My boku no hero academia

Does Nejire prefer boobs or ass on her ladies?

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She prefers mina's futa cock

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Superior thread right here

user... you're fired

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There is literally nothing wrong with Deku

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Poor Kirshima became a pussy after Yakuza arc

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ywn have a sexy midget as your sidekick

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>Gentle's sweet smile while La Brava jumps on him
Gentle a CUTE

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Stop beating up on yourself all the time faggot. And get a hobby you can't stay an hero otaku forever you know.

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Does Nejire actually do anything of importance, or is she shafted like majority of the female cast?

>oh shit, otakus will get triggered if we pair a beautiful female character with another guy
>better make her gay

>I love you, Gentle!
>I love me too!

He has always been battling his own cowardice

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She's loud and annoying and does absolutely nothing of importance.
So far the only female characters that ever did anything in the series are Momo, Toga, and La Brava. Even with Momo she's done nothing recently.

She should have had a bigger part in the Yakuza arc in my opinion. Her quirk is fucking ridiculously powerful but she's offscreen a lot of the time. I like her

>you are a real man
dude calm your tits

>She should have had a bigger part in the Yakuza arc
Oh please fuck no.
Powerful quirk =/= interesting character
While we're at it Amajiki should've been shafted too he's too irrelevant and boring.

No female in this series will be important in this manga. All of them are made for fapbait and being married off at the end of the series. I just hope no one will be forced to be paired with Ochako at the end.

>just hope no one will be forced to be paired with Ochako at the end.
She's literally the love interest of Deku. You're delusional if you think they won't be endgame.

choke on a dick his fight was great and his quirk is more interesting than nejire

You only give a shit about his quirk. His character is pure ass go shove a cactus up your ass you disgusting powerlevelfag.

as if nejire character was better she is only know for being a ragging lesbian

Well that’s just Hori sidelining fights, which is a shame because he will still do that since he always chooses to advance the story than halting it for a showcase fight. I don’t believe the anime can extend the fight much either since bones is pretty clear cut in following the manga to the t

Poor Deku. It's a shame that worst girl always wins somehow.
I kinda agree with you. I had no real reason to care about a fight for a new character and 3 uninteresting jobbers. His quirk is cool and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it, but overall is fight was just ok at best

So how's everyone doing right now?

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Learn to read, idiot. In my original post I stated she's shit too.
Use your brain for once.

Post yrw studio pierriot picks up the mha anime


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>Amajiki should've been shafted too he's too irrelevant and boring
Get a load of this guy

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That's Momo actually.

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You're my sunshine

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Is that supposed to be Eijiro?

No. All of the girls in this series are mediocre at best.

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What style do you even call this

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Why is todoroki dressed like a homosexual



Paintfag here working on new comic

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nice, looking forward to it

Based Paintfag

I’m still wondering what they meant here. Like, what the fuck, you are asian. When people in the west say “Asian”, their mind usually interpret that as Oriental (chink gook nip), what the fuck does Asian even mean if the nips is the one saying that

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Alrighr boys, I'm concentrating ALL of my wishing energy into next week's chapter. I will make Ochako getting cucked by Mei into reality. Meme magic is on my side.

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aint it persian? or at least middle eastern

Wow user, so you are a Chad after all.
Show this dicklets what it means to be like Bakugo senpai.

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I'd like it if Mei actually liked Deku but didn't care to show it, but enventually Ochaco learns about it so we can get closure on this plot point instead of the generic "I have to shut it down until the end of the story" cliché

I really love this series. Do YOU love this series?

Fuck off happy-go-lucky beta male with no girlfriend

Not sure, that’s why I asked, but probably you’re right, maybe when they say Asian, what they’re referring to is “South Asian / Middle East”
They literally said Asian in moon too

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Of course not. How could anyone like a series that has garbage writing and the MC is a beta faggot a majority of the time.

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the term "Asian" it's a english language thing. Any country that's located in asia call themselves asians from western asia all the way to south and central asia. That includes the east too.

Why are the girls built like fridges?

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OP you are a piece of garbage shit, you are a failed abortion. The pic you used for the thread is so boring it is impossible to find through the catalog. YOU ARE PATHETIC

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I know, they're so blocky.

Where did this dumb meme come from?


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Shitty translations.

She is amajiki's cocksleeve

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>21 Posters

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That's sad. I feel sorry for you anons. Thank god I read runes instead of wasting my time with shit translations.

I hate how Mina looks, she's got the body of a man and it's surprsing because in Hori's previous works his women were more slim.

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The hobo kamen rider.

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Yea, none of them have visible waists. It's weird as hell. Hori should take some notes from Kubo/Murata/Tosh on how to draw a female figure.

Well they literally said “Asian” there in the raws, so they, and I mean the nips, must use that term too, and not to refer to themselves since we see Todoroki after that and it literally says Japanese

she is the most athletic female in the class

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Fixed her.

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He's following the amerifat standards of western comics

i like your style user

Yeah that's what I meant that they use the word Asian for any country in asia not just eastern asia like english speakers do. sorry I explained it badly at first.

t. pedo

What a hideous character design.

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She's got an awful body for an athetlic girl. It's not like she's lbeen ifting weights.

>getting rid of the beautiful oppai
Fuck you, son.

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Their waists are more defined than a lot of 3D women's. Look at swimsuit models, most are built like sticks.

>Not liking flat
Flatness is the objective best of tastes.

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if you're a pedo, sure


>Their waists are more defined than a lot of 3D women's
Who cares about that? Compared to female characters in say Bleach or OPM, the girls in this series are boxy as hell.

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>all this shitposting for a 2 years old image

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Tell me left ain't more delicious than the right one. Don't lie to yourself, the more petite the better that's why it's so damn popular.

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It’s okay to come out, user

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Camie was made for sex

Toga likes to become her victims, but she didn't bother to imitate Camie at all outside her appearance. Why was that?

Imagine being a hot guy at Shiketsu
Knowing this girl wants to fuck you silly but can't

camie was just a tool to get close to deku

Do girls like it when you lick their face?

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Cause Toga is not that smart.

Toga is mostly obsessed with truly becoming her object of obsession, that’s most likely why she asked Izuku: to know him better and can eventually become a “perfect copy” or some sort. But outside of that, she probably also likes to take other people’s appearance just for fun

a. Too distracted by the dicku
b. She drugged Camie, maybe she didn't get a chance to observe her (I want to know how Toga roofied Camie in a way that Camie didn't even know it happened)

Psssh, like “school rules” ever stopped anyone before

because he is

People have shitposted for dumber reasons.

it's hard to tell how smart toga really is

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there's literally no stakes on this shit holy fuck

Okay, and?

I like my manga with stakes

If Gentle attacks and gets seen, UA is going to lock every studen in the cellar and never let them see the outdoors again