Orchestr/a/ plays: Violet Evergarden & ACCA

We're back this week again with finished pieces from VEG and ACCA's OSTs:


>What is Orchestr/a/?
A project started 3 years ago by a bunch of degenerates on Sup Forums fooling around with recorders and other things who have since produced three full albums of shitty instrumental Chinese cartoon covers.

>Can I join?
Yes. Any and all instruments are welcome, though we are particularly short on flutes, trumpets, and strings. We really don't care how good/bad you are, anything helps.

>Where do I join?

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Other urls found in this thread:


A few of the arrangements we need recordings for:

>Here (Mahoutsukai no Yome OP)
Needs Marimba/Xylophone

>Komm Süsser Tod (End of Evangelion OST)
Needs Trumpet, Viola, Violins, Cello, Handclaps and other misc noises (skinflute is fine!)

>Ai Wo Torimodose!! (YOU WA SHOCK!) (Hokuto no Ken OP)
Needs Alto Sax, Melodica, Trumpet, Trombone, Elec Bass, Piano and Drums

>Kill Me No Baby! (Kill Me Baby OP)
Needs Bb Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Bassoon, Melodica, Elec Piano, Elec Bass, Xylophone, Drums, Kazoos and SFX

>Nantoka Nare (Akagi OP)
Needs Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Violin and Cellos

>PLANETES (Planetes ED2)
Needs Drums, Tinwhistle/Flute, Toms, Violin and any melodic instrument on chorus

>Yuugure no Tori (Shingeki no Kyojin ED2)
Needs any instrument on melody or harmony, Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Clarinet, Piano and Cello

>Beef Stroganoff (Symphogear GX)
Needs Alto Sax, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Acoustic Guitar, Finger Snaps and multiple different SFX

As well as many other arrangements that you can find on the pad. Also feel free to request a song that you want arranged! We'll get to it... eventually.

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VEG is not very popular here my crossboarding friend, no one will care for this shit.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Is that the new buzzword you just learned newfriendo?

And just as said in previous threads, we could REALLY use some more string and wind instruments, so if you play either of those please check out some of the arrangements and see if they interest you please

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My main wind is trumpet so tell me what to play, I get home from vacation tomorrow and I can help out then.
As far as strings go, Best I can do is electric bass, but I assume you mean violin/cello/etc. though.

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Check for a list of what songs have top priority at the moment

You can find sheets by visiting our website (linked in OP)

Will do, I have a shit ton of other instruments I may not be particularly good at but they are available to me regardless, I have kazoos, random weird percussion shits, lots of brass instruments, etc. I'll be glad to help you guys out later!

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It's.. ok?

teach me to violin sempai.

>No one will care for this shit.
Welcome, newfriend.

I'm a shitty violin player with no formal music education, but you bet your oshiri I'll learn some of these pieces.

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I'm on Fallen Angel, is that ok? Or do you prefer to focus on Kömm?

Not him but if the KST part looks playable to you then please record it

Please do. Check the pad, join the Discord if you want!

>VEG is not popular
>no one will care for orchestr/a/
I don't think it's a big deal, but it's you who sounds like a crossboarder

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Can you do covers of vocal tracks? One Step from Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho


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Just joined the discord. Will be joining the autism within a few days, like I said earlier I am on vacation right now.

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When's the deadline?

Late June


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I've wanted to be part of Orchestr/a/ for years but I just couldn't find the time. Also I'm just way out of practice on trombone.

Godspeed fellas, always fun to listen to this shit.

Neat, I didn't know this was a thing.

Orchestr/a/ used to be fun but all these newfags and moral suck. They're all fucking lame

Don't ever post in my thread again

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oh hey a good song from a non seasonal shit anime
you guys should do more arrangements like nantoka nare

good songs by the way
acca is kinda boring but I dig the VEG piece, keep it up

i don’t know any of the new people, but moral is indeed a giant fucking faggot. Also a highschool dropout lmao

Newfag here, Moral is and always will be a cunt. I don't know why they let that piece of shit still participate when he barely even plays his instrument.

flute-user, i know you're out there. please play with me

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>can't play instrument
He's literally just a leech who shits on people because he's a faggot. They gave a retard mod powers so when he doesn't like something, he'll just ban someone because m-muh safezone

Can you guys keep your name shitflinging somewhere? This isn't /vg/.

Hi, Moral.

It's Randy or Moral.

Baccano OP coming through the pipeline. I can keep adding parts if other anons want in.

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It has to be Randy. He's the only one cucked enough to stand up for that fat piece of shit.

this is supposed to be a comfy thread yo, if you want to insult somebody sign in for the discord group and insult them to their face instead of ruining this beautiful thread
stop fucking it up, post song recommendations, pics of cute 2D girls playing musical instruments, a story about why you're thinking about picking up that instrument that we need for a particular song again, and please keep it comfy ffs
have a good thread and a good day

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I don't give a shit about whether or not you hate X or Y. It's the fact that you have to resort to namedropping in an anonymous imageboard to make yourself feel superior that ticks me off. Do it in the pad or even the discord. Leave it out of Sup Forums.

t. newfag

sasuga buchou

great work.

i really like your cover of the Nichijou ED.

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orchestr/a/ might just be that thing you needed to help you out of your chronic depression because you're a neet and you want something to discuss music with in a way, be involved in a project, brush your old guitar/flute/recorded/violin that you learned to play somewhat but you didn't find any satisfying music to play on - until now
or it might be a good chance to have fun and play some music with others

so do yourself (and also us) a favor, even if you think you're shit come and see how you like it

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ofc also come here and try even if you're good, if you think you'r overqualified even

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i'm going to assassinate guitar players who don't know anything about harmony or chord substitutions. i'm going to lop their heads off with my bare hands, or with their own guitars. it's time to play something other than the same chords in the same voicings in the same progressions as always.

i'm sharpening my hands as we speak. consider this your final warning, guitar players.

Fuck you give me back my tabs

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But honestly they would be fine if they could express rhythmic ideas and articulations better. It looks weird putting tenutos on numbers like that.

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