God she is so ugly!

God she is so ugly!

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Fuck you.

no u

I want to touch her fluffy hair too.

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Where is this from?

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The recap movie.

My wife is cute

Asuka should stop harassing Kumiko's fluff

How is that hair even supposed to look like in reality?

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Why would a Japanese high school girl to want to look like an American house wife from the 50s?

>you will never floof up Kumiko's hair
why live?

>house wife
Lorraine is in high school in these pics. It's her past-self.

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fuck off shonenfag!

so when are you going to put an end to your pathetic life user?

Shu please go.


Shame about the bangs

Cause she wants to be a housewife and is made for breeding

>American house wife from the 50s?
What is wrong with this?

Holy shit, that's cute

I'm still amazed Marty was able to resist sticking it deep down inside her.

Actress was already fucking old

She cute

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whose hands are those? Asuka?


don't insult Kumiko she's very self-conscious

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Her flat chest is a feature.

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What the fuck do you know about music? you play in the fucking school marching band