Dragon Ball Super

Jiren is gonna job to Based Freeza.

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>not posting the theme

It was pan fags actually.

extended preview when

I hope freeza wishes to replace zeno and it happens and dreadful ominous music plays


wrong picture

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Not now. We need to talk about the final episode.

Ah yes #1 at jobbing.

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imperfect cell was the actual perfect cell

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#1 at jobbing

How does the strongest GT Goku stack up against Ultra Instinct?

Is there an episode tomorrow?

GT Goku at the peak of his power can't even compare.

Like Beerus against SS3

when did panposting get so big here?


So the "Freeza wins the tournament" leak is credible, right?


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there he goes again

Cuckhanfags and Caulishitters should both fuck off and kill themselves. They are irrelevant now. It's about /OurEmperor/ from this point forward.

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I want Kefura to give me a hug.

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We all know the lizard will job

>disappears for weeks
>comes back because of the spoiler

Prince Vegeta's plan to build alliance with Universe 6 saiyans and convincing them to build a small colony in 7th universe in order to bring back the Saiyan race when?

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I want to smell her lime hair while i hug her

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When vados-fag stated posting lewd pan pics

Awww, someone's mad that their irrelevant jobber character isn't going to save their universe.

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Yes, I'm mad. It was Gohan's turn

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>Goku is knocked out
>Jiren is exhausted and is not saiyan or MC so no bs powerpull

Lizard Boi is gonna win.

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there he goes again obsessed with gohan

Soon the prince will rise and conquer the universe

I want to hug keru.

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My waifu

What do the gods know? Shin is always wrong. Look at the silly shit he said.

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I heard smugpup convinced Toei to skip another episode this week, is this true?


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>killed his father
>killed his people
>killed his planet
>killed his pride
>killed his freedom
>killed him on Namek
>killed him AGAIN on Earth
8-0 soon?

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I want to hold her close while we fall asleep together.

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You know, sometimes Dicasty is alright.

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Forgot about this face

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>yfw goku defeats jiren and almost instantly after jiren is knocked out, frieza comes from the rubble and congratulates goku and that's that and there was absolutely nothing hidden behind frieza hiding the entire time and the tournament ends with no special twist and goku uses super dragon balls to just summon everyone back and call it a day and zeno sends everyone back to their own universe and that's how super ends

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>Cucks him out of reviving his shota husbando Cabba

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>got killed along with his father by former subject's son
>got killed by subject's subject
>lost all his subjects to this subject
emperor of nothing is sure to have even his moment of glory backfire

My human pet.

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Yeah, how awful that they don't shit up the board endlessly even when Freeza isn't doing anything relevant.

Yes please

So, you guys think this song will play while Jiren Blows Gokek the fuck out?

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Don't believe the fake spoilers.

Freeza-sama, m-my promise

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It's the official leak

gokeks will be forever salty as usual

17 is gonna win

Pan is for __

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>Thinks the spoilers are fake.

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I didn't disappear at all nigger, I have been here all the time telling you what would happen

>Jobeta can't even kill a lizard while his own son and """rival""" can
How pathetic can one manlet be?

Straight from the motherfucking Herms.

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Prince beta

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he is hiding under some rocks. self destruct didnt kill because he put a barrier up at the last second. they cannot even sense him. lizard will get knocked out by our ranger. boat is as good as wished for

>gay son and retarded low-class were enough
why should the prince dirty his hands? calling the farmer a rival is a bit much given he only ever jobs to his lord anyway

>Gods of destruction defeated by Jobku
>Gods of destruction defeated by Vegeta
Stay seething, also 2-0.

>Multiple cities in Mexico are going to host stream parties of dbs episode 130. With food,drinks, giant screen/ speakers, and dj's provided by the government.

Spics really love their Dragon Ball huh?

>Universe Survival Arc is Goku's Story
>Goku has no motivations or goals to win the tournament
>He doesn't even have a wish planned, chances are he'll literally just resurrect Frieza
>He has had no development or character growth, no realisations or events that have changed his views
>Has showed visible enjoyment for erasing universes
>Laughed after Jiren taunted him for wiping out a universe
>Asspulled a new form in the dumbest way possible, mastered in within 30 seconds and STILL loses

>Vegeta has an actual desire to win the tournament
>Vegeta has started to care about other people outside of his family/very close allies, something he's never done before
>Wants to uphold his honor and promise to Cabba and resurrect at least some of the people killed in the tournament
>Stopped worrying about Goku's new form and focused on breaking his own limits in his own way
>By the time of his elimination, he said it doesn't matter if he can't win, so long as Univese 7 survives thats all matters (basically more development for his character)
>Showed disgust/anger after Universe 6 was erased in front of him

I understand that DBS has some of the worst writers in the industry and that it's directed towards a young audience but you have to be actually delusional to think this arc has been represented as "Goku's story." His character has regressed so far and has become so psychopathic compared to what he used to be. I don't even care about Vegeta but he's clearly the one who's received the story/development in this arc, not Goku

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Did Cuckzafags forget what happened the last time he managed to hit Jiren from behind?

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Kale is for______.

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>dj's provided by the government.
wait, what? is this post serious?

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but freeza lost to goku twice?

>Even Toei wanking a shitty robot to death isn't enough to stop the BASED Emperor

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The dumspter

That was when Jiren was NOT exhausted was NOT beaten to a bloody pulp by Goku and still had a ton of stength to spare.

Even then Freiza still managed to catch him off guard and knock him through some rocks.

How do you use a barrier- something that protects you from external threats, against an INTERNAL explosion?
Are you retarded?
If anything, the barrier would contain his Jihad.

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>beta takes the alpha heroine

basically a saiyan chichi that goku can actually feel love for

>Times Frieza killed the manlet

>Times the manlet killed Frieza

Kek. That's just pathetic. He's been killed by the lizard the exact same amount of times Krillin had. That's how pitiful the Prince of Jobbers is.

Yes, it's pretty retarded over in spicsville

Easy. It's the other way around.

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>slut/used goods
>alpha heroine
kek, Yamchad already deflowered her in her prime.

Always one step behind always needs Goku to finish his fights while spending the most time training to catch up. Eternal second place beta.

>tried to increase the variety of the battles
>used live-action fight scenes as a reference
What fucking fights did this retard use as a reference? 95%, no, 99.99% of the fights in this arc consist primarily of ATAATATATATAT or WOW THEYRE MOVING SO FAST WE CANT SEE THEM!!! There is maybe a single fight with actual choreography.

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>That was when Jiren was NOT exhausted was NOT beaten to a bloody pulp by Goku
And in what state is Cuckza right now? Oh right, he is beaten to a bloody pulp by both Jiren and Toppo.

What the fuck can he even do at this point?

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>every scoring, with Bulma nonetheless


>Mfw cell uses instant transmission and death beams Jiren

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My cock

>jobgetafag in denial

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based lapis will cuck the lizard out of his wish
>doubting the ranger
try to contain your autism for the reveal

>Tfw in Mexico, the government will broadcast episode of Dragon Ball Super


You're forgetting how fucking resistant Freiza is.

DESU i didn't expect him to get up after Toppo gave him such a brutal beatdown for atleast a few episodes but he got at the start of next episode.

Freiza only has to deathray Jiren once and then knock him off.

You seriously think she didn't ever get mauled by the D until late twenties?
And no, no one cares about your pathetic NTR fantasies.
Yamcha was busting his nut all over her for years, and there's nothing you can do about it.

you would have to be to forget freezer being beaten twice by goku. did you not watch the show?

Beat Jiren and win

Quick question: Can anyone tell me what the fuck these assholes even DO?

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