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So did we settle this, or someone still hopes for come back in future?
-------------Outer space iter-------
-------------Mars landing-----------
-------------Moonbase tier---------
***,317位 (**1,935pt) VEG 1 (a)
***,333位 (**1,396pt) VEG 1
***,509位 (***,410pt) Extra 2 (a)
-------------Stratosphere tier-------
***,531位 (**1,447pt) VEG 2 (a)
***,613位 (**1,406pt) VEG 3 (a)
***,619位 (**1,360pt) VEG 4 (a)
------------Condors fly here--------
***,816位 (***,915pt) VEG 3
***,819位 (**1,001pt) Extra 1 (a)
***,822位 (***,908pt) VEG 4
-----------Mortals cities---------------
***,845位 (***,975pt) VEG 2
**1,264位 (**1,239pt) Franxx 1 (a)
**1,696位 (***,258pt) Extra 2
**2,791位 (***,556pt) Extra 1
----------Cobolts live here-----------
**3,050位 (***,790pt) Franxx 1
**3,860位 (***,886pt) Franxx 2 (a)
----------Balrog dwells here---------
**4,804位 (***,819pt) Franxx 3 (a)
**5,590位 (***,804pt) Franxx 4 (a)
-----------Magma Core----------------
*17,169位 (***,579pt) Franxx 2
*17,823位 (***,517pt) Franxx 3
*18,292位 (***,483pt) Franxx 4
-----------Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh-----------
*10,069位 (***,706pt) Franxx 8 (a)
*19,975位 (***,476pt) Franxx 8

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Trigger getting blown the fuck out, sad!

BD cover released. Please someone buy!

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Come one such cool BD extras, why does no one preorder them?

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If everyone on Sup Forums gathers 5 cents we can still save Trigger from Bankruptcy. Next time tattoon comes on Sup Forums you hand hand him over enough to buy cup noodles for their staff for weeks, allowing them to survive until Promare and Gridman.

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The show is shit and Japan recognizes all the cliches and copycat characters from better, older shows, also the NTR doesn't help

This design is actually cool because of the characters. Too bad the next 7 volumes are going to be filled with bunch of characters nobody cares about

I feel pity for them, so just so that they feel a bit better, here a list of other prominent failures, looking at them Trigger fans can feel warm as Franxx doing better:

3,294 1 Little Witch Academia
*1,491 *1 Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka
***,659 Kiznaiver Vol.1


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VEG cover is more creative, though you can only get this one through KyoAni shop. Extra did not reveal the covers yet.

Yurucamp BD 1 also comes with additional Episode 0 by the way, one of reason why it sells so well. Vol 1 is at 7k points, while the rest only at 4k (still great as projected to sell much).

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SoraYori comes with autographed poster

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You have to order from Aniplex for those. And what's cool about script sets? You'll probably look through it for 5 minutes and never touch it again for a very long time. It's the same thing with illustration books.

Overlord season 1 BD covers looked great and came with superb artworks. No covers for S2 yet, but it comes with poster as well (left side, right is S1)

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Death March BD cover looks neat. If only anime looked like that.

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Ironically, PTE website is aka joke on their "idol anime" Hoshiiro Girl Drop

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KoiAme BD seems rather poor, the left picture as cover and small posters (2-4)


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Why is Franxx BD design so much more underwhelming compared to the others? There's like a huge fucking difference in quality.

3rd cover is also based on Die Hard (3)

And last for now Colors BD 1 cover, no real benefits but comes with bonus TV show about outdoor activities

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It is actually not bad. It is just Overlord stands out because it had great artist supporting the LN - people would buy the BDs just for his art alone (and he is also pretty much one of main reasons Overlord is so popular as he did a lot of illustrations for it). VEG KyoAni just given nice bonuses so people buy from their shop.

Another joke hidden here - left are BD covers, right are DVD covers.

BD cover designs are "upgraded"

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>Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh

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At least with LWA, Netflix gave it better clout

Ok, that slipcover is cool

you need to sort by Points that keep increasing instead of inconsistent Rank that go up and down every hour. Stalkerfags are so dumb.

Sorting by points is "point"less, since they have different shipping dates. Can sort by projected points, but those are very unreliable - as shown this season with Franxx.

Good news! Our prayers were answered and franxx got after episode boost this week.

***,317位/***,307位 (**1,935 pt) VEG 1 (a)
***,364位/***,342位 (**1,395 pt) VEG 1
***,511位 (***,410pt) Extra 2 (for whatever reason it is always ranked higher than 1st bd)
***,553位/***,540位 (**1,550 pt) Franxx 1 (a)
***,778位/***,950位 (**1,001 pt) Extra 1 (a)
***,959位/**3,050位 (***,790 pt) Franxx 1

Main boost will be tomorrow evening. Will see if it catches up to VEG at least for a day this week. Last one could not.

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Wrong pic.

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>make multiple episodes about ZeroTwo
>preorders go down
>make episode about Ichigo
>preorders go up
So does Aniplex have time to scrap second cour of the show and reedit it anew so that ichigo wins?

It's still far more reliable than shitty rank, which depends way too much on day of airing
Franxx day of airing "hahaha VEG BTFO"
VEG day of airing "hahaha Franxxfag BTFO"
Only accurate for massive hit like Idol and Yuru, which always have consistent double digit rank.

>Franxx day of airing "hahaha VEG BTFO"
Except that is not what happened. See graphs posted.

Main boost is currently ongoing judging by those graphs

Main boost will be tomorrow evening as said, now is night in japan so any current changes litterally mean someone with insomnia ordered 2 BDs . Changing rankings in that time takes little as that.

Still, seems reception for the episode better than the last one.

Even after airing day Franxx is still btfo. Kyoani dominating both A1 and Trigger right now.

The issue with Franxx is way too long setup for plot that did not even start yet. 9 episodes in, main plot still did not kick in. Normally people woudn't even watch that long, but being Aniplex blockbuster with Trigger namebait, peoplewait.

VEG was initially below frang, but as soon as novel plot started recovered up as seen as graphs, the latest episode was culmination that might have as well be final episode. Franxx on other hand is just sliding down as expectations are not fulfilled. Watched AICO today and its astounishing how much more it fit in it's episodes while its storytelling isn`t great either it never prostrates as Franxx, having actual plot.

This is not it at all, Franxx went up for preorders a month after VEG that's why it was higher than it during the first few weeks.

>Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh

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