Why is Japan allowed to keep getting away with it?

Why is Japan allowed to keep getting away with it?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=quetzalcoatl blonde hair blue

>black people are made fun of for liking big asses
>japanese people are glorified for liking cowtits

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>mesoamerican god

what do have japanese against mexican tanned chicks?

quetzalcoatl had blonde hair and blue eyes in the myth

>still trying to pass off this lie as fact

>Japs keep stealing other peoples culture
This is why the Koreans hate them.

Koreans hate more thenselves than japaneses at the moment.

It's okay when japan does it.

it's okay when everyone does that

Fuck the PC police

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It's ok. They get to inject their bullshit into the dub anyway. Now everyone's happy!

Fuck off.

>get called out on trying to spread fake news
>f-fuck off...

It's not fake by any stretch, beaner.

You're welcome to start posting sources since you're obviously so great

basic bitch googling

>can't do it
too obvious, I'll take this post as your concession.

lmgtfy.com/?q=quetzalcoatl blonde hair blue

Its not fake news, one of the reasons Cortes and his bandits were able to take tenochtitlan without even a fight was because quetzalcoatl was seen as a white tall man and Moctezuma was scared shitless to anger the gods

they actually get the mexican pretty good, jojo had some sexy mexican chicks in it at some point, and again mexico is full of mestizos that dont share the specific latino traits.

>Lucoa thread
Time for some comfy Mesoamerican discussion and art

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>some literally who blogs with art from the 1920s and yahoo answers totally prove that I'm right about pre-colonial depictions of Quetz!
That was made up after the Spaniards arrived to justify the conquest.

Pic related. How the Aztecs themselves drew Quetzalcoatl

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Get fucked spic.

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shit doesnt come out of titties

>not liking wide hips

Christ, still can't believe the Spaniards Ruin it.

>hey these guys are pretty cool, look at all this technology
>"and here is where we're sacrificing 30,000 innocents to the gods in honor of our king's coronation"
>wait what

Do you have any evidence that that's a lie? There are multiple depictions od Quetzalcoatl after all. What about the story with him traveling and leaving east?

>do you have any evidence to prove the negative so I don't have to carry the burden of proof of my own claim?

Kukulkan > Quetzalcoatl
I want an anime about cute Mayan gods doing cute things. You can even turn Camazotz into notShinobu.

I'm not that guy, but I just want some proof. What's wrong with that?

>muh halls of debate
You're a fucking beaner on a Polynesian Maui carving website.

There technology was below summerian levels.

Cortez was notably impressed by the construction of Tenochtitlan, which was very well documented. The Spanish showed up in Mexico expecting a bunch of naked islanders like the ones Columbus found and were blown away by the comparative majesty of the civilization there, given the Caribbean societies that they were used to dealing with at that point. They were freaked the fuck out at the human sacrifices, though, they were convinced that the Aztecs were a cult of devil worshipers. Which is one of the reasons why they pushed so hard for conversion to christianity.

Aztecs were dumb shits, now Incans is were it's at with a respectable road system and terrace farming. I have no fucking clue how a civilization cannot invent the wheel though, especially when living in the fucking mountains.

Was Lucoa's character really necessary?

Can't believe how far KyoAni has fallen.

I'm not going to write up a 10,000 word essay on a website with 2000 character limits on posts, but you only see Aryan Quetz in post-conquest depictions of him, whereas in pre-colonial depictions he looks like or as a snek

The Incans did invent the wheel. It was used as a potter's tool and as a children's toy. They just never used it for transportation because the jungle made it very hard for things larger than a man to pass, and because they had no oxen or horses or anything that were stronk enough to warrant building big ass carts to start with.

she is the dependable onee chan of the manga, but fags are blinded from big tits

They made large buildings, just as the egyptians (though never as big). But that's not really the point. They didn't have wheels or even bronze tools, which the summerians, who are considered the first civilization on earth had.

Switching around the volleyball episode so it came before Tooru's confrontation with her dad was a huge fuckup, because that was meant to show how devoted Quetz was to making sure all of her friends were OK in their time of need.

You don't need horses or oxen to find good uses for a wheel. Barrows are used for a reason. On top of that not all of the Americas were covered by jungle.

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*she is the most dependable when Tooru is asking for help