Killing Bites

I heard you were talking shit about mother nature...

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>A fucking Pangolin

Boring as fuck character. Hope he dies and never comes back.

Is Civet dead?

She's in a hole.

Explain this, germans!


>The one with the sharpest fangs wins
>Pangolins have no teeth
I see where this is going.

>Look up Pangolins
>Germans call them "scaly animal"


Post the sexiest Hitomi you have.



Are dr00ds in World of Warcraft any gud? Why, uh how do they light/shine/beam/what ever their eyes?

This one is my favorite!

Can someone add bush to this Hitomi?

I want her to tackle me to the ground and put those on me as roughly as possible

So we can agree that bunny butt is best girl right?

>Hitomi talks to him about how Taiga's existance is a crime against nature
>later talks to him about how he is a crime against nature himself
>win the desutoroiaru

Is this the Bloody Roar adaptation we all wished for?

He doesn't give a shit about that.
He cares about the Plants, not the Animals.

>Boring as fuck
Not enough.
>Hope he dies and never comes back.
t. Croc/Harambe

No. Hitomi is.


We already got the Manga

I want to procreate with Hitomi.



>tfw you can't penetrate the enemy


Maybe it's a chemical process involving conversion and release of energy in bloodstream as photons.
Alternative theories could involve changes in light frequencies, or the perception of said colors in other living/unliving beings' brains (or functionally equivalent organ).

So far, Hitomi said her catchphrase in each episode, right?

So sometimes she has bush and sometimes she doesn't?

Nah, she skipped it on the 7th ep

The bush one is an edit user

Yes she is bushfluid

Oh. That's disappointing.

>Every single brute have red eyes after transformation
>Kido has green eyes

What does this mean?


This angry Ratel is blocking your path. What do you do?

The power of nature flows within him

Why honey badgers are so based?

Tell her tp put some clothes, she's gonna catch a cold dressing like that

>Every single brute have red eyes after transformation

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Offer her pancakes and go about my day

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Inaba? More like InaBest.

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I really liked Kido's theme. Shame he will probably job to Hitomi.

Buy her hot dogs. It worked the first time.

The rules of nature*

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>tfw Inabunny will never beg for your cock

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How do you go from this

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To this?

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I thought this was some darth vader from the thumbnail

She eventually lost patience.

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>¡Esto es el fin Hitomi!

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El Grande Cientista

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>Elaborated strategy from a villain gets destroyed by the MC's side retarding their way to victoly

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Nomoto going manmode was pretty cool

Liked that part, and him moving Hitomi earlier, understanding what she would want to do. Even if Youko has manipulated him to do the former, both of these moves will be important.

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Hitomi’s daddy told her to kill the wimp. However she didn’t really killed him. He survived & became a Brute trainer after timeskip. He also grew a backbone & possibly even became a Brute himself.

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Use spoilers jesus fuck. I don't mind if you kids want to flap your read-aheads but keep in mind some people here DON'T want to.

>However she didn’t really killed him.
We never really know that she's holding back.
...well: pic related.

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Oh look it's the retard that gets triggered by spoilers. Why do you even bother coming to these threads if all you're going to do is sperg out?

Sleep tight ratel

OST reminds me of Fairy Tail.

That's actually the first I've complained about it, if someone else did too then maybe it's not as innocuous to all of the thread users as you'd like it to be.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be able to post them, just to spoiler whenever they do talk about what's ahead.

Bunbun is precious

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is that what killing bites is?

No, that's killing scales

I can't wait

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whens caterpillar anime

Is it better if I just read the manga

I mean there's no telling when another season will be made, tho I haven't googled it

Is it considered successful yet ?

There's not enough material for the end of an S2 yet. No information about sales other than it apparently not doing well in Oshie (stalker) threads.

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Poor Oshie

*blocks your path*

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>Start searching for translation
>mfw there's none beyond around the same point of the story the anime is at

This shit started in 2013 ffs

>Nekuro it's only going to translate until chapter 30 the point where the story starts to get fun
This is suffering

>Visible abs

That made me laugh more than it should've.

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I saw some people who haven't read the manga were speculating that he was an elephant, cause they're strong and elephants like nature and sometimes replant trees and shit.
Elephant would've fit.

Also is this a legit episode? She didn't tell us what killing bites was. But she did it twice last ep.

They had her say it in a flashback, it's all good.

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He starts turning one af the end of the last volume

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>not dropping Killing Bites sharpest fangs etc here
I was waiting for it, missed shot

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