>holding a Shirobako event
>three years after the show ended
Why could this be...?

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PA flops kept making flop after flop so they need more Shirobux

God bless the free market

Announcing that they are done with everything.

Everyone praises this show but I hated how sugarcoated it was and the unfunny comedy made my piss boil, specially anything related to the fat manchild producer.

It doesn't matter all these show flopped or not since they get Netflix and Cygames money(even that new movie is backed by Cygames).


The fat manchild was literally the director's self-insert, along with Tarou. Maybe you can at least appreciate that on a self-deprecating level.

According to some animator tweet I can't find right now, bd sales are still important specially to the animation studios. The tweet was complaining about how adaptations make the manga sell but discs are always low, asking why they signed up for that. So while Cygames and other publishers might break even the studio seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to disc sales. Bones for example, was in the red for like 3 years in a row even though they had made some decently popular shows.

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>bd sales are still important specially to the animation studios.

Not when the studio itself is not in production committee.
For PA Works, most of their show is either in almost last position of production committee, or not in at all.
Only Uchouten Kazoku series they're in second position of production committee, i guess maybe because PA's boss really love this series.

Not as good as Sakura Quest, but still looking forward for more, the girls still need to make their anime after all, there's plenty of room for more of the story.

didn't pink aoi have the same VA as regular aoi?

Sakura quest was boring garbage.

It was much more entertaining and the characters were more relatable, maybe it's a personal taste but I felt more connected with Sakura Quest than Shirobako.

With their careers established, will we see the Shirobakos develop family lives now?

Its a new anime adaptation of the Jiggly Jiggly Heaven
>Funny story

did Pink Aoi's anime flop?

I want to believe.

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Its gonna be at least 2 more years. Mizushima is only on ep 2 of 6 for das Final.

>inb4 another pachinko machine

Just make an actual season of TAGS faggots.

Sucks that this rumor about an anime adaptation about the making of of Shirboako never came true.

i really hope if it is a new season it covers movie production.

Same. I watched it twice and found Yoshino much more likeable. The only character I found interesting in shirobako was the goth girl.