This bitch walks up to you in the club and turns your universe into a generic magical girl anime, what do?

This bitch walks up to you in the club and turns your universe into a generic magical girl anime, what do?

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Enjoy it, maybe try and nail a magical girl.

become meguka

Turn into a kawaii mahou shoujo and "accidentally" get captured, gangraped and turned into a sex slave by the forces of evil?

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I'm gay

Here's lookin at you kid

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B...b...but this was mean to be a HS battle harem anime.

Do you even need to ask? I make sure I find every single Magical Girl and set their delusional asses straight. Making a wish to become a Magical girl is pointless. You're supposed to make your own wishes come true. Of course, I'd also amass a harem of each and every Magical Girl I come across after shattering their illusions (and their hymen).

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>Making a wish to become a Magical girl is pointless.
You seem to have the idea backwards

They get more than they bargain for with their wishes. You might as well not even wish for anything in the first place with the shit you have to go through, and they always make mundane as fuck wishes. Especially in Madoka's case, they always end up regretting their wishes, are either flawed, or end up corroding themselves from the wish itself. It's a monkey's paw and those stupid girls never realize it until it's too late, and then have the gal to complain about it.

Slap my ass?

that depends, do I get turned into a magical girl?

They're dumb little girls. Why do you think QB chooses them and not someone older and less naive? Also most of them have legitimate problems they cannot fix themselves. Ryouko was starving to death and Mami was literally seconds from death. Madoka was the exception because QB had to recruit her after what Homura turned her into. And we don't know why Madoka became a magical girl in the first timeline. She could've been going through some real shit too.

Canonically she became one to save a cat that got run over

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Mami pretty much accepted sometime after her wish that it would've been better for her to die than to be alone like she was. Don't know shit about Ryouko since I'm not that hard of a Madokafag to look at shitty spin-offs and of the like. In the end their wishes were their own fault and they can't complain about it. They should've just made the best of what they had after getting their wish granted.

But Ryouko's entire storyline is shown in the anime, user

Madoka is dumb as shit
That is one of her established character traits

I haven't seen the anime in a few years and I just recently watched Rebellion. So who the hell was Ryouko?

I'm fucking retarded

No bully. She didn't know about QB's evil intentions.

Accept her as my goddess and pray to her to visit me in my dreams.

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Forget she exists.

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I like her, I really do. It's just a fact that she isn't smart and doesn't think things through. Remember when she literally threw her friend's soul away?

Fall down and worship her

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I know she is not a genius, but how was she supposed to know it wasn't just a device used to transform? Nobody except Homura knew it was actually their soul.

She could've just taken it away and said something like "I'll never give it back unless you stop fighting and if you try to take it back you'll end up hurting me" or something.

Maybe, but then we wouldn't have found out the truth of the soul gem. It works better narratively, and it showed Madoka was desperate.

I'll hold her hostage and ask Homura for a large sum of money. I'll send her a lock of Madoka's hair every few hours to remind her I have that cotton candy on lock.

I'll then use the money I took from Homura to bribe Urobuchi into writing the Rebellion sequel how I want it. Let's just say that I hope you guys like drills.

It's an airtight plan if I say so myself.

Fight as a magical girl.