief and just go with it, because it doesn't really matter.

tl:dr It's just not always important to consider this.

You could have made that post without sounding like a normalfag.

>Tiny bags of rice and rats are enough to maintain a body like that?
By eating only one meal a day or less they are effectively in a near permanent state of fast, fasting increase your growth hormone level by 2000% (only 1300% for women). With absurd level of growth hormone like that nearly 100% of the protein they eat is converted to muscle mass, so they really don't need a lot.

here is research proving this scientific fact :

Rice, and especially white rice, is super calorie dense. And a whole rat probably has at least 30g of protein, so 5 rats a day as a child is more than enough.

One 300-gram rat contains 648 Calories, 63 grams of protein, and 33 grams of fat, 14 milligrams of iron, 7 mg zinc, 900% of your Vitamin A requirements, 210% of your Vitamin E requirements, 24 mg Magnesium, 4000mg of Phosphorus, 1.8mg Copper, and 3.3mg Manganese.

A soldier's standard bowl of rice would be over 400 calories.

Two rats and a bowl a rice, and Guts has all the energy he needs.

All I got was a vitamin B12 deficiency...

based gainsrodent

Impossible, vitamin B12 is in nearly every food containing proteins, you'd have to be a complete retard to expect to gain muscle without eating a single gram of protein.

Rats would be EXTREMELY rich in B12.
B12 is produced in animals by eating raw vegetation with yeast and bacteria on it, and rats do this all the time.

The only downside to a rat-based diet is the lack of vitamin C, and B.

Guts would likely be eating BROWN rice, as white rice was reserved for nobles as a luxury until technology advanced to produce automatic milling machines.

Brown rice is rich in Niacin, Vitamin B6, Choline, omega fatty acids, and provides a minor source of Vitamin K.

Assuming Guts could find an occasional source of Vitamin C, he would avoid scurvy and be able to survive fairly well.

That being said....

Human semen COULD be a source of Vitamin C. But you'd need to drink 20 average size loads a day.

>Be Guts/Kenshiro
>Walkk around the forest
>See a moose/bear
>shase him down
>Snap his neck or punch it to death

Nesides thety could also loot their enemies for cash, snacks, rations and even eat the remains.

wtf i want to eat rats now

I fucking love these threads

>Child slave
He was a mercenary

>In the process of getting fit
>see this thread
Guess I need to catch some rats.

>hunting for his food
They have pet stores for this kind of thing, you barbarian.

>But he grew up as a child slave
No he grew up as a mercenary.
> you see him eat it's at a regular old taverns.
he hunts animals on forrests, hes a poacher

>not showing your domination over nature by hunting your every meal
Noble scum.

Staple diet in a variety of cultures, and not for a dumb reason at all. Nutritious and easily procurable. Not sewer rats though, because those are filthy, but in rural areas there's no reason not to eat rat meat.

what about eating cockroaches?
or having a farm of them

So whaty if I fast I will fonally become tall?

>not feasting on only the highest quality rodents hand-raised in captivity
Enjoy your scrawny, diseased little vermin. Come back and grovel before me when you're tired of mucking around in the bushes and I may toss you the scraps of a nice plump fancy rat.

Guts grew up in a mercenary camp dum dum. Gambino wanted him to be strong and bring in money, which meant being well-fed.



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