New season is soon upon us. It's time to discuss what show interest you the most, homos?

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SpiritPact is garbage, but I'm still invested in it

I'm starting to think something may be going on here.

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I wish this had been better than "dicount DRR".

The awful butler show next season might be fun for trainwreck potential and I could use an unashamedly terrible show in my life again, so if the threads on Sup Forums are fun I'll give that a go. Looking pretty light on the homo side of things though outside of the beautiful men in Golden Kamuy.

The show was bland as hell but at least there were some hot scenes

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It's not perfect, but it's a fun ride. Then again I've been watching in chunks of each arc which may help the pacing. If only the books would get translated, or at least the manga.

Now this is garbage. Same.

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For the homo, nothing. Backlog time, as well as dipping my toes back in the BL manga scene and seeing if any decent ones got scanned these past 2 years.

Is there a new season chart?

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>another homo thread to discuss the absolute nothing

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Even the decent ones tell the same story that's been told hundreds of thousands of times before in this genre.

>Setting: modern day school/college campus
>The characters: a stubborn loner and a charismatic classmate
>The plot: boy meets boy, boy falls for boy, pointless dramatic misunderstandings happen, boys kiss within 2 chapters

The only thing that's really improved is the general art style in most cases. We even still have the "rape is love" and "b-but we can't because of cultural taboos!" shoujo tropes in abundance.

There's a story trend I've noticed popping up more lately. Guy goes back home and a god declares they are getting married. Then after maybe three chapters the god's brother or something pops in to cause trouble, eventually gets paired off with someone else.

Magical sudden spouses aren't a new plot in any way but it feels like in the last few months there's been half a dozen or so BLs with it.

I don't understand how SpiritPact got adapted at the same time that China is going around arresting fujoshi.

Chinese censorship doesn't have to make sense. The wrong people probably just haven't noticed the series yet.

The guys in Spiritpact aren't even an official couple, right? They kiss because of mana transfer, so it's not homo.

The OP is just them angstily snuggling for a minute. That's homo as heck.

This sounds like a dumb way to bend the law

Life after swords will be hard, I don't think any upcoming show will be able to make it any less painful.

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Out of all the shows it's actually gotta be the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime,
I love the manga regardless of what some say about :re, just curious to see how SP handle it.

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Posting best show of the season.

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I just want to see mindbroken Tsukiyama

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Same, I wanna see how he looks now that the character designer has changes for the better imo

It was fine

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Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori for the seiyuu but mostly for Ono D. Then some romcom drama shoujo series, Tada-Kun, and Binan. I remember when the LOTGH reboot was announced and I promised to get it off my back log in a thread and I haven’t watched past three. Since it will be a slow season and summer is coming up I’ll definitely get to it.


Do you think some desperate fujo will make porn?

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TG was pretty good, honestly.

TG:re could end at any time and I would be relieved when it did. I couldn't keep up with the new faces, the hundreds of cast members, factions, messy art. Maybe I'm dumb but every week I went in wondering what the fuck was going on and why I should care.

Also, I haven't kept up but I'm 99%
sure Hide is dead despite Ishidate teasing otherwise, so that's one huge reason I don't give a shit about :re.

What exactly about Bakugou makes him so fuckable?

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Is there a new Historie chapter?

>TG was pretty good, honestly.
I agree, but the anime is trash.
>>I couldn't keep up with the new faces, the hundreds of cast members, factions, messy art. Maybe I'm dumb but every week I went in wondering what the fuck was going on and why I should care.
Same, hence I dropped it. What a piece of shit manga. It's honestly embarrassing to read.

The art shit is the scans fault since Twisted Hel stopped scanlating the highest quality we can get is digital scans, shit looks great in volumes though.

I don't know, I haven't seen a such dickable character since Slayne. And they aren't even my type.

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Nothing, there's just too many shonenshit lovers into this crap series and they need to project their lust on someone, so that's it.

The desire to make an arrogant asshole submit to pleasure.


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Fanart maybe?

Bakugou is for fat old men only.

I wish he and his sexy boots got more screen time

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What an a ugly manlet. BNHA characters look worse than Naruto.

He has a several case of freeface and his boots are retarded.

>only one cour
Steins Gate was the only good adaptation and they are going to ruin it with fast rushed pacing too.
What a tragedy.

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- Tsundere without being completely irredeemable (clearly cares, but can only express it with aggression and shit-talking)
- cocky as fuck so it would be satisfying to break him into begging and pleading
- is actually able to back up his tough guy attitude
- Bakugo being dere without posturing would basically be a sign of near absolute respect and trust
- his soft side would be for you and you alone, likely only when no one else is around

It's all about capturing, taming, and owning.

>only one cour
I thought this was only speculation?

Really liking Yuri on Ice. Am i the gay now, resident faggots?

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You're gay for watching anime and posting on Sup Forums.

does 47 appeared yet?

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You’ve been a faggot since you were kicking in your mother’s womb. Now go and stay go.

Called g/a/y for a reason.

Hide is alive and got his face eating by Kaneki

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Everyone is bi user. The west just fell a little too much for the straight meme these last 2000 years.

No but I hope The Transporter shows up.


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I’m disappointed when certain sites don’t tag bi manga or allow users to add tags. I’ve exausted the ones that have been tagged but pleased when I get surprise bi though.

Untameable spirit is so desirable to break.

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I have no idea how a straight author makes such a fuckable character. I literally want to wipe him with my dick.

Don't forget
>student who had a crush on his teacher
>they reunite years later
>teacher is most likely straight

And many others. Sometimes I feel all subjects have been exhausted.

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The new Inazuma anime when it finally comes next month hopefully.

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Knowing that only makes my rage stronger, user.
I'm not sure whether I'm more upset at the "no one really dies" trope being used yet again or if I'm still pissed that Hide will never win despite being the best friend anyone could hope for.

Very glad I didn't bother keeping up with :re, thank you for confirming my choice to drop it.

I feel you, user.
But yeah, it really isn't worth it. I'd drop it too, if Hide wasn't my favorite fictional character.

Straight male artist draw the best males. It's like when they draw a girl, they have to put a lot of effort into making her cute/pretty/sexy but when they draw a guy, they don't fret too much about it.

Which mangaka draws the best guys, anons?

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Wait, it's starting next month already? I'm really looking forward to it after all these years.

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I can't believe pic related isn't a short anime.

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God, I want him to fuck the hell out of me.

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Unless it's getting delayed again yes.

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That whole fight was basically softcore porn for me. The way he draws clothing damage for his male characters is so lewd.

Maybe he isn't so straight after all.

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>getting his hopes up

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>posted nardo reaction pic

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What do you mean? I don't want to fuck the artist. He seems pretty cool, though.

D-don't worry user. Surely no backseat mod is dumb enough to get triggered and start an endless argument about a reaction pic r-right. Hey, you know what, maybe they're asleep.

He and the Yuri on ice dude are playing with fire.

Im going to miss Ramens and Garo.
I finally started watching Trigun recently after years of putting it off. I don't know why I did. Also, why is he so handsome?

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Is it Idol Time?

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He is moe as hell

Do they have homo porn already?

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I want to fuck this little smug slut

You tell me, I fapped a few times to this scene.

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Idols are the worst thing to happen to anime. I don't get the hype. They're all the same shit in slightly different packages. Then again, I was never a fan of all male cast anime where the only appeal is "attractive" boys.

Sanrio Danshi produces such dead threads. I think these threads work best to discuss the show. I really liked the first few eps but now it's just too much corny drama and the faces look too goofy sometimes.

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You are more likely to get fucked by him instead, actually.

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We actually had threads until last episode, then it got really, really bad.

I dropped it, can't stand it anymore.

I still remember.

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It kinda sucks. I was so waiting for this show when the first PV came out. Then I stayed more for the Council Pres. I'll just stay for the rest of it since there's only like 2 eps left.

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All the main BnH are very good and loving.

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I'm still staying for student council pres and my melody.

We’ll get to see her crush being gay for her magical girl transformation in episode one then. The last chapter had a flash back of the dad trying to get picked up by a bunch of guys before the mom saved him, too.

Reverse harem series, manservice, and otome adaptions aren’t too common and the only one I really cared for was Ouran and that’s because it’s a parody. I can stand them but it’s really a waste for me because I’m not going to start buying merchandise for my favorite boy or get too invested. I’d rather have a genuine romance with cute boys and girls. There are people that really like them though that are better off playing the otome game.

This is what happens when you expect something more out of blatant product placement anime.

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dat shota though

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Hosoyan birb is the actual best boy of the series, though.

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Anime is gay.

Or at the very least is a pseudo-acceptable way for males to like female stuff.

>Mr Universe of the Universe

Accurate. I hope the anime eventually makes his delicious brown body justice.

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I should get back to reading this since I put it on hold when the anime started and there was less Isshiki and male nudity in the manga.

Most anime is made for straight guys so I can see why that user is confused by watching an actual Chinese cartoons for little girls but that doesn’t change your sexuality. You’re still a faggot for posting on Sup Forums no matter what series you watch.

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Not that I have high expectations from this kind of anime in the first place, but I didn't expect Sanrio Danshi to be so, so so disappointing.
They even failed to do a comfy anime, with all the pointless drama that made the characters look like retards or pieces of shit.

I doubt we'll be able to afford dedicated threads for it, but I'll be there to discuss the show with you, user.

Anime is oriented to japanese straight males which is the same as saying female stuff for the rest of the world.

The only straight stuff is fanservice and niche shonen shit for kids

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I'm disappointed; it started out great but all the drama got tiring and the animation hasn't been great these past two episodes. I'm just going to end up skimming the next two episodes to at least see a bit of best boy.

Season 2 when?

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