La negacion de dios

La negacion de dios...

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La creatura....

La luz extinguido

el atrocidad...

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El esclavo de Israel

i don't get this meme

looks mirrored

el ejército de la oscuro...

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El mestizo tenebroso

this is actually fucking horrible
what should have been one of the best looking shots in the manga and it looks like fucking ass

>i don't get this meme
el demonio negro....

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kaibutsu des

El goblino

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El abominable

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El impuro

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El demonio del norte

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its funny because spanish/foreign languages gives words more gravitas, which can be exploited for irony.
and conveniently many of the words are so similar to their english counterparts that they can be understood at face value. (creatura = creature) and that also adds to the irony, because its like somebody trying to sound sinister and secretive when there is no secret whatsoever - its borderline english.
theres also something going on with the theme of the pictures themselves, but i cant express it.

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Pretty sure it stems from a joke about Americans being mixed blood mutants.

El Payaso

It comes from English speaking communities on the internet using the spic meme names from Dragon Ball Super (El Grande Padre, Goku Blanco).

Is his dick bigger than zodds?

It's funny for spanish speakers too as "creatura" is not a spanish word the correct would be "criatura"
Many of this expressions use bad pronouns too

They are both correct you fucking imbecile

America is white


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El imbecil


Is esta creatura supposed to be a monkey or a werewolf?

Easy on there, as a spic I can tell you I've never heard someone say "creatura" instead of criatura

>sacrifice everything dear to you
>get turned into this

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La legion diabolica

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it was all

ITT: Los desterrados de Dios

El bromista

Thanks israel

so it is mirrored, still looks weird even tho it looks somewhat good

It's actually kind of sad now that you put it that way.

Nah, the spanish word followed by ... was what led to the amerimutt meme, not vice versa. I remember /an/ threads with sinister spanish names for animals long before I saw the first amerimutt image

This is correct
This not so much but it has become common to use the mutt meme in DB discussion.

No it doesn't. It's banter from Europeans on Sup Forums as a response to the "whiter than you ahmed" phrase used by Americans.

>anecdotal evidence
el argumento americano...

What is this from?

easy way to figure this out

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el berserco

el erróneo...

El ogro de las americas...

el morón...

le ebin

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El experimento fallido

La Doctrina Agiotista...

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Onda vital

el wrongó

La doctrina trabajadora...

el memé

el instinto ultra

el hilo de mierda

> El Guason

To be fair, this is the literal translation, right?

Spanish is the language of the Devil.


El languaje de Demonio

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More like la doctrina *egoísta

United states of america

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El blanquito

La loteria de la genetica

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Why is this shit on Sup Forums? Why does Berserk always attract so many crossboarders?

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anyone over age 12 uses more than one board/website

I've seen "el X ..." posting unrelated to Americans since 2016. So you're wrong, homo.


wow you killed it

The goblino itself is from Sup Forums and is at least as old as 2015.
el creatura is from Sup Forums and happened within the last year.
Welcome to how things work on the internet, enjoy your cultural enrichment

It makes sense that a Spanish/English mongrelized abomination has a Spanish/English mongrel name though.

yeah. in fact in spanish we don't say "el goblino" but "el goblin"

That word is translated to our language like "El Duende not Goblino"

blame Bleach for starting this shit.

fucking autistic mongoloid

Ya se
Tambien hablo mejicano

El meme

>English speaking communities
You mean Latin Americans

Hola, sólo quería decir que me encanta este "meme".

Muchas gracias, gente de bien.


>Ameritards haciendose los piolas hablando en español

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perejil ctmare

Vaya con Dios, buen hombre.


Menudo maricón.