Dragon ball super

No episode today but hype is off the charts
>Episode 130 will be streamed in several squares parks and bars all over south america for free
youtube.com/watch?time_continue=86&v=zhQx8PnzXXY [Open]

>Politicians got approval from crunchyroll to stream it in mega TVs

>Promoted in the news
youtube.com/watch?v=Ddj9Ru7yrks [Open]

>130 will be streamed in a STADIUM in mexico

Name another anime that does this

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No one cares
What will freeza wish for

>ywn be this hyped for dragon ball again
I envy the spics.

Can't wait for the Caulicucks to inevitably start seething again.

You think Frieza will win? Don't be ridiculous. He will find a way to job.

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>Winning the final arc of the series
How can one lizard be so based?

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wakey wakey, Superfags.

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We requested the Mayor to put in a public space, big screen all that good shit, wish us luck

>chodeforce getting btfo as usual
I don't think so.

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Belt is missing

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Keep deluding yourself, Monkeycuck.

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How do 17fags feel about him dying for nothing?

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>Jiren is exhausted
>Unlike Goku who is saiyan and MC he doesn't get any asspull power.

Lizard boi confirmed to win.

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This is towa, say something nice about her.

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Are you autistic?

Is Vegeta love so much because he is the most relatable character?

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>jobhanfags are already spreading asscheeks

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I don't think it will be streamed here in Chile.

This is going to be the next Red Wedding reaction videos isn't it?

This is Gohan, the most powerful un-fused Saiyan in DBZ.

Get in line if you want an autograph.

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I want Godhan to fuck my wife

Not gonna lie that made me kek.

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so are they going to riot when jiren dicks goku hard or what?

How did you become such a failure, Gohan? Your father is embarassed by you.

If he wins and gets his wish I will eat my words and bow before him as my true emperor. I will pledge my life to him. But it won't happen.

I miss his dark blue gi.

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>Thread just made
>Gohanfags already seething.

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It's their experience of eternal jobbers that's showing.

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theres only waifufags here so of course not

Will it be good?

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And still manages to be a huge jobber, amazing.

I wonder how the spics will react to Goku losing.
Imagine an entire nation en masse having a fit over that.

Stop replying to them you dumbass, we don't need another characterfag war.

did you made this one?
theres no way its real

>it hasn't even been 50 posts yet
>jobifla is already hopping Gohan's dick again

christ, doesn't that whore ever tired from getting creampied by Gohan all the time?

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im from monterrey, NL.

and even i cannot fathom this being anything close to true!

according to the news, the people are also trying to gather support for out Govt to display the ending in La Macroplaza, here at the City center, hell, theres some Pubs and Bars that plan to show the episode like if it were the freaking World cup finals!.

to think this is actually gonna happen, that News all around latin america are treating this as such a big deal, its just SURREAL!

i like this form better

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these wars happen almost every thread, there's no way of stopping them.

It would be like Germany 7 - 1 Brazil all over again.

>No episode today

What? Didn't they skip last week too? Or was that the week before?

I was excited to shitpost tonight.

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>PEDOhanfags are using facebook memes
Reaching a new low every day, no, hour!

>gohan and caulifla never met
>somehow autists are still creating this shit war against each other
What's wrong with you retards?

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how tight is Gohan?

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The spoiler is fake. Goku will win.

Remember when the spoiler said Frieza would give up his life energy to give power to Goku?

Yeah, that never happened.

The preview clearly shows UI Goku winning against Jiren.

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and even after this, how the fucking fuck isnt toei thinking "hmm if we give them even more animes legally abailable to them then maybe we could get some MONEY of these ordeal instead of losing the chance when entire nations are watching our show FOR FREE"

Cauliflafags are jealous because Gohan reminds them how a succesful and strong halfbreed Saiyan looks like.

Also the whole "getting wiped from existence" thing made them especially butthurt.

At first the anti-Gohan posts came out of nowhere, but one day they outed themselves as the Cuckflafags, and every since they're getting their ass beat every thread by the Chadforce.

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What is her/his name, user

donde lo vas a ver? yo tmb de mty

Kefura needs to be intensely impregnated.

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Gohanfags need a way to remain relevant I guess.

Jobhanfags were promised a new form and a huge role in the tournament.
Instead, his strategies were ignored, he jobbed time and time again and finally ringed out prematurely. Then, Caulifla fags appeared, and since the saiyan girls got a lot of screentime that were rightfully belonged to KEKhan, they got mad

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you need to be intensely cared for in a mental clininc

Its to be expected.

fuck if i know, nothing has been confirmed yet, at least the Macroplaza screenings havent.

>wanting gohan to fill every orifice of your body with his hot sticky seed

what a slut

As a Gohanfag I gotta say that Caulifla is hotter, but they're both still cum dumpsters nonetheless.

You do know its just Cuckillafags shitting on Jobhan right?

And lets be real they aren't the ones getting their asses beat.

Here's a question: since Potaras have a time limit now, that if Kefla is impregnated before she split back and then then Caulifla and Kale split back.
Are they both pregnant now? Or just one of them? Or none at all?

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>I'm asshurt: the post

*not just Cuckillafags

You're only saying that because Caulifla looks 14 Pedohan.

>delusional jobfla fag

They've lost so many times they've gotten traumatized

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Alpha Cabba is on it.

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Fusions cant get pregnant

Nigga I ain't even a Cauliflafag but the delusion coming from you desperate Jobhan fags is unreal.

>you will never get to cum inside Pan
Why even live at this point?

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Where's Vados

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It went smoothly, and is gripping with passion and experience.

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