Imagine if Ro-Kyu-Bu! was popular

Imagine if Ro-Kyu-Bu! was popular

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Imagine the butthurt, too much Loli for the west.

I love it when the best girl wins.

New Sup Forums only knows 3p.

this is one of those shows where I listen to the soundtrack for it but I never watched it

Rolling Rolling growing!

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Oh my

It kind of was though.

Hina is for rough breeding.

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What is Saki for?

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These girls really grow my determination.

The first season of this shit was the last good loli anime

I agree.

More specifically though.

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I would play a ro kyu bo basketball game

Sex with me.

Man, I miss this anime. Tomoka best girl btw.

>Series ended in refball

Fuck this shit

Sex with user wearing glasses.

As long as it remains popular in your heart, user.

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