Are people genuinely losing more interest in this show after watching today's episode?

Are people genuinely losing more interest in this show after watching today's episode?

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i lost interest during the first episode

Nah I love it


Yes. I tried to dismiss episodes 7 and 8 as a break from action, but episode 9 is still the same bland generic shit, despite going back to "action". They had a creative premise going on, but their execution has been the usual unimaginative anime-standard shenanigans.

I'm giving it only one more episode before giving up.

I hope all those faggots are jumping ship. Threads will be better without them.

>all these newfags that have never watched a show longer than 12 episodes as it aired that wasn't action packed shonen trash

You fags and your impatience. If you can sit through Violet Autismgarden traipsing her way through 8 episodes of saccharine horseshit to get to the PTSD, you can wait a couple of episodes for the Orwelian monoculture to get its shit rolling.

Goro needs to fucking die

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I think this show will get much better halfway in. It'll be worth the wait, and I'm okay with the slow start.

That’s fair, the pacing of aired shows is different and requires something from viewers.

That being said I generally have a low patience bar and attention span and episode 9 felt particularly bland. Maybe I just don’t care about the goro narrative

Somehow this anime manages to be worse than Overshit and Violet Evershit

Sorry if sitting through this teenage love triangle for the 323rd time doesn’t exactly leave me wanting more.

How many more episodes until 'You've had it!"?


I can handle a couple of action-free episodes, but it's just that these are so fucking boring and predictable. For me ep 9 is an even worse offender than 7/8. At least I could block those two as "mandatory beach episode" and "mandatory girls vs boys hotspring/bath episode".
I can't find an adequate excuse for episode 9. Just how many times have we seen this damsel in distress plot to rip out a love confession before? Come on.

It's like I'm watching a parody, except Darling is actually trying to take itself seriously.

This. The problem was that it was very predictable.
>I'm totally going to use this self-destruct this button and die right here!

It would have been worth it if he actually self destructed. This show didn’t even have the balls to kill off the redshirt pilots.

Nishigori writes the same thing over and over again, and you're surprised that it's boring and predictable?

This. Then those of us who actually like the show can talk about it.

So you didn't care about last week and beach episodes but you're losing interest on this one huh

I was trying to be patient. I wanted to believe the show would get better.

Yes. I'm willing to admit it's my own fault for expecting something fresh from this show. I'm definitely getting too old for the whole anime shit. Sometimes I wonder how those anons that watch over 15 shows every season can manage it. I'd hang myself after the 200th iteration of UMI DAAAAAAAAA

>so you were fine with cereal for dinner 2 nights in a row but don’t want it tonight huh

Too many normalfags from Sup Forums. They are probably disappointed that Goro wasn't killed off.

>two most successful anime of the season
>talks shit on both to look cool
man these hipsters really go all out to appear something they're not.
You can always tell how good an anime is based on how much people shitpost and complain about it.

How do people actually watch 15 fucking shows a season?

what the fuck kind of comparison is this?
you cant be this retarded...
only women can say something that fucking dumb.

Tell me the Ichigo rabu triangle drama has finally ended

>expecting something fresh
Stop expecting shit and leave the threads then. Nobody cares about your blogpost. Even fucking killingbites doesn't get shit on this much since normalfags like you don't watch it. The anime itself isn't the problem. You are.


I hope he does get Ichigo in the end honestly.

I can't do either because both are shit.

Dropped it. It really reminds me of CE, only worthwhile for looking at main girl and with a plot that could be condensed in 1 cour, stretched out for no reason or for stupid melodrama. Not gonna waste more time, although I'll probably read Yabuki's super interesting manga when it's complete.
People saying "no action = intelligent' are fucking idiotic btw, nothing of note is happening and 5 seconds of infodump every episode certainly don't cut it.

I don't mind the SoL shit but I feel like there should be more wheels turning in the background. Like at least hints of the bigger arc. It feels a bit flat when the entire episode is SoL that doesn't advance the main plot at all.

This is a fucking death flag.
Who is this?

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I really like it. Not losing interest, I just find it hard to be too compelled towards the next episode because it's neither building towards something nor has it foreshadowed anything that isn't immediately obvious by the premise.

I'm enjoying the little character arcs a lot but that also comes at the cost of 002 getting shuffled to the background even though she's the show's face. I'd really like a concentrated dose of 002, not this diluted stuff.

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What happened to the Great Crevasse or whatever the fuck

I need something interesting to keep me going, yes.
Relationship drama isn't a sell for me, especially in a fucking show I was told is about giant robots.

This show is for the most part a decent Evangelion knock off, though it suffers greatly from how incredibly fucking bland and boring the OST is, not to mention the incredibly uninteresting forgettable and wholly shit OP which all together will probably be the reason no one will ever watch this show again after this season.

I love it. Today was a great episode. Goro is best boy, I hope the MC dies.

It has literally nothing to do with Evangelion. Unless you're just talking about shallow visual similarities, like the wings.

See you next week x infinitum

I lost interest 3 weeks ago. I knew the boring looking classmates would drag the show down.

It was a great episode. It effectively ended the love triangle and set Goro up to be a fantastic character. We got serious character development for three characters and Ichigo was fantastic. She was leaderlike, showed she was the only one who really understands Goro and how he thinks (this was also alluded to in episode 8) and risked her life for him in a suicide rescue mission. The episode also taught us how her "love" for Hiro is in fact admiration and I am happy how this was concluded. Top 3 episode in my opinion.

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See you next week.

Place your bets.

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Will the cast freak out or go "that's hot" at her true form?

Mirror symbolism

For the love of God, what are the Nines doing?
Why did they show that Nine Alpha dude if he's doing fuckall?

I want to see more of them.

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It's a show about angsty teenagers operating humanized mechas defending mankind from giant monsters of unknown origin in an apocalyptic future with a mysterious organization running shit behind the scenes, with a shitton of symbolism and all of it animated by ex Gainax employees.

Cute meme.

Is this is general thread? There are so many threads it's hard to keep track; all under 100 posts except for the maxed out 600 thread.

The show is getting a bit too SoL now. I watch it every week but even I feel it now. I mildly enjoyed this episode but is the show about relationships to the degree that we need 4 episodes about this in a row? You have to sprinkle them around not just get it out of your system. A nice balance of plot and character development. Otherwise you'll just end up with another Aria: Nothing Fucking Happens. Can't fully criticize it until all 24 episodes have aired but right now I fear it might be a case of this being someone's special dream project which means he has not fully written it. tl;dr it happens to authors, I'm trying to avoid it myself too, that 70% of the atmosphere and the plot of the show remains in the author's head, and he doesn't get that the audience doesn't feel it because they don't know hat he already knows, what's going to happen. So maybe all of this is very good when you know what it's building up to, but we don't. Like it's all good but... to what end?

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Is 02 illiterate? It certainly seemed to be implied in this scene. Hiro teaching 02 how to read when?

Also, if the series is confirmed to be set in Japan, why is Hiro's book in English?

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It's not a meme.
You will watch the next episode and be posting in these threads next week.

>There are people that think Goro won't be putting his seed inside ichigo soon and create their own football team

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Why the fuck did Hiro ask for a hair clip too?

Cast will freak out, Sup Forums will go "that's hot", Hiro will comfort her and accept her true form.

All the interface text is in English too so maybe they all speak English, it's just Japanese for the sake of the audience. Like how everyone in star wars technically speaks galactic common.


Did they really confirm it's Japan?

Because he's 3 steps ahead of everyone else and has to hog ALL the pussy he can

He's actually going to die right after she gives him a reply to his feelings.

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apples to oranges you fucking retard

user, setting side the fact these threads are filled with shitposters who are trying to kill enthusiasm for the series- you should watch the series on whether you enjoy it or not, not how many people do.

I've actually really enjoyed the past three episodes, 8 is in my top three and I'd say 9 is in my top five for the series.

This episode basically deleted all his deathflags, if he dies Ichigo dies with him now

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He needed the alpha female when he built his cult.

He was the one who noticed her bangs. Goro was the one who got the idea from him.

>elder god tier

>great tier

>good tier

>meh tier

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>Did they really confirm it's Japan?
Yes. I think it was confirmed earlier, but it was set in stone during the beach episode when they visited the abandoned town. All the writing on books and signs was in Japanese.

Yet all the Plantation UI and Hiro's book are in English.

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Switch ichigo and goro

Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Ichigo wasn't called by the higher-ups about not being able to control her squad?
The only reason this happened was because she didn't reign in Zorome and Goro had to save the little shit when he fucked up. She showed no leadership and potentionally could have lost a Franxx and its crew. Yet she didn't even get a reprimand. Not even the other squaddies called her out on it.

Literally the AOTY, it keeps getting better in every episode.

That or Goro sacrifices himself as usual, and she cries again going all "Goro you baka"

there you go

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>Threads will be better without them.
They've certainly been becoming marginally comfier over the past couple of weeks.

How is it a deathflag?

>Goro not in elder god tier
>confesses and doesn't give a fuck about the answer
>hugs her and stays like that
This motherfukcer is playing the long game and he's winning it.

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There are people that watch 30.

>Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Ichigo wasn't called by the higher-ups about not being able to control her squad?
Dr. Franxx can't keep getting away with it

Fuck you, Goro is best boy

It's an average of two hours per day. Not unreasonable.

I can't watch more than one or two. I mean, I could but I just don't want to.

I genuinely thought this was a great episode.
Why are people bitching about it?

Because they hate Goro.

>japan's culture was turned into a shallow facade that serves the interests of whitu apes
Japanese nationalism now

>For the love of God, what are the Nines doing?
At this rate the OP will have changed before they do anything.

ignore them, it's the usual forced hatred shit that Sup Forums loves so much

Not really. I'll just check back the threads in 3 months and see whether it picked up the pace.

Did you like all episodes so far? Which ones did you dislike?

Goro is a boring and flat character and this episode addressed none of that.
02 being 02 saved it though.

>hating Goro
Imagine having such shit taste

How can anybody hate Goro?

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So Kokoro can't actually read what's in the book and has to get by with just illustrations?

>not even the other squaddies called her out on it

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Would Kokoro make for a good mother?

Yeah, why did they show those 3 if they ended up not doing anything at all?
Maybe they'll be vital for second cour... I still think 2nd cour will be all about our squad leaving the plantation and going against APE.

It will be something like Dr.Franxx and Plantation 13's squad VS A.P.E. and the Nines

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I love Goro (no homo) so no. This was one of the best episodes, trigger is saving anime.

I like Ichigo, but I've no idea why she was appointed leader. She seems to hold very little control over the group and doesn't seem to have many leadership qualities.

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I don't know but Mitsuru will have a lot of fun finding out, and Fatoshi will be the one who has to raise his child anyways

>mfw the song for the second OP is the second half of Kiss of Death

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I lost interest at the "big battle" episode where all the build-up went down the drain. There clearly won't be anything interesting happening in this show until the end, I'll just marathon it later.